It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 87, Sword France, Broken 10 Wars

"Town soul bead, haha ​​..."

The ghost mask is holding the town soul bead, laughing in the sky.

When a cultivator saw this scene, the chill hit, and angry.

"The evil family, I will kill him together!"

When you hear this, the mask man is cold and smiled, "I will rely on you?"

After finishing, the mask men refer to one.


After the mask bould, suddenly the eleven black fog.

Black fog rotates, and the corrugation spreads.

The fog is disappeared.

The eleven figure appeared behind him.

Every figure is in black armor, face mask, can't see the face.

The person headed, is the master of the dichlori - pregnant.

He walked directly to the mask man, "Soul, yes, really put the soul beads to the hand?"

"That is nature, the big priest is a good time! Get this, it is easy!"

The sound of souls, it is very arrogant.

A cultivator looks at this scene and his face changes.

"Soul? Papay? Phase Dong Hao? Isn't it ten people around him? Is it the top ten war?"

"What? What should I do?" What should I do? "

"It's over! A big handsome is enough to rush me!"

Each cultivator is on his face.

Many people fell to the ground, and they were bloom.

Luo Liu smokes this scene, and his face is revealed.

She looked at the stone, nodded.


Those who wanted to move.

He holds a sword, and he rushed to the soul of the past.

"Hey, a small bug, I am coming!"

A battle will pick up the flying knife, one finger out.


The flying knife is rubbed with air, exploding the harsh boss.

The horror horror, shocking the four weeks of air constantly distorted.

The waves shock, the dust is flying.

Looking at this scene, I said that the people smiled coldly.

"I don't know the child, the son has long enough, and if you can turn it out, what can you turn out?"

Wen people's stones into the fairy sword.

Then, make the sword method!


A sound.

The space is like solidified.

Time is already stationary.

Everyone is expressive, such as being fixed.

In the move, only the people in the stone.

"call out……"

One of the swords and light, separated from the sword and flew in the sky.

Between the blink of an eye, the Wan Dao Sword is formed, and the layer is stacked, and there is no flying.


Wan Dao Sword is once again integrated with the fairy sword.

"call out……"

The sword hurried out.

Time is restored at this moment.


A sound.

The flying knife in the fairy sword.

Flying knife should be quit.

"This ... this is impossible!"

The battle will change his face and keep your head.

Just, he just finished.

Xianjian is all evil.

" ..."

Flying will throw the battle, and the war will fall directly.

"This this……"

The soul of the soul saw this scene, the scalp was blown, and the whole body is like Shen Yan.


The soul made a big scream.

However, where is it.


The fairy sword quickly lightning, flying at speed, every time you run away, you will explode a loud noise.

"Do not……"

Shout, constantly sound.

Ten battles, no exception, all of them fall.

"Damn, damn!"

Seeing the fairy sword flying, the soul of the soul changed.

Black gas, rushing, forming a black big hand,


On the other hand, the pregnant is biting the teeth, crazy squeezing the darkness, and in the black big hand.

Blink between.

This big hand is growing with a hundred meters, just like a building, crossing it.

"call out……"

The fairy sword is rapid, collided with the black big hand.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Explosion, constantly sound.

Shock waves, whistling around.

Military cultivator, the body flew.

The whole space, the flus is constant, and it seems to be a collapsed.

Waiting for everything calm.

The fairy sword returned to the person in the person.

Everyone looked at the front scene, the face was changed.

I saw that the soul and the pregnant were fell on the ground, crazy struggle, spit out a black blood from time to time.

Black gas, such as smoke, usually floating on the wind.

It seems that the breath is weak, and it will fall at any time.

" ..."

The town soul is rolled on the ground.

Surrounded, it is very quiet.

Everyone stayed at this scene, full of face.

A sword crushed the Ten Wars, one shot two handsome.

When there is a few people today?

Wenren Stone picked up the soul beads and looked at the soul.

"Let's talk, can you have a consequence?"

"You ... You can fly in three steps, how can we kill us so many people?"

"You are in your hands, it's hard to be a sword?"

This is a quiet place around it.

"What? Xianjian? Scorpio! No wonder the dean is so strong!"

"Isn't it to say that Mu Ice is also a sword?"

"God, they actually have this kind of peer!"

Fried voices, constantly sound.

Everyone is watching the two people, and in the eyes, it is envious.

For these, I don't care if I don't care.

His eyes stared at the soul, and his mouth was yang.

"Since you are finished!"

"Let's die!"

After saying, I walked the sword and went forward.

"Do not……"


Two sounds while ringing.

The glare is white, can't open your eyes.

Convergence, shocking the ear.

The emperor's face is painful.

After a while, the calm is restored.

Seeing the scene in front of you, everyone has a big change.

I saw it.


Wen people are like a broken kite, and fly.

Finally, falling to the ground and vomiting blood.

Look again, standing with a soul, standing an old man.

He is clear, it looks like a dry old tree, which makes people feel gender.

The eyes, dark and dead, like the black water in the Nairan, can't let people look straight.

In this person, holding, is a fairy sword and town soul beads!

Just out, it is this person.

" !"

Seeing this person, in the eyes of the soul, regain hope.

"Waste!" The old man opened, the sound is cold, "a little doll is also can't pay, it is weak!"

"Lao, I ..."

The two people have a chest, and the head is closed, and no longer speak.

The law is looking at the fairy sword, Zhang open dry lips, "Sure enough is a fairy sword, even this seat can not see the order, good!"

Suddenly, the father of the father and the dead are swearing.

"... ..."

He grasped the hands of the fairy sword, cut off a knife.

"Damn, even this power can be swallowed, this sword is not simple!"

Fa is old, and it is a jealous.

On the other hand, a few people in Luo will look at the old man, and the face changes are uncertain.

Mu Ice took out the dragon statue.

However, there is no power in her body, and it is impossible to push.

"I come!"

Luo Cow has taken out "Mount" and is preparing to open.


A sound.

A terrorist power, wrapped the painting and take it directly.

The painting is floating over, flying before the fifth.

"It's another fairy, it means a bit!"

"Small doll, since you dare to take this seat, I will get to you!"

After that, the old right hand waved, and thousands of black silk, and the Luosius smoked group was wrapped in an instant.

Then, it is Mu Bing and Wenren Stone.

" ..."

Three people were thrown behind.

All of them is exhausted, and it is also unable to break away.

After doing this, the old face is not expressing there.

It seems that it is calm, and the inner heart has been astonished.

Just now, crack the painting, use it to half strength!

Now, the painting seems to have no movement, the strength is crazy, it can break through the seal!

"This death, which calendar is made in this way? The painting paper is doing the fairy!"

"If this is to open the scroll, I am afraid that the old man will pay here today!"

The old face is afraid.