It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The ninety-eighth chapter itself is a sword

"She actually sent a swordsman? How is this possible?"

"This day, the first sequence is afraid to be more than!"

In the distance, the layout of the law is looking at this scene, and the face is shocked.

The big man is looking at Xuanyuan poetry, his face looks, and it is uncertain.

"It's really a demon, it has been shot, then she can't stay!"

The big old is dark, I mentioned the long sword, and I went to Xuanyuan poetry.


The old man is rolling, and a shield is shielded.

"call out……"

The sword light is all blocked.

The sword is far from the field.

The nine steps are so powerful, and the strength is so powerful.

"Even if you are a enchanting, what is it?"

"Today, who can't save you!"

"Tell you, your father has been killed by me."

These sounds are only transmitted to Xuanyuan's ears.

"Haha ..."

After finishing, the old old is laughing.

"court death!"

Xuanyuan poetry is full of angry, and the long and longevity will flush.

However, she only flew in three steps.

Flying with nine steps, the difference is far.

Even if she has a sword, it is not an opponent.

" ..."

A few tricks.

Xuanyuan poems fly, and he hits the ground and vomiting blood.

Body, it is more bruised.


For a long time, Xuanyuan poems struggled to stand up.

She died in the old, the joints were gripped, and they were loud.

"Oh, little girl, let you grow for a while, the old man is never your opponent!"

"However, you will die today!"

The old elders do not give Xuanyuan poems any breathing opportunities, and the sword rushed over.

Surrounded by air, crazy squeezing, Xuanyuan's root finger is extremely difficult.

"Do not……"

The middle-aged man saw this scene and shouted.



He has a few swords in his body, and it is heavy to the ground and dizes the past.

Xuanyuan poetry opened his mouth, closed his eyes, showing a face.

It's hard to touch the son and get an amazing.

When I came back, I successfully comprehend the field of swords and became enchanting.

However, I didn't expect that the older didfully played in advance.

The master is easy, and the father is dead.

Now, I have to stay in myself.

"Gong, I haven't taken a gift to thank you, I have to die, I am sorry!"

Two things in tears, from Xuanyuan poems slipped.

She secretly thought of Sun Hao gave her call and calligraphy, Zhang Wei muttered:

The sword is 30,000 miles, and a sword is cold in 19 continents!

At this time.


The Xuanyuan poems are crazy.

A pair of drawings, flying in the empty.

"Hey ..."

Imprisonment in the power of Xuanyuan poems, instantly cracking.

The long sword of the old and old, directly on the picture.

" ..."

The long sword in hand, instantly collapsed.

Then, the big old body is like a broken kite, fly.


Heavy pendant, blowing a dust.


The painting rolled up and quickly changed.

The words above the drawings are as separated from the paper.

The golden light is shining, and people can't open their eyes.

These big characters, surrounded by Xuanyuan poetry, bring her to the air.

Xuanyuan poetry closed his eyes and quietly experienced.

On the face, there is no comfortable smile.


A sound.

A [sword] word,

Unparalleled, in her body, the whole person seems to be blown, and it is extremely difficult.

Xuanyuan poems stick to the intensive, and the power is absorbed.

For a long time, she absorbs clean in the body.


A [sword] word, wrong, there are less than half of it.

This word is flying from her mind.

Fly back to the painting with other words around her.

The scroll is reduced again and fly back to Xuanyuan poetry.

Xuanyuan poem opened his eyes, two highlights, swept the world.

She stands there, the power is rushing.

Right, not resist.

No one dares to face Xuanyuan poetry.

"Good sword, look at it, I feel that my soul is broken!"

"Strong! She actually reached a sword, it is a sword!"

"In the face of swords, I actually didn't have a half-point resistance!"

I am afraid, I am afraid to come out.

After the Xuanyuan poems swept a circle, they took back the eyes and sighed!

"The flesh is still too weak, even a word can't be integrated, hehe, I have to continue working hard in the future!"

"Gong, you can rest assured, these words, I will all fuse, will not live up to your hopes!"

Xuanyuan is confident, secretly clears the fist.

For a long time, she recovered looks.

The eyes glanced on the ground and directly attempted the old man.

This stare, like ghostwear.

The old old body is trembled, and the eyes are afraid.

"Rebellious family, die!"

Xuanyuan voice is cold, and it is strong.

Every time she spits out a word, in the mouth, she has a sword light aggregation forming.

Six swords light, quietly floating in the sky.

It seems like a six firefly, there is no power.

See this scene, the big elders are cold and cold.

"I thought you were amazing, just just a fart!"

"If you have a few swords, I want to deal with the old man?"

The old old is cold, calling the body to fairy, form a shield, cover the whole body.

Then, it is the past, so that you have a lottery.

Xuanyuan poetry looked at the old and old, and his face did not change.

The right hand is gently finger.

A sword is light, and the speed is flying.

"If this is this?"

The old face is clear.

He reached out of his fist, aligned with sword, and hooded.

Next second.

The old face is giant.


The sword is running through his fist, and the eyebrows are all flying.


"! !"

Two sounds slightly exploded.

The big old fist with the head, directly explosives blood fog.


No headless body, heavyweight.

"call out……"

Sword light, fly back to Xuanyuan poetry again.

one strike.

Dedicated to the scene.

This scene, strongly stimulating everyone's eye.

No matter whether it is old, still a child, it is scared at this moment.

It seems that there is no power of the slamming, it is easy to kill nine steps.

What can I be her opponent?

If she uses the six swords of swords, I can be cleaned up and down?

One thought here.


Pour the cold air sound and don't stop.

Everyone is in the ground, and she is shaking.

"Miss, we are wrong, spare us!"

"Miss, we are innocent, all of them!"

Such a sound does not stop.

For the sake of family children, Xuanyuan poems have not ignored.

Her eyes, focused on the nine elders.

The old old body is trembled.

Among them, the two long, a step forward, after Chang Shu, said: "Miss, you can't kill us!"