It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 99 Chapter Family to Baoxuan


Xuanyuan poems said coldly.

The second elders are trembled, and the look is born.

"First, your father is still dead, close in the secret room!"

"We are the top power of Xuanyuan, kill us, Xuanyuan's world will not fall!"

"threaten me?"

Xuanyuan is cold and smile.

"There is I am in the future, Xuanyuan will not fall!"

" , harm my father, die!"


"call out……"

Six swordsmanship, rapidly slamming.

"Do not……"

Don't shout, come and go.

The nine years old, straight down, turned into a headless body.

At this moment, everyone was scared in the ground, and Surse trembled.

"Listening, this time, temporarily spare you!"

"As a family of Xuanyuan, you must contribute to the family!"

"Family does not raise waste and white eyes!"

"If you dare to commit next time, you will never be careful!"

Overbearing, not to be suspicious, spread throughout each child's ear.

All children are squatting, do not stop.

"Thank you, Miss, don't kill!"


Xuanyuan poetry, came to the middle-aged man, took out the medicinal herbs, fed.

After the exploration, Chang Shu is angry, "Yush Shu, you take a break first, I am going to find my father!"



"Good life to take care of the movie!"

"Yes, Miss!"


Xuanyuan poem disappeared in the original place.

When you appear again, you have been to the family to be banned.

The detainees here are some of the extremely evil generations.


"I dare to pay my father here, I shouldn't kill you very much!"

Xuanyuan poetry face, exhaust.

She rushed to the dungeon, soon, she came to the destination.

Looking at the scene, tears sparkle.


I saw it, in the prisoner, a middle-aged man was hanging in the air.

Several arms crude iron chains, directly through him behind him.

There is no blood color on the whole face.

This person is the Xuanyuan poetry - Xuan Yuanyi.

Xuanyuan poetry a sword broke the door, put Xuanyi.

After unplugging the iron chain, he feeds him down.

Carry him, go outside ...

Half day.

The family's long room bed, Xuan as a wake up.

"Little poem, are you coming? I am saved by you? Top Ten Divome? They didn't be a difficult you?" Xuan asked.

"Nothing! Father, they are all dead!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"What? How is this possible? What is going on?" Xuan asked.

Then, Xuanyuan poetry entered the blood-Phone nest, and he said that Sun Hao was all said.

Xuan is quietly listening, open his mouth, and there is no god to come.

"In this life, there is such a cacto?"

"The family has hope!"

Xuanyi muttered himself, and the essence was flashed.

He looked at Xuanyuan poem, a serious, "small poem, you are doing very right, the son, you must take a gift back to the son!"

"Father, can you send some fairy crystals to the son?"

Xuanyuan poetry is looking at Xuan as a meaning, nervousness.

"No!" Xuanyuan refused.

When I heard this, Xuanyuan poem was sigh, and the eyebrows wrinkled.

Xianjing is really too expensive, and the father will not take it out and say it.

My father is a family, I have to think about the family, it is not easy.

Every fairy crystal,

However, don't take a fairy crystal, what can you give the son?

Thinking, Xuanyuan poems did not think that what could let the son can see.

"Little poem, the son, etc., will you see the Xianjing?"

"To send, it is natural to send the treasure of the town!" Xuanyi said.


Xuanyuan poem is a horror, but it can't believe it.

"The treasure of the town? Father, when will we have a treasure of the town?" Xuanyuan asked.

"Of course!"

Xuan as a smile, so it is high.

"The treasure of the town, is kept by the owner! The whole family, only the owner and the top ten people know!"

"If you live for your father, you have not handed over the treasure of the town, otherwise, they have already killed me!"

"Father, is our family really have Xuanyuan?"

"Not bad!"

"You follow your father!"

"Yes, my father!"

Xuanyuan poetry is relieved, followed by Xuanyi, walk into a firewood.


After Xuanyi presses the hidden switch, revealing a bottom path.

Along the way, the two travers many secrets and the agency.

Some agencies, it looks like a stone wall, under Xuanyi, open a dark door.

Like this dark door, at least dozens of dozens.

Moreover, the wall can block the knowledge and prevent investigation.

No wonder the top ten elders have not got the treasure of the town, the light is these dark doors, and people can't find it.

This is half an hour.

Xuanyi stands in front of a stone wall, and it is cautious.

"Father, this is?" Xuanyuan asked.

"Take a moment, so good!"

Xuan is closed on his eyes, and there is a word in his mouth, a way, keep waving, seeing Xuanyuan poetry dazzling.

After a while.


The stone wall slowly sinks, and a stone room is displayed.

The stone room is not large, only a few squares.

Surrounding, it is densely equipped.

There is a shelf with a shelf with a lantern like a lantern.

The shape is very strange, like a tip.

The middle position of the shelf, there is an empty round position, with a brain size.

Standing in front of this shelf, I feel that the whole person is very comfortable, the soul is stronger.


Xuanyuan poem is muttered, and the eyes are flashing.

"Little poem, this is called Xuanyuan, which is the treasure of my town. I hope that the son can see this thing!" Xuanyi said.

"Father, you really want to give the treasure treasure to the son?" Xuanyuan poetry was surprised.

"of course!"

Xuan Yu is very strong, "" The son is waiting for the person, it is our blessing! "

"This is not a grade compared to the son to send you the paramed painting!"

"Waiting for you to completely integrate the above words, we will be able to become a fairy!"

"There is you, my Xuanyuan can pass the year!"

"Don't say, we have a good margin with the son!"

"The son will give us a little cream, I can inherit 100,000 years or a million years!"

"These truths, can you understand?" Xuanyuan said the hearing.

"Father, I understand!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Good, you hold this thing, hurry to give the son, don't let the son think you are a white wolf!" Xuanyi said.

"Yes, my father!"

"and many more!"

"Father, what else do you have?"

"Remember, don't hit the son! Everything is to look forward to the master horse! Remember, remember!"

"Yes, my father!"

Xuanyuan poetry looks back.

Subsequently, she waited for his right hand, put Xuanyuan in the palm, and going quickly.