It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 93, there is no existence, I understand!

"I am born to be useful, thousands of gold is still full!"

Sun Yu looked at the grass book just finished, satisfied with it.

It's a lot to stop.

The charm is full, it is fine.

"carry on!"

When the ink is dried, Sun Hao is rolled out directly, and it is tiled again.

The pen is ink, and it is preparing to wait.

"The son, Liu smoking, they are coming!"

At this time, the sound of the Phoenix dream is passed out.

I heard this sound, Sun Hao's eyes were light.

"Okay, you will go first, I will go!"

"Yes, the son!"

Sun Hao opened the franchise panel, looked at the 26000 point value of the above, dark road: "Finally, I can get the franchise value, I don't know, can I get 4,000 points today?"

Let go of the pen, Sun Wei goes directly.

"See the son!"

Seeing Sun Hao came out, the three people of Luo coward, hurry to hold the boxing ceremony.

Although many times have been there, few people are still very cautious.

The more you understand, you have more admiration.

"You can hope you hope!


The son is looking forward to our five people?

This death should be come together.

"The son, they went back to the Cang." Luo smoke said.

"Oh!" Sun Yi nodded, "Don't be polite, come, sit!"

"Bonology, I will help you do it." Luo Cai said.

"I will go!" Su Yiling said.


Sun Hao and Chen Xiu Ming walked into the pavilion, relative and sitting.

Chen Xu Yumu is tense, pay attention to Sun Wei every action.

I didn't dare to relax for a moment.

"Chen brother, this time we drink Bi Tea Spring?" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!" Chen Xiu Ming hugged.

"Chen Xiong, you and I am a friend, you don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.


Like nine days, I am bombard in Chen Xiu's head.

At this moment, he was completely lost.

For a long time, he recovered.

"The son actually took me as a friend? I ... is there a junky in the grave?"

"Gong, you can rest assured, have any instructions, go to the fire, do not say good!"

Chen Xu Ming wooed, watching Sun Hao, showing incomparable honors.

"Chen Xiong, for some days, I am with a dream to leave for a while!"


Gongzi has a new task!

Chen Kao Ming was listening carefully, no inserted.

"I don't know if the brother is free for a while?" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, how do you tell? Despite it!" Chen Kao said.

Talk so much?

Sun Hao was slight, and he said: "Just want to ask Chen Xiong to come to me for a few days, look at it, help to feed chicken."

"Bonology, no problem!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Then thank you!"

Sun Hao is temporary.

Have Chen Xiu Ming to see the family, you can rest assured that you will go to swim in the mountains!

"Tea is good, come, Chen Xiong tea!"

"Thank you gong!"

Then, the two started drinking tea chat.

Chen Xu Ming took a tea cup and did not dare to drink.

Now, I have reached the priority, in case of breakthrough to the medium term, then trouble.

The three-color thunder is coming, how should I resist?

"Chen Xiong, don't be stunned, drink it!" Sun Hao said.

"Ok ... ok, son!"

No way.

If you don't drink, the master will be angry.

By the way, the firewood, there is it, thunder, a ball!

So thinking,

I didn't think it was a drink.


Endless spirit, full of whole body.

"Hey ..."

One moment, Chen Xiu's realm of the world, broke.

this moment.

He reached the mid-time midst of killing.


On the sky, IU clouds.

"Zi ..."

Three-color Thunderstandings, in the dark clouds, Zhu Xi.

Destroy the earth and destroy, see the skin of the skin.

The clouds are in black clouds.

Thunder giants quickly pentium.

"Haha ..."

Thunder giants laughed in the sky, "I am coming!"

"I don't know which doll is robbery?"

"This time, no matter who is, this is the soul!"

"Dare to compete with the heavens and the earth? Let you know that heaven is not inviolable!"

Thunder giants secretly clenched the fist, very firm.

His eyes were shining, looking to the ground, not from scalp, and the whole person fell to the ground.

"I ... my old ancestor, how ... is it here again?"

"That little guy, drink tea with no presence, the relationship with the same iron!"

"What should I do?"

Thunder giants are full of bitterness, and they are wilting.

"This, this year's performance, I can't meet the standard!"

"When you arrive, it will be punished!"

Thunder giants look at the bottom, the face changes.


Sun Hao looked up and looked up his eyes.

This is like a hell ghost.

Thunder robes fell to the ground, Sitse tremble.

"There is no existence, don't tell you, I understand!"

After that, the thunder robbery is in the gods of abdomen, from the body with a small iron, and the Chen knife, throw it.


On the sky, the dark cloud is exhausted, and it will restore it again.

Sun Yu looked at the sky and frowned slightly.

This weather is really blame.

Seeing that it is going to thunder, it's sunny!

what happened?

Is there a secret operation?

This means is too terrible!

Sun Hao wooeded, picking up a tea cup, drink a little.

Chen Xu Yumu sheds into Dantian, and saw the miles in it, the whole person stupid.

"I ... my day, it turned out to be the man of thunder, it didn't harm, but also integrated with me Yuan Ying!"

"This ... this is no confrontation! I have a few times this day!"

"All this, thanks to the son!"

For a long time, Chen Xu Ming recovered calm.

He looked at Sun Hao, his eyes, his eyes were grateful.

"Good food!"

At this time, a crisp sound sounded.

I saw that Su Yi Ling took two plates and came out quickly.

After her, the Phoenix dreams with Luo Liu smashed two plates.

Play the table, six tips, posing above.

Qing Dynasty, all is the uncertainty, there is no one.

Sun Hao looked at this scene, and his face apologized, "all is vegetarian dishes, entertain it!"

"Gong, you are too polite, these, you can all my favorite!"

Su Yi Ling blooms a lot of essence, and there is no swallowing water.

"According to the girl, don't be polite, eat!"

"it is good!"

After Sun Yizhen's chopsticks, others followed it.

Luo willow smoke holds a radish, I want to bite but I don't dare to bite.

Now, I have reached the early stage of robbery, I have been pressing.

If you eat unpolished in the son, we will break through.

At that time, thundered robbery, can you resist it?

"Luo Dou, don't be afraid, let go of eating, there is a son, there is no problem in ferry!"

At this time, Chen Tao's sound came.

I heard this, Luo Liu smokes in Chen Xiu, the eyes of the eyes, "Do you break through?"

"Not bad! And, get a shocking!" Chen Xu Ming said.

Luo Liu smog looked at the radish, I didn't think it was, and I was biting, after a few mouth, I swallowed into the belly.

"Hey ..."

A sound.

The film of the realm is broken.

At this moment, she broke through!