It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The eighty-eighth chapter of God is coming!

"You are going to die!"

The law is looking at the immortal of flying, and I is cold and kill, write on my face.

He is gently looking forward, and the air is shocking.

A shaft of darkness, turning out, rapid condense, changing into a monster.


The monster is dark, and the head is long.

By roaring, it seems to be shocked.

Between the blink, nearly a thousand monsters are covered.


The monster moved together, stepped on the ground, humbely trembled.

At this moment, the cultivars were scared to smash, and they trembled.

"no, do not want!"


Shout, scream, constantly sound.

These cultivots are in front of the monsters, as in the crispy paper, it is not possible to resist.

In a moment, there were nearly a hundred tricks to die.

"No main god, save us!"

"Wanjie dominates, please save us!"

"Seeking these, it is better to ask for God! God's enrich, you do everything, ask you to save me, my refreshing door is from now on, I am looking for you!"

The immortal worships the ground, and the hands are all in hand, start praying.

The law is old, and if the mouth is raging, it seems that there is no smile, "If it is useful, is it useful, is it used to practice?"

Next second.

The old face is giant.

I saw that he was a front painting, crazy tremble.

" ..."

The force is bound to the power above the drawn, and the sound is split.

The scroll spreads, flying, and rapid.


Men and women in painting, step by step.

They walked down by step by step, and finally, standing in the air, looking down below.

These two people, the figure is, can't see the appearance.

At this time, the woman's opening: "Mon, can you play with me?"

"Of course!" The man nodded.

"Gong, what song we play?" Asked the woman.

"If a dream, or if you play" intimate song ", how?" Said the man.

Then, two ancient Qun appeared in front of the two, ten fingers, start playing.


A sound, shock to the quarter.

At this moment, the space is stagnant and time is stationary.

Everyone is watching, staring on the aerial men and women, looking quietly.

"That is a son!"

Luo Liu smashed this scene, joyful.

She has long known, the son is good!

Today, even if it is bound, it is actually not panic.

The son didn't start now, it turned out to be the old fish!

Bon, you are really controlling everything!

Luo Culi smoke mysterish, full face worship.

Mu Bing and the Thong Shi show this scene, the heart of hanging, instantly put it down.

On the face of the two, revealing a shame.

"The son, I actually doubt that you didn't think of the evil family!"

"Look, I am a stupid, even you dare to doubt!" Wen people's dark road.

"Bonology, you said like a willow smoke, the god machine is calculated!"

On the face of Mu Ice, it is revealed a smile that has never had.

They looked at the two vain, and their eyes were revered.

" ..."

The piano continues to ring.

The scorpion of the immortals, the rapid changes.

At this moment, everyone returned home, with the loved ones, together, talking about ancient times, very comfortable.

Tighten the heart, at this moment, slowly relax.

Many people closes their eyes, lying on the ground, and the corner of the mouth.

They are in the mood, rapidly improvement.

The cultivator is in front of the fairy.

Those who rushed over,

They are bodied, and one by one is black and evaporated.

"Oh no……"

Soul and dropped two people, holding his head, screaming.

Both people, rapid melting.

Finally, it turned into a black pus, separated from the skeleton.



The law hugged his head, fell to the ground, and screamed.

He looked at the sky, the sky, and the eyes want.

Rolling killing, from him, rushing.

"If you die, don't play, hurry to stop the old man!"

"If you play again, the old man is welcome!"

"Don't force me!"

The french is angry, crazy struggle.

Just, useless.

He made a means, in front of the piano, like a joke.

As the piano sounds, his dry flesh and blood is also chemical as pus.


"This is, you are forced to!"

Laodao Yangtian Long Xiao.

Rapid changes in the body.

" ..."

The joint fried sound is constantly.

After a while, he changed a giant with a hundred meters.

Holding a giant ax.

It looks like a strong force.


The giant , is the sky, it is a ax.


