It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 104, I won the gods?

"Hey, why didn't you finish it?"

Sun Hao looked at the small half hot pot and said.

Although the jaundice is big, it is so much.

Moreover, they are cultivators.

A large jaundice, should not be eaten!

"Gong, so full!"

Su Yi Ling touched the circle and a pair of meetings.

"The son, we all have full!"

Looking at them, I haven't eaten again, Sun Wei is sigh.

"It's a bit unfortunately, you can only lose!"

After that, Sun Hao has a large pot and will go to the pond.

Xuanyuan poem saw this scene, not by the eyebrows.

Son this is?

Is it hard to fall?


Too waste?

This is Huanglong meat!

In this life, I have never heard who has eaten yellow meat.

Do you want to take a point to your father?

For this reason, Xuanyuan poems are courageous, asked: "Mons, what information?"

"Ready!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong ... can you give me?"

This is out.

" ..."

The five people of Luo willow smoke, and brush it on Xuanyuan poetry.

Especially Mu Ice, she smiled and shook her head and showed a pair of expression.

For everyone, Xuanyuan poems have naturally seen.

Is it difficult to do something wrong?

Is there anything wrong?

That's not!

"Do you confirm this?" Asked Sun Wei.

"Gong, I ... I still don't want it." Xuanyuan poem said.

When I heard this, Sun Yu frightened his eyebrows.

I will say something to say, I will not say it.

Is it easy to have a cauldron?

Even if you are a cultivator, you can't fool yourself!

"Do you want it?" Sun Hao said.

Not good, the son is angry.

This is getting bigger.

Look, the son is to accept it.

Oh, blame yourself.

"The son, there is no east suit on my body, so ..." Xuanyuan poem said.

"This, you can rest assured, I have!"

Sun Hao faces a smile.

Then, he quickly ran back to the house.

Seeing Sun Hao's face smile, Xuanyuan poems have been tone.

Suddenly, her body trembled, on the forehead, overflowing the fine pears.

"Dare to grab old food, you are the first!"

A shock is in the mind, a buzzing.

Infinite and perfect, full of whole body.

At this moment, Xuanyuan poetry discovered himself, and the root finger is extremely difficult.

"Seniors, you ... are you?" Xuanyuan asked.

"Old fooled!"

A Jinji station has been in front of Xuanyuan poems, and the whole body is hair, root roots, like a bucket.

See this scene, Xuanyuan poetry contraction, the face changed.

This is nine days!

This is the legendary beast!

Can you see the beast? Do you dream?

No, what food is it just said?

It's hard to do, the rest is the food of nine days?

I won the gods?

Nine days God is just a pet?

Think of this.


Xuanyuan poetry only felt the whole body chilly seat, the whole person such as Shen Waiki.

If you know that the son is feeding this pet, kill yourself, you don't dare!

No wonder, what you said, they look at themselves this.

It turns out that!

What can I do this?

"Seniors, there is no heart, please ask for the seniors to forgive me!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Hey, I dare to be so arrogant."

This time, Xuanyuan poem was scarf the whole body.

On the forehead, spilling fine pears.

Seeing, she must faint past.

At this time.

"Small, do you do? You do this again, I really put you into a pot of chicken soup!"

This is out.

Xuanyuan poetry is perfect, and suddenly disappears.

" ..."

Run to Sun Hao, don't stop.

Xuanyuan poems looked at this scene, and his face changed.

God beast actually just a dog, the son is true, I am afraid that I can imagine it.

"It's really, you can't let the guests will be rude!"

Sun Hao took a big jar and came to come, "Xuanyuan girl, this chicken saw strangers, just like this, please also ask Xuanyuan girl to see!"

Xuanyuan poetry is trembled, and his face is ugly.

"Gong, no more!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Xuanyuan girl, this can be installed!"

After that, Sun Wei put a piece of dragon meat into a jar.

When he is preparing to pour a soup, Xuanyuan poem has stopped, "the son, it is enough!"

Sun Hao handed the jar after Xuanyuan poem.

" ..."

It is stunned.

"you want to eat?"

" ..."

It's stunned, like a chick.


Sun Hao gave a bowl of lilac, others, and poured into the pond.


Whether the lotus lotus petals are not trembled, just like clapping.

The root must be rushing, and the soup is swallowed.

"Xuanyuan girl, today you sent me something, I like it!"

"I will also send you a gift, what do you want?" Sun Hao asked.


Do the son still want to send something?

This can of the meat is no big.

For other things, you will have a luxury.

"Mon, you send me so much meat, I am very satisfied!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Those sage is cold, not enough to do, don't you like this, I will send a couple, how?" Sun Hao said.

"This this……"

Xuanyuan poem is excited to be trembled, "how is this?"

"As long as the girl is not too painful!"

After saying, Sun Wei fooled the paper, and the pen was fed.

"Xianglong Teng Zige, Xi Feng around Zhu Xuan!"

Seeing this couplet, Xuanyuan poetry whole is in place.

Her heart is not jumped vigorously.

She has a feeling, as long as she hangs the deputy couplet at the door of the house, the Xuanyuan family will always stay.

"Xuanyuan girl, how, is it satisfied?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, thank you!"

Xuanyuan poem is very grateful.

"Luck to raise your hand, you don't have to be polite, Xuanyuan girl likes it!" Sun Hao said.

Xuanyuan poems hold the couplet, and the look is extremely nervous.

This kind of treasure must be sent back immediately.

"Bonology, how long is it today, let's go!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Xuanyuan girl slowly, there is time!" Sun Hao said.

"for sure!"

Xuanyuan is going out to go out, and the whole person is extremely nervous.

She just turned, could not be trembled by the body.

The lotus in the lotus pond, strongly stimulating her eye.

If there is no pendant from time to time.


Xuanyuan poems were fried.

Unexpectedly, the son actually raised a demon!

Just come in, I have been attracted by the son, and I have not paying attention.

This is also terrible!

Fortunately, she did not malicious.

Going out the door, Xuanyuan poems rushed to the sky, turning into a Changhong, disappearing.


", Fuyuan +500."

"What, 500 Fuyuan?"

"I sent her a pair of paintings before I got 50 blessings. What happened?"

Sun Hao looked at the franchise panel, muttered himself, and his face was confused.