It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 89th No to the Bao!

Bloody Huang hugged his head, poured in the Huang as a dream sea, and screamed.

"No ... don't play, spare ... Rao!"

"I am wrong, I am really wrong!"

Bloody Hemou Soul, like the big wind, candlelight, will turn off at any time.


Let him ask for mercy, it is useless.

The Qinyin kept back.


A burst of soul cracked pain and kept back.

The residual soul is like a big wind, and it will extinguish at any time.

His soul of the soul, getting more and more dim.

Soon, it was unusual.

"I beg you, don't play, I will pass the swallowing magic to you still? As long as you spare me!" Blood phoenix.

"Oh, this method, I am not rare!"

The phoenix is ​​condensed, smiling and shaking his head.

"I am your old ancestor, spare me!"

"You can't deade the ancestors! It will be condemned!" Blood phoenix.

"Oh, don't say that you are not my own ancestors! Just lend the Shenhuang family to the death, you will die!"


Huangru dreams right hand.


Tens of thousands of shadows, layers stacked, condensed, burn over the blood phoenix.

"This ... this is the legendary silence!"

"You ... do you learn?"

"Do not……"

The sound is abrupt.

Blood Phoenix Soul, a little annihilation into a powder, disappeared.

For the Phoenix Dream, only the pure blood and destruction avenue.

The phoenix dreams quietly feeling all this, crazy.

After a while, the consciousness opened his eyes and surprised his face.

"Reaching seven steps flies!"

The phoenix is ​​as murmured, full of surprises.

The flying misery is, the harder the spiritual force into fairy.

Some strong people, poor life, can only convert 50%.

In other words, I can only stop in five steps in my life.

I shortly than a month, I will cultivate into seven steps.

This is also unimaginable throughout Ziyang stars.

All of this, all of them!

"Bonology, this time, if you don't have you, I can't get it, I will even die!"

"Bonology, you are like a dream, I am afraid that I can't pay attention!"

"Gong, let the dream have always accompany you!"

The phoenix is ​​disabled and re-controls the body.

She looked at Sun Hao, smiled, everything was in the case.

Sun Yan looked at the phoenix, and nodded slightly.

This girl, playing the piano, very powerful.

In this way, how long, can you catch yourself.

Now, I have bounced this song, I have been afraid of my heart, I have disappeared.

Two people behind.

Xuanyuan poems standing there, and there was no reaction in a horror for a long time.

A piano sound, even make himself talented!

This means is completely a cactus!

They are two, they are all immortals!

"I am actually protecting the cacto? Listen to the fairy song? Isn't this a dream?"

Xuanyuan poem was shocked, could not help but smash himself.

"Hey, hurt!"

"See it, this is true!"

"In this way, it is not in half years, I can resolve family crises!"

Xuanyuan is confident, looking at Sun Hao two back, grateful to face.

"If a dream, is it good?" Sun Hao said.

"The son is all good!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"Then let's go out!" Sun Hao said.

"it is good!"

The two stood up,

"Xuanyuan girl, just thank you!"

"I will go out, there is a little gift to send you, I hope you can accept it!" Sun Hao said.


Gongzi gives me a gift?

This is only afraid of the best spirit!

This is like this, I can encounter.

If it is a best spirit, the family is bigger, I can get the first.

In that time, the few uncle, I didn't dare to be so arrogant!

Xuanyuan poems are all rushing, "Thank you for the son!"

"You don't have to polite, I will go out first!"

"it is good!"

The Phoenix is ​​coming to get up, "the son, wait!"

After that, she raised the right hand, aligned with it, it was a punch.


A round of radical waves, the self-emblem is like a dream fist.


A dull sound.

The cave is empty, and a piece of block falls.

A huge hole, straight through the trail.

"If the dream strength, the horror, there will be her follow, where can you go!"

Sun Hao's eyes, the essence is shining.

The Phoenix is ​​a sword, with Sun Hao, rapid.

Xuanyuan poem followed.

After a while, the three flew to death, came to the South Valley.

After landing, Sun Hao said: "If a dream, you can help you take the drawing!"

"Yes, the son!"

Then, Sun Yan looked at Xuanyuan poems, said: "Xuanyuan girl, send a word, ok?"

Dragonfly painting?

Is this what is useful?

Mon, send me a very soul!

Xuanyuan poetry is depressed, but it does not dare to change halfway on his face.

"Everything will be arranged with the son!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Well, I will write a word to you!"

Sun Hao looked at Xuanyuan poems and nodded.

Tile paper, instantly scare Xuanyuan poems.

"This ... This paper is actually a spirit, is not right, Xianwu is doing!"

"Who is the son?"

Xuanyuan poetry looks at the front of the fairy wood, there is 10,000 kinds of impulses for yourself.

However, she still endured.

In front of the cactus, dare to capture the paper, not far from looking for death.

More tells, the immortal will give yourself a pair of paintings.

Xuanyuan poetry heart is not from autonomous dramatic tricks.

"That brush, I actually gone! I am afraid that it is also a fairy!"

"That ink bar is actually a fairy!"

"I am afraid that the clothes are in the son, but also a fairy clothes!"

One thought here.


Xuanyuan poetry is pumping, shocking on his face.

She used long for a long time, calmed down, and continued to look at Sun Wei.

I saw that the ink was already worn.

Sun Wei began to sway ink.

14 big characters, like flying dragons, printed above the paper.

The sword is 30,000 miles, and a sword is cold in 19 continents!

Terror Swords and Dao Yun, like tsunami, spraying.

Xuanyuan poetry looked at this sentence, and the whole person was scared.

The light is the domineering, it is no one.

Only a cactus can have this mood!

This painting is definitely not going to treasure!

The son said that it is to give himself?

I am doing a dream?

Then, Xuanyuan poem once again took himself, and hurt his mouth.

"Damn, I don't want to have a son, and I am a fool!"

"With this painting, just one day, my swords can come to several steps!"

"This kind of opportunity, I am afraid that I can't get it in my life!"

Xuanyuan poetry is dark.

"Xuanyuan girl, how do you see this pairing?" Sun Hao said.

"Longfei Feng dance, it is really a preliminary masterpiece, no one can go right!" Xuanyuan poetry face, exhausted.

"The award, this depression is given to Xuanyuan girl!"