If the sky is cut, the layer ripple is swayed.

Impact wave is like a tsunami, and it is acute.

In an instant, I hit it on both the sky.


The two have a figure, just with the ripples, there is no one to have a half point.


The Lao Lao is in the original place, and a face does not believe.

Interesting, just hit on the imaginary shadow?

how come?


The piano continues to ring.

Everyone, in the middle of the law, will take his town a few steps.

The more, the Lao Lian is a luxury.

"No, don't!"

The old fierce trembled and supported by hand.

He looked at the two vains in the sky, and it seems to be die dead in the eyes of the eyes.

"God attaches people?"

"If you want you!"

The law is old, take a secret lippet jade simple, gently, "..."

Jade is simple to be a virtual butterfly, gently fly.

"Site, want to be a big event, must destroy God's fascinating!"

The butterfly dance, the body is slowly illusory, disappearing.

After doing these, in the old eyes, you will gradually lose your god.


A heavy loud sound.

The huge body, falling directly to the ground, open a dust.

The piano continues.


The ancient patty on the ground is also banned, and it will disappear at a little bit.

The sound end is ended.

Yu Yin.

For a long time, I am more calm.

Everyone slowly opened their eyes, and his face raised a smile.

When they looked at the huge , the face was shocked.

"It turns out that all this is not a dream!"

"Who is the two people who haven't played the song? I have such a horrible energy!"

"It seems that the ethlism is old in the gods!"

"What? God is coming! Scorpio!"

"Our piety is moving, he is deliberate, just to save us!"

Everyone muttered.

Grateful, worship, awesome ...

Various expressions are filled with each face.

"not good!"

Suddenly, a burst of exclaimed.

"what's wrong?"

"My soul, it turned" dozens of times! "

"What? Really fake? Ma! My soul, it also enhances a few times!"

"Old days, I ... I enhance so many souls, then I talent, don't be dozens of times?"

"That is also said, from today, those Tianjiao, in front of us, is a joke!"

The fried voice continues.

Luo Liu smashed these, not shocked by smiling.

She quickly recovered the painting, then picked up the soul of the town, placed in the space ring.

"Walk, let's go to the blood!" Luo cigarette said.

"it is good!"

Wen art stone and Mu Ice nodded at the same time.

I just listened to a song, not only recovering, and the strength is further.

The child's means, it is simply unimaginable!

Several people have just stepped down.

At this time.

"Luo Lord, wait!"

A group of cultivars surround them.

"Do you have anything?" Luo cigarette asked.

"Luo Lord, we want to join the town evil alliance, please take us!"

"Yeah, Luo Lord, we represent Red Refining Gate, all join the town evil alliance!"

"Luo Lord, everything is today, you will be a fascinating! From today, I am a martial artist, please accept me, let me do something for God!"

I heard these, Luo Cow smiled slightly.

"Since you got the gods and manifications, you can naturally join the town evil alliance!"

"However, the gods also arranged a thing, that is, the blood collection. Who is willing to be with me?"

This time, a cultivator of the immortal eyes bloom.

"Luo Lord, I!"

"I am also willing!"



Bloody nest in a space.

The two poles are slowly open.

On the face, exposed infinity.

"There is no existence, it is too powerful, this means is simply unheard!"

"Yeah, I am a residual soul, but I will revert to the peak, and it has also enhanced a lot! I went, I can at least insist on 10,000 years!"

"I didn't expect, today we have two acts that this means, this means, even if the owner, there is no way to compare!"


The pole town is nodded, and it took a long time.


"What? The two poles arranged by the owner, it is all over!"

"There is no terrible thing?"

The two open his mouth and was surprised.

"Not good, the three little guys have to leave, the owner has not given them yet!"

"I have to think, I will make it at the owner! How can the three little guys can see it!"

"Hey, yes! Just a song, compared with the owner, it is strong!"

"He stop, I see less than 100 million times!"