It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 97, the sword, the world

Tiango continent, Shengzhong.

"Do you know? This time I entered the blood-nest, it is a crisis that is serious, thrilling!"

"Ice crystal is sprayed, even the big march, all being frozen on the spot, and finally, the whole is blown into a piece!"

"What? Ice crystal is so horrible?"

"That's not! The problem is that it is not a ice crystal, but it is covered, everywhere!"

"This horror?"

"In fact, this is not countless, these ice crystals are helped by everyone."

"The most terrible is, four black A knights, that is the ancient cactus! Although there is only one instinct, it is also very horrible!"

"Robbery old monsters in front of the Black A knocker, just like a melon, was arbitrarily cut."

"Fang Fang Fang Xiaoxiao in the northern area is chopped in two harsh!"

"What? I am not an opponent. How is it?"

"Fang Xiaoxiao's guardians appeared, with the four black armored war, was cut down!"

"What? I can't even suffer from half of the fairy?"

"The rest is not dead?"

"Of course, there is no! In this critical moment, Tianzi Shen Bing! God is sent to the town evil alliance!"

"The dean of Shangcang Western Senior and Mu Bing came out, just a sword, put four black A knights into ashes!"

This is falling.


To the sound of cool, this starts.

It is worship that the cultivator is surrounded by the books.

"God is really powerful, do everything!"

"Yes, it is too powerful! The man sent, it is also this powerful! Later?"

The saying is a smile, and then said again.

If the mouth is hanging on the river, the sky is flourishing, and the cultivat of the cultivator is gloring.

"Sheriff's sword flew out, between the heavens and the earth, the swordsman, the Ten Wars of the Phaga will be cut into countless blocks!"

"Picture, the seldon is going to kill the soul and play! At this time, the evil family is old!"

"A recruitment of the dean, and also hurts the Lord and Mu Bing!"

"Finally, the incarnation of thermo, the charter of thousands of cultivars caused the past, no one, can resist his footsteps!"

"Picture, thousands of cultivars must be cleaned, you guess, what is it?"

Speaking here, the book man deliberately stopped.

"Don't stop, this is a stone, say soon, say soon!"

"Just, isn't it a Lingshi? Give you!"

Speaking of the books, very fast filled with a bump.

The saying is a slight smile, and the colors will be collected and the Lingshi will continue to open.

"At this critical moment, the god succulent man is coming with the love, they start playing the piano, a piano sound, so that the phaladin is old to collapse into powder, even the power is not!"

"What? God is so powerful !?"

"God's fascinates, amazing!"

The emulsicle face is the fairy.

"Tell you, that is just a fascist, if he is very distant, only the whole world can afford his strength!"

This is finished here.


Pour the cold air sound and resound every place again.

On the face of the immortal, it flashes the same.

"and after?"

"Later, Luo Lord won the soul of the town, gave the godmia!"


In the cultivator, Xuanyuan poems standing there, listening quietly.

Suddenly, she seems to think about what, not by the eyebrows.

"Playing the piano? Is it ... I saw the son I saw that day, it was a fascinating !?"

"My God! I am still stupid, I don't know ?!"

"No wonder, I have a word of horror in my hand. He is a godmor!"

Xuanyuan poetry is excited to hold the fist,

"Miss, we will go back as soon as possible!"

"it is good!"

Xuanyuan poetry took a middle-aged man to go quickly.

After half a moment, the two came to Xuanyuan.

Just arrived at the gate, I saw a guard ran in a hurry.

The two entered the family square.


A burst of feet sounded.

Then, hundreds of men and women in white robe, behind the backshade, surrounded by Xuanyuan poetry.

"White Wei?"

Xuanyuan poetry frightened, and his face revealed an uneasy.

"Do you want to do it?" Xuanyuan poetic sound was cold.

"Haha ..."

A laughter sounded.

A group of middle-aged men and women slowly came.

The person headed is the old age.

After this group of people, there are tens of thousands of people being rapidly arranged.


I can't take a moment, a slit array is arranged.

"Xuanyuan poem, take out the demon!" The old man reached out and said faint.

"If you want a demon dress? Only the owner, there is this right!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"The old man is now the hometown of Xuanyuan!"

This is out.


Like a hit, hit in the Xuanyuan poetry.

Xuanyuan poetry has a big change, pointing to the old age, "How do you put my father?"

"Your father?"

The big elders shook the head, "Five days ago, your father disappeared, so far, the family must not be the same day, the place of this master, the old man is temporarily!"

"When your father returns, I will return to him again!" Larger old said.

"You ... you ..." Xuanyuan poems held the sword, and he was so angry.

"Miss, no need to say, this thief has false your father, let me come!"

Xuanyuan poetry, middle-aged man stands.

"Yes, be careful!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Ok, I will!"

The middle-aged man pulled out the coat, revealing a black dress, standing in front of the old man.

"Do you deliberately spend the lady, is it to let me leave the owner?"

"Look, you are really at this time, it is really a good job!"

The middle-aged man slowly took out the long sword, and step by step.

"Haha ..."

The big old old is laughing, there is no positive answer, "A slave, doubtful!"

"If at night, the old man will fear you three points, but now, you go to die!"

The old man is full of hands, and the old man is old.


The sword is flashing, the metal is moving.

You come to me, don't be saved.

One time, there was no summary.

"A group of waste!"

The old man looked at this scene and shook his head.

Grab a chance and thoroughly.


A spurs in a bloody sound.

Middle-aged men are flying out.

Hit on the ground, blowing a dust.


The middle-aged man has a red color, spurting a blood.

One hit, seriously injured.

The middle-aged man struggled and blocked in front of Xuanyuan poetry, "Miss, run!"


The big face is a clear, "I'm running now, is it still?"

"I killed them!"

A big drink.

Nine old ages, once again chasing the middle-aged man.

On this side of Xuanyuan poem, hundreds of white grouse rushed over.

White Wei, the killing machine from the small training, there is no feelings, only people who hold the monks.

"call out……"

The sword light flashes, and the figure is floating.

Every trick is a fatal blow.

Every sword is injured.

It is not a play.

" ..."

A sword is smashed in the Xuanyuan poetry arm, hurts her tooth grin.

"Damn, this will be dying!"

Xuanyuan poem swallowed a Dan medicine, took a long sword, and his face was murdered.

"In this case, go to death!"

Xuanyuan poems, swords, and rush.

The road sword is shining, and she covers her whole body.


In her, she is all cold killing.

" ..."

A metal was pierced into the blood.

Between the blink, hundreds of white sweater, the body is cut into pieces, and the scene is dead.

"This is the sword! God!"