It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 94, bitter thunder giants

On the sky, in the dark clouds.


Thunder robbery is rapid, keeps shutting, and the brilliance is full of face.

"Great, great!"

"This is only a time, and there are people who ferry. Heaven help me!"

"Look, this year's performance, there is hope to meet the standard!"

Speaking of this, thunder robbery smile.

"This time, can't you encounter no presence?"

"Little guy, don't blame me, you have to blame you!"

"This seat in order to complete the goal, Mao is a way!"

Thunder giants double eyelids, instantly recovered.


Thunder giant lips, the sound tremble.

The kind of helplessness and bitterness, write full face.

"How do you have a relationship with no one? What can I do?"

"Old days! I beg you not to get it like this!"

Thunder robbery sighed and took a stomach from himself and sent it to the Luo Cow.

The sky is clouded, and it is exhausted quickly.

Everything, returning to normal.

Luo Liu smoked in Dantian, his face, his face is not believed.

"This ... this is a thunderous man?"

"It is in harmony with me? Can I get this way?"

"All this is because of the son!"

Luo Liu smokes Sun Wei, thank you for your face.

"In this case, I will take this opportunity, break through the late period!"

Luo Culi smashed, it quickly got quickly.

The five people are silently eaten, no one speaks.


Su Yiling stopped the original place, looking at those small dishes on the table, looking at the eyes.

"Why don't you eat?" Luo cigarette asked.

"Master, I ... I am going to ferment, if you eat, you have to break through!" Su Yi Ling took his mouth and said.

"Let's let go, ferry here, save you!" Said Luosi smoke.


"of course!"


Su Yi Ling opened its big, and everyone began to grab food.

Sun Hao looked at this scene, rising his mouth, his mood was good.

Every time they eat something, they can contribute some franchise values.

This feels too much.

Come on, eat all light.

"Look, the dishes are not enough, I will give you a dish!"

Sun Yu did not move the color and stood up and walked to the kitchen.

The Phoenix is ​​immediately following the body, and go quickly.

Without Sun Hao and the Phoenix, a few people eat more relaxed.

That look, it is completely you compete for me.

The scene is not harmonious.

After a while.


A sound.

Su Yiling broke through!


On the sky, there is a black cloud.

The three-color electricity, traveling in the dark clouds, keeping the voice that makes people's heartbeat.

The clouds are in black clouds.

Thunder robbery stands in the same place, the look is nervous, the heart is dramatic.

"This time, people who ferry should be related to there is no relationship?"

After Chang Shu, the thunder giant was swept down.

After a while, it immediately returned.

He fell to the ground, full of bitterness.

"There is no existence, I know how to do it!"

After that, the thunder robes took a stomach and sent it to Su Yiwei.


Su Yi Ling looked at the sky, but he couldn't believe it.

"Don't be stunned, look at your Dantian." Luosius smoke said.

Su Yi Ling nodded, sinking awareness into Dantian, and immediately scared the original place.

The small mouth is open into an O-shape, and there is no reaction at half.


"Hey, don't let the son heard it, so as not to click the son of the son!"


Su Yi Ling nodded.

"Luo Dou, I will break through it, this soup, you don't grab me?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Chen Daoyou, I have to break through, then soup, give me a drink!" Said Luo Cigarette.

"Master, the disabled is hot, I will help you drink!" Su Yi Ling said.

Then, three began to compete for six trays.

At the same time, Sun Hao and the Phoenix have four dishes and came out.

Seeing the scene in front of you, not from stupid.

Tang Xian Xian, actually grab soup?

It seems that those dishes have not been tangled, only a little juice water?

"If you dream, you have a good dish!"

"Thank you for the praise, this is because you teach!"

"Walk, we will send them!"

"it is good!"

When Sun Hao took four dishes to them, several people stupid stupid places, showing an embarrassment of an embarrassment.

"Don't be stunned, eat it!"

"If you are not enough, we will do it again." Chen Hao said.

"Gong, enough!"

Three people continue to eat.

Shortly after.

"Hey ..."

Luousi smoke once again broke through the lack of jumpsuit.

On the sky, the dark clouds.

Thunder robbery shuttled in the dark clouds and laughed.

"There is no existence, three small dolls, they have already broken, and they have nothing to do with this ferrifer!"

"This is only a quarter, and there is another person to rob, heaven and help me!"

"Haha ..."

Thunder robbery laughs up, I have been calming.

"This time, I deficient you soul!"

After that, the thunder robbery began to gather six colors.

Terrorism, seems to ruin the world.

When he is preparing to throw it, he is not fried by the scalp, the whole person is like a sinking, a cold.

"I ... I am old, how is they ferry?"

"This ... this also let me live!"

"It's so bitter!"

Thunder robbery recovered electricity, in the extremely unsatisfactory look, from the body, throw it down to Luo Cow.


Sound, the thunder, the giant took the dark cloud, disappeared.

After approximately half of it.

The black cloud has once again appeared in the original place with thunder.

This time, he didn't think it was, and he took out two pieces of electricity and throw it up.

In the eyes of no god, it is like a haired rooster, which is very rogue.

"There is no existence, you don't frown, you can only pull so much, more, I will become a noble chicken, then I have to lose business!"

"There is no existence, please ask you to leave Ziyang star!"

"You are here, I can't finish it at all!"

Thunder giants muttered their own words, full of bitterness.

Shortly after.

He once again appeared, pulled out two pieces of electricity, throwing it down to Su Ying.

Then, he took the dark cloud and disappeared.

Sun Yu looked at this changed sky and wrinkled.

This ghost weather is really strange, one will be bright, and it will be black.

This feels like someone is in the control switch.

It can have this control ability, I am afraid that the identity is extremely horrible.

Who is it?


The three people of Luo willus smoked, induced to Dantian changes, could not help but hold the fist, the brilliance faced.

Dantian Yuan Ying and the three-color Thunder fusion, which has changed completely.

Now, every extraction of a spirit will take a thunder.

More than a simple spirit, the power is ten times!

This is really unmatched!

Give this to yourself, nature is a son!

"Bonology, this is a good news, you have anything, I will wait to go to the fire!"

Several people muttered their own words and was grateful to face.