It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 10, Chapter, Harvest Fuyuan

Yao Chi Palace, a secret room.

"Sheriff, you haven't seen anything these days," Luo Liu smashed.

Wen people shake their heads, sigh, "Hey, the old is dull, and it is not understanding the mean of the son!"

"I am also!" Mu Ice sighed.

"Last, the son asked me to help him see the family, I am afraid of being deeply interested!" Chen Xu Ming said.

"There will be someone to attack the son residence!" Said the stone.

This time, a few people are chanting.

"Sheriff, you are right!"

"Why didn't I think this layer!"

"The name of God, has been spread throughout the sky, I want to know the evil magic group will know!"

"Taking their means, investigating the gambling, it should be difficult!"

"Perhaps this time, will be a test attack, try the master strength!"

"The son, these characters, naturally do not want to expose, specially left, let me wait!"

The Luosi smoke, heard the people stunned.

Every face is full of admiration.

"The son is so powerful! It's really everything, seeing the evil people!"

"This world, can be compared with the son, I am afraid not much!"

The more said, the more worship.

"However, the evil family will take the attack, I will be afraid to dispatch half of the fairy, and even if I am close to the interstites, how to deal with it?" Wen people asked.

"This is not worried, this is the strong, naturally there is a lotus to help!" Said Luo Cigarette.

"This seems that the son is the test for me? It doesn't have to be afraid!"

"Yes, but try not to let Lianxian shot!"

"it is good!"

Several people have been discussing, unanimous decisions.

Su Yiwei grabbed his head and confused his face.

She did not ask: "Master, how do you confirm that it is a evil family to attack? Wan is a magic? Al or anyone else?"

"The son is again, and then the three destroyed the evil family, the guys who have grown deep, the evil family will report the guy, the will come!" Luo Cow with a face

"Yes!" I nodded.

"Okay, let's see the master, don't let the son wait too long!"

"Great, it's delicious!"



"Mon, do you read it today?"

In the early morning, Sun Hao heard the voice of the courtyard.

This guy has been blown up for a few days, and there is no meaning of giving up, and I have to listen to myself.

Sun Haofu felt value opened the panel, watching the number that has not changed several days, sigh.

Forget it, now there is now, and maybe I can harvest the franchise value.

Since he loves, let's think.

So thinking, Sun Hao said: "Come in!"

"Thank you gong!"

In the eyes of Ning Ming, it blooms out of the stylism.

He looked back at the body, a horse, a monkey, a pig, said: "You are listening here, you can't come in to disturb the son."

One horse monkey a pig nodded at the same time.

Ningming is completely clothes, pushing the hospital door, enter the hospital.

Seeing the scenery inside, the eyes flanges.

"The place where the son lives, it is not usually!"

"This is the world!"

Ning Ming is not in a hurry, step by step.

He saw Sun Hao to take the scripture, deeply, "I saw the son!"

"Don't be polite, sit down!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Then, the Ningming wisdom is sitting in the ground, and the hands are all in ten, and listen to the ear.

Sun Hao sat down and took the book and opened his mouth.

"It's the day, life is also reduced, such as water less fish,

The sound is long and resounded throughout the yard.

Then, the yard is centered, radiate outward.

A scripture that can't be perceived, flying in the sky.

These verses flew into Ning Ming's ears and disappeared.

At the same time, there is also a horse in a horse, a horse.

They listened, and their eyes were flashing.

That look, like reaching the situation.

", Fuyuan +1."

", Fuyuan +1."


The prompt is constantly ringing.

I heard Sun Hao's ear, a face brown.

Missing can harvest the franchise value?

Too wonderful!

Sun Yanyin has passed, more selling more.

Time is a little bit.

Sun Hao was immersed in the classics, did not stop.

After reading a book, change another one.

Shortly after.

The five shadows, followed from the hospital door.

They are the five people of Luo.

They did not bother Sun Yunjing, but learned from Ning Ming, sitting on the ground, listening carefully.

In the eyes of the five people, it also flashed with different branches.

Half time.

On the sky, a Changhong, flying quickly, falling outside the gate of Sun Hanyuan.

She is Xuanyuan poem.

She is completely ignored for everything surrounded.

In her eyes, only Sun Hao.

Sun Hao is like a golden Buddha, explaining the heavens and the earth.

Xuanyuan poetry, not coming to Sun Wei.

Then, it is to listen to others before sitting in Sun Wei.

Time is asked from the fingertips.

I didn't feel the night.

Sun Hao saw that the Fuyuan Value panel increased nearly 10,000 yuan, and the eyes were light.

Unexpectedly, I read it today and got a lot.

Although the mouth is dry, it is worth it.

Looking at the top of the disc, Sun Yizhen is soaring, "as a dream, let's go cooking!"

"Okay, son!"

The two walked into the kitchen.

Sun Hao looked at the big braquise in the water cylinder, and his eyes were light. "So many people should be able to eat!"

Then, he grabbed Huanglong, put on the chopping board, pick up the vegetable knife, and opened the belly.

The whole action, the clouds flow.

Finally, Huanglong was cut into one piece.

"If you dream, we have a big hot pot, you will help you take a small dish, used to get the hot pot!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son, my first!"

"it is good!"

Under the perfect combination of the two, the hot pot is boiled and the aroma is overflowing.

Smell a mouth, it is the stallion of the water.

Hot pot, Huanglong head, stacked on top.

Under the coriander, the red pepper is in all, it is really color fragrance.

Looking at it, it makes the forefinger to the earthquake.

"Walk, go to the dish!"

Sun Hao took a large pot and moved directly to the cherry tree.

The Phoenix is ​​a round table, and it is easy to put down with a few stools.

"Dream, I went to the ground to take two bottles of old wine, you helped me wake them!"

They, listen to themselves, they are asleep.

This should be angry, but Sun Hao is very happy because, he harvested a lot of blessings.

"Okay, son!"

After Sun Hao left.

Huangru dreams to a few people, wake up everyone in turn.

"I just asleep just now?"

"I seem to be, it is a rude! However, sleep well!"

"Hey, my soul has grown more than ten times! And, I feel that my mood is also a lot."

"The son is thinking, I can make me grow so much!"