"Everyone is hungry? Come, eat!"

Sun Hao voice, awakened everyone.

Look along Sun Wei, everyone can't help but take a breath.

"That ... that is a dragon! Old days, the son actually slaughtered a dragon?"

"Public ... The son really wants to eat dragon meat this time?"

The five people of Luo muttered, and the face was shocked.

They five people, I know that Sun Hao has eaten ancient dragon, so I can accept it.

Xuanyuan poem is completely stupid to stand in the original place, squatting himself, hurting his mouth.

"This ... this is a dragon! The son actually stewed it in the pot, but also eat it?"

"Is the son even the Lord of the dragon?"

Thinking of this, Xuanyuan poetry is taking suction, and it will calm down.

She stood up and walked to Sun Yanyu, she owed the gift, "I saw the son!"

"Xuanyuan girl, polite!" Sun Hao said.

Xuanyuan poem took Xuanyuan, respectfully presented in front of Sun Hao, "the son, a little gift, please accept it!"


A little small gift?

This is only afraid of the treasure of Xuanyuan's family - Xuanyuan?

Others don't know, Mu Bing naturally knows.

The same is the three families of the Holy Land, how much she has heard of the things of Xuanyuan.

Today, she actually took the treasure of the town.

Enough, enough!

This is a dog, it is perfect!

You are not afraid to get to the end, is there anything?

Mu Fee muff, sour sour, full of whole body.

Subsequently, she secretly clenched the fist, "I look at it, I have to go home!"

"You think, you have a treasure of the town of the family? I also have a family!" Mu Fee muttered.

Sun Hao looked at Xuanyuan poems in the hands of Xuanyuan, and the eyes were light.

This thing seems to have a light.

There is a spherical space in the middle.

Not long ago, the Liu smashed girl gave himself a night pearl, because she has not yet made shelves, has not been used.

If the night pearl is placed in this light, isn't it?

In the future, on the desk, you can also write painting at night.

This Xuanmei girl is actually this, it is true!

Sun Hao took Xuanyuan, and he kept taking the amount.

"Xuanyuan girl, you are really upset! This gift, I like it!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.


Every face, the eyes are different.

It is not easy to hear it from the son's mouth. It is not easy!

Xuanyuan poetry, you will give gifts!

So thinking, a few people in Luo, I have stared in Xuanyuan poetry and envy.

Especially Mu Ice, like a vinegar, sour.

Xuanyuan poetry is so angry, induction, an envy of envious and fun, the head is soaring, and it is proud.

"Gong, you like it!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"A few, don't be stunned, come over!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

After the reaction, several people sequentially.

Sun Hao took out the wine, Yang Yang in front of everyone, "This is a fruit wine I have treated more than ten years. Today, let you have a fun, not drunk!"

"Beautiful wine? Bon, I like this thing!" Chen Xiu Ming's eyes flashing.

"The son, but I didn't drink wine!" Su Yi looked at the eyes and itched.

"I didn't drink, I can taste it!"

On the side of Sun, I said to everyone.

Subsequently, Sun Hao found that someone stood next to it, and the words stopped, swallowed.

"Ning brother, are you doing? Sit down and eat hot pot!" Sun Hao shouted.

Ning Mingyi listened,

"Stupid!" Sun Hao drunk and put Ning Mingzhijing.

"Mon? You ..." Ning Mingyi did not understand.

"Why don't you eat cold?" Sun Hao said.

"The son, the family, compassionate, can't kill, so I'm going to travel!" Ning Ming said.

"Compassion in the heart! Are you normally eaten, isn't it killing?"

"It's hard, do you think plants are not life?"

"If this is compassion? What is it used?"

Sun Hao said a few words, asked Ning Ming's dumb.

Indeed, each of the rice is made up of rice.

They can sprout, flowering, and results.

Finally, you can grow a lot of rice.

This is calculated, and each of the rice is eating a rice, I don't know how much it is.

Ning Ming was not allowed to tremble with his body, and the eyes were flashing, and it seems to realize what.

"Naturally, all things, weak meat, this is the natural law!"

"If this jaundice, a certain day cultivation, eat us, then he is a strong, now, we are eaten, then we are strong!"

"The wine is smashed, the Buddha is stayed in the heart, the heart is good, there is good, then it is good!"

"Eat meat, all!"

Sun Hao voice, like a road to the sound, bombard in everyone's heart.

People present, standing in the same place, quietly realizing Sun Wei every word, each sentence.

Cherry blossom trees, all-color Shenlian, floss ... This moment, staying in the same place, moving.

In front of the hospital, a horse, a monkey, a pig, it is still a stupid place, seemed to realize what.

"Thank you for the teaching, I understand!"

Ning Mingzhi sat down.

"Gong, can I drink?" Ning Ming Zhi asked.

"Of course, come, everyone will take one!" Sun Hao lifted a cup and said.

"Bonology, dry cup!"

"Gong, do!"

Everyone is holding a cup, a small mouth.


A thick gink is full of mouth, this moment, the body seems to be active.

The whole person, God is refreshing.

Like nanlu, the entrance is smooth.

A shaft of fairy, walking through the meridians, full of whole body, quickly strengthening the flesh.

Xuanyuan poem is in the same place.

"This ... this is a fairy wine! This little mouth, I actually let me lose ten times! Old ancestors, what is this going?"

"The son can look at the Lord of our family town, that is the blessing!"

Xuanyuan is mysterry, and the heart is oscillating.

"Come, eat meat, this is a big guy who is fishing personally, everyone is welcome! Come on!"

Sun Hao took the lead and clipped a piece of yellow meat.

Xuanyuan poetry is looking at this long meat, staying.

She followed everyone, took a piece, bite a bite.


Long meat is full of elasticity, very chewy.

At this moment, there is a dusty to have a lot of taste buds and active.

too delicious!

If the son is here, Xuanyuan poems will be excited to call.

It turns out that this time is delicious, so you can soon.

A piece of meat.


The demon is mixed with fairy, fluting to the whole body.

"Hey ..."

The realm of Xuanyuan poems spoke.

At this moment, she broke through.

"A piece of meat, let me break through the four-step flying misery?"


The heart of Xuanyuan poem is shocking, and the words cannot be described.