The Western Region of the Tiango, in a mountain range.

Here, there is a seven-class Zongmen Qing Zongzong situated here.

This day, on the sky.


Heaven and earth roar, waves.

A huge Huanglong floated in the sky, overlooking the entire Qingzong.

On the ground, a disciple looked at the huge faucet and scared liver and gentle.

They fell to the ground, and they trembled.

"call out……"

Dozens of figure, rapid, showing the faucet.

For the first man, it is the Qingguang Zongzheng.

He looked at Huanglong, and he spilled the fine sweater on his forehead. "Do not know the driving, what is the advice?"

"Ha ha……"

Huang Long smiled coldly. "This is hungry, what do you say?"

"Respect, if you are hungry, eat it is, please let another disciple!" Said to the head.

"Are you instructing this seat?"

After that, the faucet descended from the sky, and the right man bite it.

See this scene, for the first man's head, crazy struggle, Nai's whole body was imprisoned, could not move.


A sound.

For the first man's head, it is followed by the body.

"Hey ..."

After a few mouthfuls, I was swallowed into the abdomen by Huanglong.

"Still a bit repair!"

Huang Long nodded slightly, and his eyes swept throughout the Qing Dynasty.

"no, do not want……"

"Run ..."

A disciple, scared the soul, such as the headless flies, all around you.


Huanglong opened a big mouth of blood, and it took force.

A horror giant, wrapped all people.

Their body is not controlled, and fly into the Huanglong mouth.

Do not chew, all swallowed into the abdomen.


The sky is spit out from the mouth of Huanglong, such as the rain.

In the Qing Dynasty, the dead is deep, and a piece of robuling.

There is no vitality in an instant.

"It's full, it should be seen to see the little wax!"

Huang Long looked at the eyes of Qing Dynasty, twisted it, hurried forward to Ghost Longtan.

Several hours.

Huang Long came to Ghost Longtan and rapidly slammed.

Go to the water chamber, Huanglong Search, "No? Why?"

at the same time.

Ghost Longtan North, a Changhong, rapidly.

This Changhong is what Sun Hao and the Phoenix.

After landing, Sun Yan looked at the calm ghost Longtan, his eyes were full of feng, "as a dream, you said this time you can get the Huangqi?"


The son, that is a peerless, I am afraid of a step, I will be dragons.

This kind of fierce, the ghost dragon pool is not bad, how can it be able to get it.

"Also ... maybe it!" Huangru dreams.

"If you dream, you don't believe me!"

"This water chamber is completely a lake, which means that you can get any big guy!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I certainly believe in you!"

"Gong, come on!" Huangru dreams.

"Well, help me take the fishing net." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a good fishing net, take it out.

She looked at this fishing net, and her eyes were flying.

This fishing net does not see the order.

However, it can be sure, even if the immortal is tied, I am afraid that I can't break free.

"If you dream, wait for the brother to come over, let's visit the world, how do you see?" Sun Hao said.

"Everything listens to the gongs!" Huangru dreams.


"Bonology, my thoughts, everything is listening to your arrangement!" The Phoenix is ​​full of smile.


Sun Hao is speechless, can't treat her equally.



Forget it, this is good, there is such a wife, never quarrel, it is also a blessing.

"Dream, do you know this western region, which place is the most cultivated fairy?" Sun Yizhen asked.

"The son, the most cultiva in the western region, that is, the West House Xiancheng, the people inside, 90%, are all cultivators!" Huangru dreams.

"West House Xiancheng?"

Sun Hao's eyes are shining, and it is extremely fascinating.

If there are so many modes of repair, then yourself, you must be easy to send.

Waiting for the brother, then go to the West House!

Sun Hao murmured and secretly made a decision.

"... ..."

Sun Hao threw the fishing net and splashed.

These vibrations are passed down from bottom to bottom.

The bottom of the pool.

Huanglong stared at a soul lamp that had been extinguished, anger.


"Who is it? Who kills small wax?"

"Don't let this seat caught you, otherwise, we have to strip your skin and smoke your melody!"

Huanglong is desirable, hate.

Suddenly, it is a very eyebrow, "Someone?"

"Where is the mortal? I dare to go out this place? Looking for death!"

"A female doll of a nine-step flies? Just, take your two sacrifices!"

"What? They both, there is a breath of small wars!"

"This death, damn! Little Chu is eaten!"

"My little wax, you die so bad, I shouldn't stay too far!"

"I should be robbery nearby!"

"Waiting this seat to grab you, you must not survive, you can't die!"

After that, Huanglong rapidly came up.

"The dead fishing net, give it to me!"

Huanglong is right to hit the fish net, and it hits the past.

The horror, let the whole ghost Longtan's water moved.

Next second.

Huanglong's face giant.

It finds that your body is sharp and narrowed.

Between the blink, it becomes only the thick legs.

"call out……"

That fishing net, if there is activity, once, then wrap Huanglong's entire parcel.

It is also exhausted by it, and it is impossible to break free.

"Damn, you have a mortal, actually dare to bind this seat ?!"

"This is the ancient dragon! If your people don't want to take the death, I will let me go!"

"Damn, I heard it? My father, but Ziyang star dragon will!"

"If you dare to move me, you will be flying!"

However, these sounds have passed into Sun Hao's ear, and all become jaundice.

"Oh, a big jaundice!"

"This has the thigh thick, but fortunately my net enough, otherwise, I am afraid that I will get rid of it!"

"If you dream, we can eat a few!"

Sun Hao's eyes put light, and said.

"If you rely on you, I want to make this seat, give it to me!"

Huanglong saw Sun Hao's big hand, and got to him, it was biting.


A shares such as Taishan-like giant force, straight down.

Huanglong is pressed in the ground and cannot be moved at all.

"... ..."

It made a crazy called, crazy struggles.

However, there is no effect.

Sun Yanya only had a big hand, it seems that hundreds of millions of heroes, it can't break free.

"Press and hold seven inch, you still want to escape?"

"I am a person who has hit iron, I am a little strength!"

After that, Sun Hao took a hammer, aligned with Huanglong's head, and hit it.

" ..."

Huang Long's head is awkward and instantly dizes the past.

Huang is looking at this scene, the head is on the bead, and it is rolling.

This ... this is a dragon!

Although I just had a dragon, it is also a real dragon!

Huanglong did not struggle in the son of the son.

Mono strength, horror is boundless!

Don't say that the dragon will, I am afraid that the Lord of the dragon is coming, it will be planted in the son.