It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 96, critical moments are disturbed

"Is the son at home?"

I heard this sound, the Phoenix is ​​the electric shock to recover your hands, red face, run back to the house.

"It's time!"

Sun Hao shook his head.

This sound is a bit unfamiliar, and it is a bit familiar.

Who is it? I actually bother myself at the critical moment.

Don't forgive!

"Who?" Sun Hao voice, revealing a trace of anger.

Outside the door.

Ning Mingzhi heard this sound and could not be trembled by the body.

The son seems to be angry.

Is it because I have time consuming too much, didn't reach a job request?

That's it!

I will not be able to hit the son!

I think so, Ning Ming nodded.

After Chang Shu, he only opened, "the son, it is me, Ning Ming wisdom!"

"Ning Mingzhi?"

Sun Hao frowned slightly, and he glanced at his eyes.

It's him!

That scholar!

No, it should be a monk now.

No way?

I forgot my address, if he found this?

It seems that he is also a man!

It's hard to do, there is a high guidance after him?

Anyway, there is a matter of people who are willing to listen to themselves, and they will not bore.

Open the door and see the scene in front of you, not by the pupil.

I saw that Ning Ming was scared, standing with a horse, a pig, a monkey.

This is not the Journey to the West, did the Tang Yutian?

"Ning brother, you will find a demon again, this can go to the West!" Sun Hao said.

Find a demon again?

Westward Journey?

Is this a new test of the son?

Absolutely this!

This must be recorded!

Ning Mingzhi nodded and remembered this.

"See the son!"

Ning Mingzhi hands closed ten, and a Buddhist ceremony.

"Ning brother, don't be polite, how do you find here?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, I would like to understand your guidance for a long time, I understand your pointing!"

Speaking of this, Ning Ming is open, pointed to a pounda mountain, "Mon, you see, you draw the big Mountain!"

"I usually read the group of books, I have seen the big demon mountain in the book, and it is then thinking!" Ningming said.

When I heard this, Sun Hao looked like a monster.

I haven't intentively draw a painted painting, and he can guess you live here.

It's a monster.

Can't be a mortal.

However, he bother himself, it can't be revealed.

"Ning brother, then come here today?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, Xiaogui is coming to listen to you!" Ning Ming said.

"It turns out! But I don't think about it today, please go back!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, that tomorrow!" Ning Ming said.

"Please!" Sun Hao said.

"Mon, can I build a house under the mountain?" Ning Ming Zhi asked.

Is the mountain building a house?

Is this related to yourself?

Don't talk about the mountain, you will not say more about it.

"No problem!" Sun Yi nodded.

"That Xiaoyu first down the mountain!"


When Ning Ming is leaving, Sun Hao will receive a look.

One mortal, it is impossible to send something to him!

It is also a waste.

Don't say, I am disturbing my good things today.

I'm going to come down, I am ready to break.

Unexpectedly, the atmosphere was destroyed by him.

"Forget it, or try to collect the franchise value!"

"Liu smashed girls have returned, and there is no place to collect the franchise!"

"Don't you eat every time they are yourself every time.

"In a few days, they will come here, then go to the catch fish first, last time the dragonfly, they seem to be eaten!"

"Then I went to Ghost Longtan to fish?"

"Well, please ask me in tomorrow!"

Think about it, Sun Hao went in the hospital.

"If a dream ..." Sun Hao shouted.

"Gong, how do you tell?" Huang ran quickly.

"Tomorrow go fishing with me, eat vegetarian every day!" Sun Hao said ã,

"Okay, son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded.



Western region is a burst.

Black cloud is pressed, and the flash thunder.

"... ..."

The heavy rain is pouring down, and there is nothing to stop.

Legally, the mountain flood broke out, and the mountain range was shocked.

"Booming ..."

The mountain is pouring down, exploding such as thunderous sound.

The whole mountain is collapsed.


A loud noise, under the mountains, once again.

Dust mud, starting with the sky.


A dragon, roaring through the world.

Put the sky thunder, it is pressed.

A yellow, rushing up, tumbling in the clouds, combining lightning.

"Zi Zi ..."

The violent electricity, and hit it to Huanglong, with it.

Huang Yu body is being rapidly changing.

It is long, the dragon corner is long, the dragon must ...

The scales on the body are harmonized in the electric land, the more it is, and it is indestructible.


"Zi Zi ..."

In the dark clouds, I suddenly won the nine-color electricity.

Seeing this scene, the yellow face is giant, the whole body scales, roots stand up.

"What? Nine color thunder? This ... Is this not a thunder robbery?"

"How can I turn my ancient dragon?"

Huang Yu mason, showing a panic on his face.


The nine colors of Thunder, slammed together, instantly rumored.

"Do not……"

I don't want to shout.

The yellow monk calls the whole body strength and crashed with Thunder.

"Zi Zi ..."

The nine-color Thunder, wrapped it in an instant, and nourish it.

He is scales, root fragmented.

Under the body, the black is black.

In the air, the barbecue flavor is spread.

For a long time.

Thunder is scattered.

Huang Wei, wrong, should be said to be Huanglong.

It now looks completely changed.

On the body, the breath of the dragon is emitted.

It has become successful.

Under the body, surrounded by the golden shinnam.


A dragon.

Huang Long rapidly slammed out and swim in the world.

Sometimes flying this, sometimes flying, so hard.

The sudden stop, the clouds are scattered, the sky is restored again.

Huanglou is in the sky and looks over the world.

"Haha ..."

Huanglong laughed in the sky, it was crazy.

"Tao Long, I finally rose, haha ​​..."

"Since then, I can return to my own nationality, and I have no dragon position!"

"Little La, don't know how you progress? I will come to you right away!"

"However, before this, let's eat some things under the right place!"

Huanglong looked in front and muttered himself.

Suddenly, it moved.

"call out……"

Headed into a lightning, rapidly flying towards the ghost Dragon Pool.

There is no disappearance between blinking.

Not long after it leaves.


On the sky, condensed a shadow, it is thunder.

He looked at Huang Long disappeared, secretly wiped the cold sweat.

"The ancient dragon, it really is strong! I will rush to him the strongest thunder, and I have passed away!"

"It's hard to encounter a ferry, and this is the powerful!"

"What can I do? I don't have this year, this year is zero!"

Thunder giants are full of bitterness, and the figure slowly disappears.