It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 86, the old ancestors swallowed me?


Screaming, constantly sounding.

The cultivator is constantly disappearing.

Less than a moment, nearly thousands of cultivars, died in the tragic.

Standing under the Blood Phoenix Dan, only the phoenix is ​​like a dream.

She is sitting on the ground, closes their eyes, and a decent effect.

This scene, strongly stimulating the nerves of Xuanyuan poetry.

In the face of those blood lines, she can confirm that there is absolutely dead!

A little bit, I fell into the end of the dead.

It's too terrible!

Life is restricted, there is no fake!

Fortunately, there is a son to call me, this will make me amused!

After the calm came over, Xuanyuan poem turned back and looked at Sun Hao, "Gong!"

"Xuanyuan girl, can you protect me?" Sun Hao tested asked.

There is no way, the Phoenix is ​​not around, it is terrible.

Just now, those cultivars, inexplicable, all dead.

It is simply a robuling.

Don't have already, you can only say this.


Xuanyuan poem looks, and the face is surprised.

Mons, obviously you are protecting me!

"Damn, the son is to practice all the clothes, can't break!"

"If I have broken the son's way, I will die!"

Xuanyuan poem used his hand to put the cold sweat, secretly.

"Of course!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"That's more thanks to the girl!" Sun Hao Long Yiqi.

"The son is polite!" Xuanyuan poem said.

Sun Yizhen sat down and looked at the Phoenix, and worried.

The heart is dramatically jumping, just as you want to jump out.

He looked at the phoenix, and his eyes moved.

I saw it.

Lower Blue Phoenix Dan.

The Phoenix is ​​sitting in the original place, and the eyebrows are slight.


In her head, tens of thousands of red silk threads, it is hanging from the demon, drilling into the top of the Phoenix.

"Zi ..."

A full of fire, smooth, rapidly, and drilling into the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is ​​a breath, and it is soaring.

"Children, let go of your heart, old man wants to pass the swallowing magic!"

"With it, we will fix the world in the future!"

A roar, in the Phoenix, a dream.

The phoenix is ​​frowned, relax, and let the terrorist force, toward the brain.

Endless pain, full of whole body.

The Phoenix is ​​in full swing, and it doesn't move.

At any time, I passed at any time, the blood phoenix Dan, getting more and more dim.

Finally, all gloss disappeared.


The demon don is bursting into a powder, and the four is spread.


A loud noise.

Blood bikeeper, seems to have some power support, and crash.

Finally, a little burst is broken, and the same disappears.

Even the "swallowing the magical power" also disappeared.

Now, the disk is sitting in place, only the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

She looks more and more relaxed on her face.


The phoenix is ​​frown, his face is panicked.

In her mind, a bloody shadow is slowly condensed.

This is a bloody soul of blood collection.

"Haha ..."

Bloody Phoenix is ​​long-awaited, if it is crazy.

"It's really a very perfect body, my blood collection, I have to resurrect!"

"There is more than God sentiment," actually pure ancient elf blood! "

"What? Thunder of Run?"

"Have three kinds of unparalleled physical fitness, I ... is my blood collection?"

"God bless,

"Inspector, you didn't expect it? You have been shattered by the years, and I, but I can reborn!"

"Haha ..."

After that, the blood collection was laughed again.

The Phoenix is ​​a sense of dream, and a face is confused, "the old ancestors, you?"

"Small doll, this seat does not want to hurt you! Your soul, let it go, so you can still survive!" Blood Phoenix is ​​cold.

"Old ancestors, do you want to win me?" The Phoenix is ​​like a dream.

"Are you not nonsense? Such a strong talent, let you control, completely waste!"

"Honor is handed over to this seat, you can relieve the pain of the soul!" Blood Phoenix said.

When I heard this, the Phoenix was dark.

"Look, you are really not kind, just, I am ready!"

After saying, the Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand.


The light flashes, a prisoner is rapidly shaped, and there is a blind sputum, and the blood residual soul is dead.

"Zi ..."

On top of the prison, ten-color electricity is constantly flashing.

Bloody phoenix reached out and took the black smoke.

"This ... this is impossible!"

Bloody blight face, exhaustion.

"You ... how can your soul, how can be so strong?" Blood Phoenix.

"Ha ha……"

The Phoenix is ​​like a little smile, "the old ancestors, you are calling me, I know that you don't have a good idea, just hide the soul of 90%, it will lead you to hook!"

"You ... do you want to swallow your old man?"

"Not bad!"

"Haha ..."

The blood collection is again laughing again, "The little doll, then you are too young to see the old man! Just with you?"

"Even if your soul is ten times better than me, what is it? You give this soul!"

After that, the blood of blood is soaring, the blood is blood, and it is crazy.

Between the blink, the blood-Phoenix is ​​100 times.

See this scene, the Phoenix is ​​a big change, "You don't want to live, so the burning soul, you will die!"

"Haha ..."

"As long as the old man defeated you, swallow your soul, the old man can live!"

"When it comes, then cultivate it for more than 100,000 years and then go out, and it will be invincible to the world!"

After finishing, blood Huang raised his fist and slammed on the cage.


A loud noise, the emblem is like a dream, and the face is slightly changed.

In this way, up to half an hour, the blood collection can break away.

In that time, the consequences are unimaginable!

Fortunately, the son is coming!

It turned out that I have long known that I have this robbery, I can't help me, I have to help me!

Mons, you will be your dream!

The Phoenix is ​​aware of the consciousness and returns to the body.

She looked at Sun Hao, in their eyes, touched tears, was brewing.

For a long time, I still suppress my emotions.

She stood up and went to Sun Hao.

See the phoenix, such as the dream, Sun Hao double eyes, "like a dream, how?"

"Gong, okay!"

The Phoenix is ​​nodded, takes out ancient Qun from the space ring, put it on the ground.

"Mon, can you play with me?" Asked the Phoenix. UU reading the book www.

"of course can!"

Sun Hao did not hesitate, said.

"The son, what song we play?" Huang asked.

"If you dream, or you will play" intimate song ", how?"

To be honest, there is a kind of inexplicable panic, playing this song, will make yourself better.

"Good!" The Phoenix is ​​sitting down, and the two look at it and start playing.

In the heart of the Phoenix, the blood collection saw this scene and smiled.

"Little girl, give up against resistance? This is very good!"

"It's quite a self-knowledge! I am going to play the piano? I can't help you want to play the piano?"

"Haha, I am really laughing at this seat!"

This is just right.


The piano sounds.

This sound, shocking blood to the body kept swaying, the face changed.

Just, he lost his strength.

In this way, ten is over.

"This is impossible, this is never possible!"

"You ... who you are? One mortal, how can this be powerful?"

Bloody Phoenix roaring, his face is not willing.

However, these sounds can only be called with the Phoenix, and there is no pass.



Bloody nest in a space.

The pole swords will see this scene, and Long Shu is angry.

"Look, there is no existence, it is not going to make it!"

"Yes! I didn't expect that there is no existence to pack the blood collection, this, the blood collection is undoubtedly!"

"Look, the people are expected! We don't have to worry!"

"Well, how is the three little guys?"