"This recruit is hitting the West, it is easy to use!"

The caregiver has jumped out of the black armor knight.

Your mouth is rising, we are very satisfied.


In the next second, he couldn't help but change his face.

I saw that a black armored knight appeared in front of him, and he went to him.

"This ... How is this possible?"

He quickly purses power and talked forward.


A loud noise.

The caregiver is flying, and he hits the ground.

"What, even the caregiver is shocked?"

"Run ... run, don't ... don't look!"

"I didn't send it out, can I run?"

"How is it?"

A cultivator looked at this scene and taboo.

I saw it.

After the black armored knight, he appeared in front of him.


Wave the big knife, cut off quickly.


The caregiver sent a roar, extracting the body's strength, and cut out the long sword.



A loud noise.

The caregiver is flying in the ground, the whole person is smashed, and the appearance is painful.

Just stopped.


A big knife, cut down.

"Do not……"

"... ..."

The big knife is equipped with tofu, directly cutting his arm.

The caregiver has not yet made a miserable call.

I saw it.

Three big knives while cutting.

"... ..."

Three after three.

The caregiver will become four paragraphs, and blood is cold.

In the eyes of the eyes, it will be infinite.

Around, a dead.

A guard man, that is half a fairy.

In front of the four black Ako, only have a few interesting time?

These black armored knights, terrible!


The cultivator poured the cold air and the body trembled.

They stand in the same place, such as being ranted, it is difficult to take a step.

"My old day, even the caregivers are dead!"

"Even half of the fairy is not an opponent, how can I wait?"

"Finished, finished!"

Amazing sound, constantly sound.

A cultivator, four, and escaping.



Two black A knights are in turn, just in an instant, there is someone to stop.

" ..."

The black armored knight is coming, it is the sound of the knife.

At a time, the broken meat flew.

The cultivator is treasured on the black armored knight, and it is unbearable.


Screaming, constantly sounding.

Two-sided feet, like a Shuo Hell!



Two black armored knights directly locked the three people in Luo Cow.


Then, the two blackligans rushed over three people.


Wen Art Stone and Mu Ice look, nodded.

Two people, one before, respectively, in two directions.

Mu Ice took the fairy sword, and if I lost it, I rushed to the two black armor.

She took the body strength and poured into the fairy sword.


A sound.

The fairy sword is like a long palm, crazy to extract her strength.

Legally, the power of Muchi is taken clean.

this moment.

The fairy sword is automatically separated, and I went out.


The black armored knight snort, waving the long knife, and the fairy sword, I went over.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

This sound is very light.

Just like the chicks.

It seems that there is no power.

Real standard, powerful.

Black A knight in the hands of the big knife, inch fragmented.

Then, the black armor is also smashed with a little bit.


The shock wave shock is around.

Dedicated division, the body shield instantly collapsed, and the earthquake was nosebleed.

"! ! ..."

The cultivator is like a fairy flower, and he hits the ground.

the other side.

After the fairy sword was drawn by half the strength of the stone, he flew over the Black A Knight.

Without accidents, the two black A knights were also collapsed and dissipated on the spot.

A cultivator, four, flying, hitting the ground.

On the field, it is very quiet.

The cultivator fell to the ground, stayed around, and did not respond for a long time.

Every face, revealing the joy of the rest of the life.

"One sword shocked two black A knights?"

"Too ... It's too incredible. Who are they, this is powerful?"

"I know, she is a student of Mu Bing, Shang Cang West Court, and that seems to be the dean of Shang Cang West, how to become this young?"

"What? Is them? I heard that they joined the town evil alliance. Is Luo Login here?"

"Fast, Luo Lord is there!"

I saw it.

The three people stand together.

Luo Liu smokes looks at the face of the face, and I asked: "How are you?"

"Nothing, just the power is dried." Mu Bing put his hand, showing yourself nothing, "The son gave the fairy sword, it is really terrible! I want to complete its strength, now I am not enough!"

"Yes!" I showed a shock on the stone face, "the son gave us a sword, it turned out to be used to deal with them! However, the old man is too weak, and the maximum can only make two strokes!"

"This is all in the son!"

The trief looks at the three, surrounded quickly.

No, why is it hesitant, and the three people are gratifying.

"Thank Xie Luo Lord's life-saving!"

"Thank you, I heard the dean for help!"

"Thani Mu Fee Girl Help!"

Looking at this scene, the three came back.

"Get up! Save you, have no relationship with me!" Said Luo Cigarette.

A balt stands up, asked: "Luo Lord, you don't joking, we all saw it!"

"I didn't joke with you, let's come here, it is a god of horizontalist guidance!"

This is out.

Everyone's look.

In the eyes, the essence keeps blooming.

"What? God attache?"

"This is said, and the god is everything, knowing that we are dangerous, send us to the Lord to save us?"

"That is also used! God's scenarius is really justified!"

The emulsicle face is touched.

Especially those bald heads, touched.

"Luo Lord, we want to join the town evil union, do you see it?"

"you guys?"

Looking at these bald heads, Luo Cows thought of the time of the lion rocks.

The flesh, compared with the evil family, no phase.

They are the people in the northern domain, which is not bad.

"Yes, but not now, next, we have to help God get the town soul!"

"Town Soul Pearl?"

Everyone seems to think of what, look at the soul beads, suddenly face the color.

I saw that a cultivator held the town soul beads and laughed.

"Haha ..."

"The town soul is mine!"


" ..."

A sound.

A black hand claw is inserted from him, and the chest is stab.

Mother on hand claws, holding a heart.

" ..."

The heart is jumping.


The heart is visible with the naked eye, dry and dry, then the collapse is flying ash, disappearing.

The cultivar looked at the chest and did not believe in a face.

Hold the hand of the town soul, and slowly open.


The town soul bead down, just fell into a black hand claw.


The cultivator body is soft and soft.

Brake on the white face, distorted, full is not sweet.

A black shadow showed.

He is in black armor, under the whole body, emits metal gloss, look, indestructible.

On the black shadow, with a ghost mask, it can't be seen.

" ..."

A slam launched into the mask, heard people's creepy.

"Not good, they are evil branches: people of the Phase!"

"What? Magnifun? This ... this is good!"

"As if he is, he is afraid, the group is attacked, and he is destroyed!