It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 92-Bonus Mission,

Yao Chi Palace, a secret room.

"Master, what is so happy?" Su Yiwei asked.

"Happy? I have?" Luo Cow said.

"Oh, come back from you, have been secretly sneaking, what is happy, saying, let us be happy." Su Yiling said.

"Yun!" Mu Ice nodded.

"In fact, there is nothing!"

Luo Culi smoking face is red, low, "It is the son to be a voice!"


"Bosom friend!"

"Master, amazing!"

"Willow smoke, yes!"


A shocking sound.

Other four, like staring at the monster.

The pair of straightness, envy, can't stop.

"It's still awkward!"

Luo Liu smashed, I was embarrassed, "the blood biography is the son to personally destroy, the evil family is old, but we have not realized it!"

"If it is not a son, we will three, I am afraid that I have to pay!"

Luo willow smoke low, ashamed.

"Luo Lord, since the son is called your own voice," then represents this time through the master test! "

"Yes, right, the son is there any indication?"

All people are watching, staring at Luo.

"The son gave me this!"

After that, Luo Cow has taken out five scrolls, put it on the stone table, "I haven't come yet."

"Then everyone looks together, maybe the son is one step, it is hidden in these five points!"

"it is good!"

A pair of vocabulary is open.

They are "settingday pictures", "Ben Mingcha", "Ancient Temple," Shenlong Tengyun Map "," N-Digital Map ".

Every pair of paintings have a far-reaching artistic conception.

I have been watching five people, I have never returned to God for a long time.

Finally, the five people are watching, all of the "smoke map".

This pair, the wreckage is wreck, and there is no living.

It looks like the end of the world, it is very depressed.

This scene is in the eyes of a few people, and I have a inexplicable.

"Sheriff, what do you mean by the son?" Luo Liu asked.

Those who sighed, shook his head, "Hey, the son is deeply, the old man is difficult to see!"


Mu Ice frowned shook his head.

"Luo Lord, I can only understand this" smoke map "mean!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Oh? Let's talk about it!"

The few people are all staring on Chen Xiu Ming.

"This painting is that the son is tell us that if this mission is not completed, it will be the corpse, it is terrible!"

Speaking of this, Chen Kao is long, "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

This is out.


The sound of the cool sound does not stop.

A few people have a sudden tightening.

This is the relationship throughout the world, the relationship is the whole class!

"Bonus this task must be completed!" Luo Liu smashed.

Several people listen, look back.

Block, they stare again, look carefully.

In addition to Su Yi Ling, four people are like a wooden pile, it is constant, and it is movable.

"The son gives us five drawings, isn't it a pair?"

"The son indication, hidden in the painting, it is so hard!"

Su Yi Ling grabbed his head and confused his face.


Su Yi Ling sighed, sitting on the stone bench, holding the chin, "The son is too difficult!"

"My little head, I don't understand at all!"

Su Yi Ling looked at the four wooden piles and did not move.

I do not know how long it has been.


Several people sighed and recovered from the rest of their stay.

"It's hard!"

Wen people are reliably sighed, looking at Luo Liu, "Liu smoking, there are other indications?"

"Other instructions?"

Luo Liu smashed frowning, start thinking.

Subsequently, her eyes were flashed, "Yes, the son made me take the spirit!"

"What? Eat!"

The Su Yi Lingteng stood up, and his eyes bloomed, "Haha, you can still have a meal in the son!"

"Hey, I have a good time, you will come hard, don't worry about cultivate!" Luo cigarette is angry.

"Master, I don't worry about it? Now, I have a lot of time!" Su Yi Ling said.


On a few faces, let's take a variety of light, like the monsters.

This is only ten days, I will break two big realm, monsters!

Su Yi Ling saw that everyone stared at her, his face was red, showed two shallow wine nests. Can reach big chartered! "

"You see Chen Xiu Ming, now I have reached a kilbert!" Su Yiling said.

"What? Chen Daoyou, you really have to kill?" The Luo's smoking face is surprised.

"Just reached the priority of the robbery!" Chen Kao kneelted some head, "Luo Daoyou, you are in the same realm, there is an instruction of the son, can not be less!"

"Good to say!"

A few people face, it is envious.

At the same time, it also reveals a face.

The five people have risen, and it will be better for the son in the future.

"Willow smoke, since the son let you take the demon girl to eat, I want to have other instructions, I see you, let's go!" Wen people said.

"Sheriff, you are right! However, this time, I have to bring Chen Daoyou, with him, to the son, will be better!" Luosi smoke said.

"This is good!"

I nodded in the stone, "The son will indicate the next step, then you have to pay two!"

"Sheriff, you are polite, this is what!" Luo Cigarette said.

"Sheriff, there is me!"

Su Yiling drums, so it is angry.

"Yes ... Yes, there is a demon girl, then please Trin! Let's go back!" Wen people said.

"and many more!"

Chen Xu Ming called two people.

"Chen brother, do you have anything?" Wen people asked.

"The son can recognize that the Lord is a well-known, in the station, the work is not good!"

"So, I propose, Luo Zhi Lord rewards 3 kneventions, the dean, Mu girl rewards 2 kneventh tea!"

"As for my relationship with the Yi Ling, because of the efforts of hard work, the flesh moves, each person rewards 1 kneventh tea, you see, so okay?" Chen Kao said.

Four people listened, and the eyes were shining.

That kind of razz, written on his face.

"Chen brother, the award is clear, I don't think there is no problem!"

"I have no opinion!"

In the four people greedy, Chen Tao Ming took the tea and sent each person in turn.

"This ... this is a proud road!"

Wen people have two tea leaves, excited to tremble.

A proven glass of tea flows out, it is the corpse, this is what others know that they have two pieces, that is still?

For a long time, I will calm down.

"Okay, then let's go back first, the son, you will trouble three!"

"rest assured!"