It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 90, dedicated to the soul beads

"How is it so quiet?"

"Is it the blood to escape?"

The foot of Luo willus is uneasy.

If the blood collection escapes, it will be a disaster for the whole world.

How do you do your best?


She is rapid, and she is crazy.

The blood phoenix demon is broken, and the flames in the channel dissipate.

There is no flame block, and everyone is very fast.

Soon, they came to the bottom of the cave and saw the hole in the sky.

An uneasy, full of people.

The blood phoeno is escaped, and the consequences are unimaginable.

Is this hole, is it bloody? That must have to catch up.

"Everyone goes out!"


Tens of thousands of cultivars, rushing to the sky, followed by Luosius.

Standing on the sky, the Luo Cow is released, sweeping around.

There is no bloody breath within the party.

"Dean, you have taken everyone to search for the penalty area, one news, immediately transfer to me!"

"I first sent the town soul to the son, and the son should have the next step!"

Luo Cow is given to the human stone and Luo Liu smoke.

Two people listened, nodded slightly.

"I want to join the town evil union, first hear the command of the dean, fight for blood Huang!"

"I still have something, I will leave!"

Luo Culi smashed, straightened Changhong, went straight to the Southern Mountain.

Shortly after.

Luo Cow is standing on the sky, looking at the valley, the eyes are light.

"Be son there?"

"Don't you know that I am coming, deliberately wait for me?"

"The beads such as the son are eager to worry?"

"Then I have to quickly send the town soul to the son!"

Soon, Luo Cow came to Sun Yanyu.


Sun Hao has just handed the painting to Xuanyuan poem.

When I turned back, I just saw Luo Cow.

"See the son!"

Luousi smashes.

"Hey, Liu smoking girl?" Sun Hao looks, "How are you here?"

"The son, I just came out from the blood collection!" Said Luosi smoke.

"Blood Phoenix?" Sun Hao slightly, luminous, "The strength is good!"

Although there is no danger, although there is not dangerous, it is just to yourself.

Because there is a dream protection, whoever shoots himself, it is flying as flying ash.

Liu smashed girls can come safely, indicating that the strength is not weak!

"Thank you for praise!"

"The son, this is a bead found, but also hope to accept it!"

After that, Luo Cow smashed the town's soul beads.

Looking at the greek beads in the hand, Sun Hao, the eyes flashed.

The beads are very delicate, and it is better than Jade.

In the sun, it also exudes a touch of light.

If it is at night, it is not a bright eye.

This is the legendary night pearl.

Just, you can use it in the evening to illuminate.

So big, it is actually given.

Don't receive a heartache.

"Liu smoked girl, it is too polite, give me something!"

Sun Hao took the beads and smiled.

This scene saw the Xuanyuan poetry, not from the scalp.


It's a stupid shortage!

The son sent himself a peerless fairy, but did not think about relying on the son.

Even if the son is a cactus, you can't see your own things, but you will not take it, it is an attitude!

Look at Luo smoke model, understand this, very popular!

For this reason, Xuanyuan poems sweep the space ring, search for it.

Space ring,

It seems that there is no such thing as a fairy.

The son is certainly can't see.

How to do?

"I can only go back to discuss with my father!"

Xuanyuan poetry muttered, secretly thinking.

the other side.

Luousi smoked, relaxed.

The son smiled, then this test was passed.

However, how can this blood?

"Bono, a little bit, you don't have to give up, I am relieved!" Luo Cow said.

"how come?"

Sun Hao put the town soul to the Phoenix dream, "as a dream, take a few pictures!"

"Yes, the son!"

The phoenix has taken a five-purpose picture, and he is handed over to Sun Hao.

"Willow smoked girl, since you like to call and call, these will give you!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

Luousi smoke whole stupid station.


Five deputy fairy, all give himself?

Is it because of the old man?


Extinguishing the old manfa, is completely a son, and there is no relationship with yourself!

The son sent a five sub-fairy to give himself, look like it, there is other deep meaning.

It is necessary to have a relationship with the blood collection.

Go back to think about it, it is best to discuss with everyone!

"Liu smoke sister, blood collection is dead, you can rest assured!"

The Phoenix dream seems to see that Luo Liu smoked, and came out of the gods.

When I heard this, Luousi smashed.

Look, the son earlier, even if we can't deal with it, you will be out.

"Thank you gong!"

Luo Liu smashed the boxing ceremony and took the painting.

", Fuyuan + 250!"

A sound.

"How can the five pairs of paintings 250? Shouldn't it be 2500 points?"

"What is going on? Is it ten times less?"

Sun Hao frowned.

"Liu smashed girl, knowing the sound, you don't have to give up!" Sun Hao said.


The son took me as a well-known sound!

Look, it is certainly what you realize.

However, I still didn't guess the son.

The son is the town soul bead, and the second is to deal with the blood collection, and three is the old man.

Three layers of meaning, it is difficult to speculate.

Oh, embarrassment!

Luousi smashed, sighed, showing an embarrassed color.

", ? Why didn't you be with you?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, the Ling, she is cultivated in the zone, did not come out with me!" Said Luo Cigarette.

"When did she call her, come together to sit on her house, take a meal!" Sun Hao said.

Be son called us?

Look, have other instructions!

Luousi nodded, "Okay, the son, in a few days, I took the spirit!"

"Well, then it is said!" Sun Hao said.

"for sure!"

Luo Liu smoked, "The son, then I will leave forever!"


Luousi smoke is a Changhong, and it will go quickly.

Waiting for Luo Cow to leave.

Xuanyuan poems came, and ten fingers crossed and tight.

"The son, there is an unfortunate thing!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Xuanyuan girl, what is wrong, even though!" Sun Hao said.

"Mon, where are you living? I will come to visit!"

Xuanyuan poetry is milled.

Pretty face, overflowing the fine pears.

Heart beating vigorously.

This sentence just finished, she regretted.


True stupid!

The immortal residence dares to inquire, is this to find dead?

"The son, if you are inconvenient, then you will count!" Xuanyuan poem said.

Sun Hao is a smile, "Xuanyuan girl, how will it be! I live in the south side of the Demon Mountain, you have time, you can come."

"Really?" Xuanyuan poetry face, not believed.

Can this fake?

As long as there is a cultivator comes from others, eat, eat, drink tea, and harvest the franchise value.

Why not?

In addition, this Xuanyuan poem is not low, just a pair of picture, you can get 50 franchise.

Although not much, it is good!

This kind of character is often the best.

"Of course!" Sun Yizhen is head.

"Thank you gong!"

Xuanyuan poetry bustard, "the son, this time I went out too long, I have to go back first, come back next time!"

"it is good!"

After Sun Yi nodded, Xuanyuan poem was a Changhong, rapidly.

After a while.

After the Xuanyuan poem, I booked myself. "Who?"

"It's me, lady!"

At this time, a middle-aged man figure is slowly condensed.

See this middle-aged man, Xuanyuan poetry exposed a surprise.

"Yes, how is you?" Xuanyuan asked.

"Benevitated by the owner, special to protect the lady!" Middle-aged man said.

"Yes, what is the father?" Xuanyuan poems said.

"There should be no things!" Middle-aged man said.

"It must go back as soon as possible!"

"it is good!"

The two people straighten Changhong, go rapidly.