It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 85, Blood Body, swallowing

" ..."

The Phoenix is ​​a sharp trick, and the brain calls are more and more intense.

In this way, how long does it take? If you can see the ancestors, you can get inheritance.

Thinking of this, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream face, the essence is flashed.

"Save me, who will save me?"

In front, I came to help save.

For these sounds, the Phoenix is ​​full of enthusiasm.

Along the way, there have been more people who have saved too much.

They confronted with flames, after the spiritual power consumed, and finally burned ash.

Soon, the two came to the source.

I saw that a man was twitching, the body's spiritual shield, not stopped in the flame.

That look, it will be burned ash at any time.

Suddenly, men's eyebrows were picking up.

When he saw Sun Hao two, his eyes bloomed so much.

That looks like a life-saving straw like a drowning.


He didn't think never, pick up the long sword, to Zhun Sun Hao, is a sword.

At that speed, if you light on.

Seeing this violent strike, Sun Hao shook his head, "Come again!"

He stood there and did not move.

Seeing that men's long swords, they have to spn their body.

At this time.

" ..."

The long sword in the men's hands is flying as ash.

Then, it is a man arm.

The kind of death fear, scared the man directly, and the face was exhausted.

"Do not……"

He sent a unwilling.

Finally, his body took his voice and turned into ashes.

Sun Yu looked at the air floating flying ash, shook his head.

It is necessary to have a sense of death.

This way, the immortal of yourself, all the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

There is a dream around, among this blood-Phone nest, it is extremely safe.

Look, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, it is more horrible than yourself!

"If a dream, is it fast?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son is in front!"

The phoenix dreams in front of the channel and said.

"it is good!"

The two people do not lose, continue.

Always along the way, whether it is a flame monster or a modest, as long as you dare to shoot Sun Hao, the result is a flying gray.

Half time.

The two came to the destination.

Here, it is a round cave up to several hundred meters.

The area is large enough to install a city.

In the cave, a bird skeleton with up to 100 meters is like the building in the center of the cave.

Among the bones of the giant bird, a red bead is scattered with a red flame.


The terrorist heat waves, from the front of the beads, all the caves burned into a red.

At the skeleton, there are thousands of cultivars.

Every one is biting his teeth and walking towards the bead.

After the crowd, there was a woman who had a quiet woman. She held the sword to stand in the end, her eyes looked at the beads, and they did not move.

She is the Xuanyuan poem.

When she saw Sun Hao walked, the pupil minus.

what? Without the use of spiritual shields, it turned out to be no injury?

How can this be?

The Xuanyuan poetry face, more surprised.

This temperature is up to 10,000 degrees.

Even if the robbery, the cultivator is also fully committed, the spirit is like the usual speed of the same flow.

It has been supplemented by Dan.

Otherwise, waiting for the spiritual power to consume clean, only the next place of gray flying.

"His clothes have not been ignited? It looks like, the clothes, it is the best spirit!"


"That's only two possibilities, or the son is extremely powerful, or the son is a peerless people, it is likely that he is a cacto!"

Think of this.


Xuanyuan poems pour a breath.

Unexpectedly, I can see the cactus here.

If you can get good deeds with the immortal, your family crisis can be resolved.

I want to be more useful than gaining the demon!

One thought here.

Xuanyuan poetry turned around and walked to Sun Hao two, and he owed the gift. "Xuanyuan has seen it before ..."

The words are not falling!

"The son is working with the body of the mortal, if you dare to break the son's way, save you immediately here!"

The phoenix is ​​coming, and the Xuanyuan poems rushed!

She heard this, nodded secretly.

"Xuanyuan poem met the son!" Xuanyuan poem ceremony.

"Xuanyuan poetry? Good name, the girl is polite!"

Sun Yu looked at Xuanyuan poetry, and bowed.

Xuanyuan poetry has a little quiet, pretty face, lips, like a thousand words, but there is no opening.

The girl is very polite, unlike other cultivators, not talking, and let go, kill themselves.

Finally, falling in the dead.

Stay, you must give her something!

What is good? By the way, her is Xuanyuan poem? Then send her a pair of words!

Sun Hao muttered, made a decision.


Suddenly, a sound.

The blood phoenix Dan is under the air shock.

A book, appearing in the ground air.

On the book seal, [swallowing the magical power] four big characters, strongly stimulating the eye of the cultivator.

"It's a swallowing magic!"

"My God, it is said that this is the practice of the ancient strongman created! Whoever can learn, cultivate the speed of thousands of times!"

"Chong, won the swallowing magic!"

At this time, the immortal was moved together, and the speed of "swallowing the magical power" rushed.

The Phoenix is ​​slightly changed, "the son, the old ancestors call, wait for me here!"

After that, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, slowly disappears.


Sun Haoyi.

Didn't stay with the phoenix, who will protect yourself?

In this way, unsafe!

How to do this.

Sun Hao was staring on Xuanyuan poetry.

I saw that Xuanyuan poems also stared at the "swallowing magic", and the eyes bloom greedy.

She is preparing to rush forward.

At this time.

"Xuanyuan girl, wait!"

This sound, like a thunder, awakening Xuanyuan poetry.

The heart is greedy, and it is clean.

At this time.


The array of argues came in front.

I saw that tens of thousands of blood shines above the demon Dan.

In the blink of an eye, we wrapped around the most in front.

These bloodlines, crazyly swallowed these cultivars, and turned into an energy, flooding to the demon.

The cultivator fleshy, with the speed of the naked eye, and finally, becomes a skeleton.

" ..."

The skeleton is landed, fried into dust.

If you don't have a singer, hundreds of repairing immortals died.

In this way, directly put a cultivator, scared the original place.

They crazy struggle and retired behind.



On the demon, there was a shock.

Gallerous red, shrouded them.

At this moment, they were trapped in the quagmire, and they were difficult to retreat.

"no, do not want!"

"Help, who will save me!"

"I am not greedy again, I beg you, let me let me!"

The whole scene, a mess.