It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 103, I didn't see anything.

"Gong, come, I respect you!"

Ning Ming Zhi loured a cup and said.

"Ning brother, do it!"

After the two, after a cup, one drink.

Sitting around around, looking at this scene, in the eyes, it is shocking.

Chen Xiu Ming was full of her face, sighed.

He also wants to find a son toast, but, don't dare!

A cup of refined belly, I am afraid that the whole person will explode.

Look at the son with that monk, drinking fairy wine, eating dragon meat, as simple as drinking water.

The wind is light, and there is nothing to do.

"Look, that monk, is also a high person!"

"Although it is far from the son, I want to know that two people have been well!"

Chen Xu Ming muttered, secretly thinking.

"Chen Xiong, we have two a cup!" Sun Hao lifted a cup and said.

"Bonology, I ... I don't want to be drunk!" Chen Xiu's face was red, said.

"Then I do it, you will be free, is it?" Sun Hao finished, drink it.


Chen Xu Ming small drink.

"Old smell, we do a cup?" Sun Hao raised a cup again.

"The son, I have been an old, I can't help the wine!" Wen people hook hands.

"I do it, you will be free!" Sun Hao finished, and it was a drink.

"Hey ..., refreshing!"

Sun Hao's eyes, blooming a variety of light, laid a few dragons, and eat it.

"Gong, I respect you!"

At this time, the Phoenix is ​​a cup and said.

"Dream, be careful!" Sun Hao said.

"Nothing, the son, my wine is good, if you are drunk, then you will back it back to bed!" Huangru dreams.

"Good!" Sun Yi nodded.

"Bonology, thank you for your faculty, such as dream, I am grateful, respect you!"

The Phoenix is ​​like a cup, and it is stunned in other people.

"If you dream, I also thank you!"

After that, Sun Hao is also exhausted.

Huang is dreaming of Sun Hao, his face is popular.

I don't know if it is drunken or I am drunk.

She looked at Sun Wei, I didn't know that I was on Sun Wei.

"It's so drunk so soon, I will take her back to rest!"

"Don't be polite, continue to drink alcohol, don't eat, don't go!"

Sun Hao finished, carrying the phoenix to walk into the house.

Treat Sun Hao left, everyone relaxed.

"Don't know the high-spirited method?" Chen knife looked at Ning Mingzhi and said.

"Gao Yan did not dare to be, Xiaoyu Music" "Ning Ming said.

"It turned out to understand the master, Chen Xiu Ming saw the masters of understanding!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming stood up and hold his fist.

Others stand up in turn, and hugs with Ningming.

Ning Ming is naturally no exception, one by one.

"Master of Master, are you living here?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"Yes, Xiaoxiao is allowed to allow room for room, lived down!" Ning Ming smiled.

Everyone listened, secretly nodded.

Every face looks, the performance is different.

If you can live under the foot, see the son in the future, it is more convenient.

Even afraid that the son has no mission, listen to the gods, playing the piano ...

It can also get a lot of money.

I didn't think this?

Master understands, really!

Each face is exposed.

"Don't worry, eat it, this pot, is there more than half!"

After that, Ning Ming wishes a few pieces of meat, put it in your mouth, and you will be a good time.

"Eat, come, come on!"

A few people began to eat.

The world is tasteful, and the best in the fairy.

Why is it too weak, and the digestion is too slow.

At this moment.




Three rings in a row.

Su Ying, Luo Liu smoked, Chen Kao three people, while breaking through the robbery!

At this moment, the dark clouds, nine-color electricity, and constantly flashed.

The clouds are in black clouds.

Thunder giants stand there, both eyes are not afraid.

He is all in his hands and keeps praying.

"Heaven bless, I hope this time the person, there is no relationship!"

One minute later.

His eyes were penetrated from the clouds and sweeping towards the earth.

After seeing, he fell in the dark cloud, almost fell to the earth.

"Old days, they robbed!"

"How do I live so bitter? I have encountered them!"

"Hey, this year will dominate the pain!"

Thunder robbery is lost, muttering.

Suddenly, his eyebrows were picking up, and it seems to think of what.

His eyes repeatedly penetrated the dark clouds and swept away from the ground.

When he saw the pot on the table, the whole was scared.

"Heaven, dominate! There is no longer to eat dragon meat!"

"Even we don't dare to sin, the ancient dragon, the no existence, actually dare to ..."

"It's hard, there is no power than the thunder."

So much.

Thunder giants are trembled, and the whole person is like Shen Yan.

It is very clear that it is very clear.

Can energetically derived by thunder robbery, and flexible.

Despite this, those existence, will not have sin.

Because thunder robbery, the thunder is controlled by the thunder, and anyone is robbery, and it needs thunder that will be slaughtered.

Those who exist, although they have been dominated by thunder, but they can't do it later.

For the sake of peace of mind, it can only be pulled with thunder, and it will be sent to various treasures from time to time.

Thunder robbery, this is powerful.

But I don't dare to get sin!

I don't dare to eat so my eyes, I will eat dragon generations!

Because, behind the ancient dragon, there is an incomparable terror, and one hundred thunder robbery is also playing.

For a long time, thunder robbery is the existence of the existence, deliberately gives the ancient dragon to put water, the transition, and the people must be weak.

In front of you, there is no existence to eat ancient dragon?

These characters, is it a true master?

For a moment, the thunder robbery cannot make judgments.

Because he also can't see.

"No matter what, I have to leave here as soon as possible!"

"You have no relationship with me, I haven't seen anything!"

After saying, thunder giants will leave here.

"Right, can't forget this!"

This time, the thunder robbery is refreshing, directly unplugging the nine electricity, divided into three, throwing down!

I flew into the body of three people in Luo Liu smoke.

"It is terrible, Lian Long dares to eat!"

"I hope that the terror of Dragon is not discovered, otherwise, we will be associated!"

"I really hope not to come here again!"

After that, the thunder robes walked into the void, and after the layers, they disappeared.

The black cloud disappears, the sky is restored to sunny.

The three people of Luo will sink into Dantian. After seeing Dantian more three-color thunder, the eyes are bold, and it is not destroyed.

"There is six thunder!"

Finally, the three thunder robbers were obviously more than three times higher than before.

It is not a level at all.

"Finally reached the flying misery!"

"Since the end of the son, this is repaired as a thousand miles!"