The south side of the Demon, 20 kilometers away, a trail.


A man rides a necklace, step by step.

His clothes are ragged, broken, full of muddy, look, like a flower.

In the hands of the man, I hold a picture of the painted with bamboo tube, be careful, and I am afraid of bad.

This person is not someone else, it is Ning Ming.

His hand is a "worship Buddha map" that Sun Yizhen is given to him.

"It's here, it's soon!"

"Bonology, you can find your stay!"

In the eyes of Ning Ming, it blooms a lot of bamboo.

These dozens of days, all the way, wading, calendar, thousands of difficulties.

Attached to the poison, into the thief nest, town pig demon ...

It is mortal, every time, it is almost dying.

However, there is a picture of the gongzi, and every time you can fierce.

Especially when I encountered the pig demon, I almost was shredded.

Fortunately, through the classics, the pig demon is inserted, now, protect yourself, come here.

Moreover, in the road, it will be smoked to a neighborhood, and the speed is accelerated.

Every time I read, these two kinds of demon will hear it.

Dharma Avenue, I only learn to be fur, so there is so shocking.

If it is in the son, it is definitely omnipotent!

All the way is hard, it is the test of the son to himself.

Fortunately, I have passed!


Suddenly, a giant.

Such as Tiger Wanlin, such as tyrannos, roaring.

I heard the human ear, and I was numb.

The porcine demon is standing up, and it will not stop.

That look, it seems to have encountered a big danger.

"Little pig, what's it?" Ning Ming asked.


The pig demon looks in front, and his eyes are dead.

At this time.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Huge roar, coming from the front

Every sound is shocked.

Looking through the jungle gap, Ning Ming is not contracted by the pupil, the scalp is blown.

I saw it, one up to dozens of meter giants, I came step away.

The giant is full of black, and the body is distributed.

, similar to it, horror is boundless.

"This ... this is a big demon!"

Ning Ming's voice trembled, all body.

" ..."

The neighborhood has a burst of humming, and goes back.


The pig demon immediately turned his shape and rushed quickly.


The giant seems to find them and patted his chest, constantly roaring.

Sound like thunder, shocking the trees.

Then, the giant will have a footsteps, and the rapid rushing.

"Boom! Hey! Boom ..."

Around the trees, they were hit by the roots and flew around.

The ground is picked up by a layer, gravel is rushing.

Whole look, like the end.

"Escape ... I can't escape!"

Seeing getting closer giant giant, Ningming's heart, sweating DC.

He quickly took the hand in the hand and spread his hand.

Subsequently, it closed his eyes and read it.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not different, ‰ is empty, empty is color, you can understand, it is like ..."

His voice, turned into a verse, flying, straight into the giant ears.

The giant hooded, hugged your head, fell to the ground, roaring.

Its body is rapidly reduced.

After a few interest, it became a monkey, and the redness was scattered.

The eyes are clear, just like the newborn baby.


Monkeys ran to Ning Ming, jumping up, hugging his head tight.

That look, just like hug your mother, it is very dependent.

Ning Mingzhi recovered the painting, slowly wiped the cold sweat.

He hugged monkeys and said: "From today, you are called a monkey!"


Monkey scratches the ear and keeps nod.

"Okay, now I will see my son now!"

Ning Mingzhi drunk, can take a footsteps, go forward.

The pig demon hid directly in the unicorn, Surse shive.

From time to time, it will look to the monkey, in the eyes, it is afraid.

Half day.

Ning Mingzhi stationed in the outer periphery of the Demon Mountain.

He is watching four sweep, frowning deep thinking, "Where is the son lived?"

At this time.


A set of piano sounds.

The sound is rotationally listening, listening to humanity, very comfortable.

Ning Mingzhi station in the same place, no move, quietly listening.

He is around three demon, and he is listening carefully.

Toned to be a piano, the rest is linger.

For a long time.

Ning Ming was only opened his eyes.

He looked at the mountains in front of him, his eyes, the flashes were not destroyed.

"Mon, thank you!"

"You know I am, deliberately give me the piano, thank you!"

"Monkey, small pig, pony, walk!"

On the mountain road, one person three demon, fast.



"If you dream, good, progress is quite big!" Sun Yan looked at the phoenix, nodded.

"Bonology, you are teaching, like a dream to learn this level!" Huangru dreams.

When I heard this, Sun Hao was comfortable.

This girl will really speak.

Very good to yourself, end tea pour water, laundry cooking ...

I am completely serving yourself, every time I have to help, she will find an excuse to drive away myself.

Maybe the past is too sad, this life, I will give yourself so good to myself.

"If you dream, you are waiting, wait for me to get a unpleasant body, I will try to practice, will exceed you!"

"From that, you will take me!"

Sun Hao muttered, secretly clenched the fist.

"Bonology, this pool is very cool, so hot weather, or let us swim together?"

The Phoenix is ​​called the Yaochi pool water and smiled.


Sun Hao double eyes light.

It is really good exercise.

However, there is no swimwear, you can't nakely.

Will you have it?

No, it's definite!

clam down!

Yourself, if you don't grasp your strength.

Maybe you can:

"Hey ..."

A break.

From now on……

Think about it, it is disadvantageous.

"If you dream, wait for me to weave two swimsuits!" Sun Hao said.

"Swims?" The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

"That is a dress wearing clothes."

"Do you want to wear clothes in swimming? That is much trouble!"

"Gong, come, let's swim together!"

The Phoenix is ​​coming to come, and the weakness of the weak, and the gentle and smooth is soft.

Pack of fragrant winds, direct sunny nasal cavity.

The face of the country, the face of the city, shame.

This is also!

do not care!

Daddy, broken!

I have no medical skills, drink some medicine, and take a while, it should be able to recover!

Sun Hao's eyes blur, unconsciously follow the phoenix dream, walk to Yaochi.

Soon, the two came to the pool.

Looking at the sparkling Yaochi water, in the eyes, it is the essence.

"Gong, I will help you wide!"

Speaking of this, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and I don't dare to see Sun Hao's eyes.

"Well!" Sun Hao nodded.

Seeing that the Phoenix is ​​a dream.

At this time.

"Is the son at home?"

There is a sound outside the door.