It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 91, God's Virgin is a bald

East of blood nesting in the east of the nest.


Fang Xiaoxiao struggled to stand up and hurt the cold.

She hoped four weeks, full of confusion, "I am still alive?"

"These ancient lines have been all sured? Who is it, this is powerful?"

Fang Xiaopang's face is slightly changed, and the pupil shrinks.

When she looked at the huge in front of her, she was cold and sweaty.

"What happened later?"

"I have to hurry away!"

Fang Xiaoyu took out the medicinal herbs and acne.

After the interest rate, go quickly.

Shortly after.

She came to the ground, following several cultivars.

"This time, I can wait for luck, thanks to God!"

"Yeah, that kind of music, after listening, not only restoration, talent is more than dozens of times, some people have enhanced hundreds of times!"

"It's really a day, now, even if Fang Xiaoxiao, the talent compared to us, I am afraid that she is eligible for her shoes!"

"Don't talk, God's fascia people arrange us to find blood phoenix! This thing must be completed!"

"it is good!"

Several people go quickly.

Fang Xiaoxiao listened to these, and his face changed.

"God attacked? This world is really a fascist?"

"No matter, go back first!"

After saying, Fang Xiaoyin is toned to Changhong, and go quickly.



Sun Yuwang watched around and found that there was no figure, not from sigh.

This time, I am preparing to be sufficient, but I didn't see the immortal.

Even if I see it, I will meet, I shouted and shouted, took my own life.


Sun Hao sighed.

Forget it, this time I will go back, and I prepare a lot of ammunition.

In the future, with the dream, all the world, send things all over the world.

In that time, it is difficult to collect dissatisfaction with blessing?

"Well, if you have a dream, let's go back!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream, with Sun Yu's rush.

Time flies, the eye is three days.

Bloody nest is located in the north of the Western Region, closer to the North and Zhongzhou.

At this time, most of them come to the blood-Phone nest, most of them are the midths of the Western region, the northern field and the Central State.

Because of the name of the blood phoenix, the name of God's fascia, spread throughout the Western region, even rapidly spreading to the North Domain and Central State.

So many cultivars saw it, and after many dissemination, God has arrived behind, and has become uncertain.

As long as I mentioned the godmia, many of the immortals, the brother, worship, write full face.

If you want to visit the god, you can't calculate it.

Of course, the name of God's fascia is not only circulating the humanity, but also spread through the evil.

On this day, Ziyang Star somewhere, a high tower covered by the bones.

The five-meter high human shape is sitting in the master, the empty eyes, the two group soul flames are not jumping.

It is the master of the evil people - a ghost candle.

Before the glow gandard, standing with a long life, every one is a gentle, and people don't dare to look directly.


Sound, the Phenantian is growing down, the voice is grief, "The great master, the loss of our family is heavy, please help our family to report this blood sea hatred!"

After that, the Plugs of Heads did not stop.

"stand up!"

The ghost candle faintly opened, and the sound roared.

The sound seems to have a certain magic, hear the ears of the dichlori, can't be trembled by the body, hurry up.

Then, the ghost is four sweep, saying: "You, what can I say?"


At this time,

"Say!" Said the ghost candle.

"God attacked, three badge big gauges must destroy!" Said the soul.

"This is said, you also believe that there is a macro people?" The glow candle sounded a bit of anger.

This is out.

The family is long, not coming to the body.

"Don't you?" Asked ink.

" !"

The ghost candle soul flames, there seems to be angry.

When a long family, he heard it, he went down and did not dare to face it.

"Three bad me a big meter, every time, it is in advance, you said, can you count these, who?" Said the ghost candle.

"On the main, the western bliss world group baldness, proficient time avenue, is hard, this is all what they are?" Asked the soul.

"Not bad!"

The ghost candle nodded slightly, "God's enrichment, but the Western bliss world a baldness, after the manipulation, bad things!"

"This is such a thought, you can escape this home!" Said the ghost candle.

I heard this.

Many people have a long face, showing a look.

If the god, it is a baldness, that everything is true.

Seeing the future, calculating everything.

When today, in addition to the group of vultures in the Western Paradise, Who can do it?

"The Lord" is impatched! "

The family is long, worshiping the ground, and then rude again.

"On the Lord, since the god attache is a vulture, what should we do?" Asked ink.

"Of course, after finding him, kill!"

The stun sound is full of domineering.

In the eyelids, the two regiments of the soul flames, and they were unbeatable.

"On the main, this is handed over to me!" Said ink.

"On the main, let me go!"

"On the main, deal with the baldness, let me go, it will be much easier!"

The family is long, and it stands out.

In the eyes of the ghost, the soul flames beat slightly.

Finally, he turned his head to the ink, "This matter, I will give it to the ink!"

"Thank you on the main!" Ink, kneeling, respecting the ceremony.

"Give you three months, if you didn't finish, you will see it!" The ghost candle said.

"Yes, the main!"

"Okay, today is over, scattered!"

After that, the ghost candles flashed and disappeared.


Other elements, disappeared one by one.

"I finally got this task!"

On the soul of the ink, there is no skin, his smile is very Sen.


Then, his figure flashed and disappeared.

When you appear again, you have come to a cave.

"Haha ..."

The soul is laughing at the sky, if it is crazy.

"God's fascia, it turned out to be a baldness, this is interesting!"

"It can be done, I want to be weak, and I will refine you into the drought!"

"When I arrived, the first class, I didn't belong to my corpse!"

"Haha ..."

The ink will laugh again.

"Length, what is good?"

At this time, a black shadow floated.

"Ink, you have to come right!"

The soul looks at the black shadow, saying.

"The family, you said!" Black Shadow said.

"Mo Wei, this main party sent my family to kill the god enormous people!" Said ink.

"God attaches people?"

"That is the macro people who don't lose four will have lost four people?" Asked the black shadow.

"Yes!" The soul of the soul.

"The family is long, I am afraid that this person is not good to deal with!" The black shadow said.

"Of course! You don't know, he is the baldness of the bliss!" Said ink.

"What? Bull? What should I do? Since he is eyeing us, then we will know anything in advance, the family is long, this is not a good thing!"

"And where is this fascinating people? How is strength, we don't know!"

"Once we move, maybe he will be in his circle!" Black shadow said.

"You are very good!"

"Don't worry, we have three months!"

"Find out his position, it is easy, just find the heart magic to help, you can find it."

"Since he can do all our actions, we can't shoot it yourself, then you can only kill people!" Said ink.

"Killing people?"

"Who should we borrow a knife? Ordinary knife, I am afraid that I will not hurt God!" Black Shadow said.

"Don't worry, I will see the big priest tomorrow! It will be calculated soon, let's take a knife!"

"Okay, you will go back first!" Said ink.

"Yes, the family is long!"