Luo Liu smokes Sun Yanyu, and it will stop.

"Liu smoke girl, if you have something! You don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

"Bonology, we want to build a few rooms at your foot, do you see it?" Luo cigarette said.

Building a house in such a remote place?

After that, they came from here, and there were many convenience, which can better harvest the franchise value.

This kind of good thing is not!

"The Liuyan girl is polite! You build it!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you gong!"

Luo Liu smoke is light, and you are in the ritual.

Other people are also a surprise.

"The son, then let's take a house first to build a house!" Luo Cow said.

"Chen Xiong, I have something to leave tomorrow, please help me to see it!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son!"

Chen Tao's head.

Waiting for Chen Xiu Ming and others leave, Sun Hao's eyes flashing.

Today, harvest huge!

First, I've got a thousand points of blessing.

Then, it is to eat, send Xuanyuan poetry a pair of couplets, and harvest thousands of blessings.

The total franchise value is more than 30,000.

"Tomorrow, I have to go to the West House in Xiancheng. I don't know where the immortals are, I am not very good!"

Sun Hao went back to the study and took the town soul from the cabinet.


Light blue light, illuminating the entire study room.

Like fluorescent is generally soft.

Sun Hao took it and went to the front of Xuanyuan.

"It seems that you can put it in, this light is, it's true!"

Treat Sun Yizhen put the town soul bead into Xuanyuan.


A sound.

The soul of the soul is bright and the eyes are boring, and people don't dare to open their eyes.

Sun Hao looked at it, his face was shocked, "the light is too much better than before, this effect is complete day!"

"Xuanxi girl is only afraid of not simple!"

Sun Hao muttered, for a long time, calmed down.

"Just, you can draw more!"

After that, Sun Wei began to instigate.



Ziyang Star, on a certain island.

Here, the fairy is elegant, the water mist is transpised, it looks like the Tongxi Island.

A whitewood, the old man is sitting in the ground, holding dust, look, just like a way.

In front of him, I worshiped a young man.

This man, the hair is hot, and it is full of violent temperament.

This person is the son of Trien Jinwu - fierce!

"Annual, what do you find as a teacher, what is the so-called?" Asked the old man.

Three kneels, praise, "Master, disciples need to leave for a while!"

The old man opened his eyes, smiled slightly, "Why do you want to leave?"

"Master, the disciples have the customs, the mood is not in the mind! It is unable to enter! Treatment of unfair things, returning to the masters, unparalleled immortals!" Said.


The old man sighed, "Since you want to leave, take this! Key moments, you can save you!"

After finishing, the old man passed the dust to the fierce.

"Master, how can this?"

"Go, for the teacher, you will leave, you will leave!"

"Send you in the past!"

After finishing, the old man waits right hand.

Tiandi shake, a huge transfer vortex, appearing in the top of the head.

"Master Dacheng, disciples remember to heart!" Said the martial art.

"I'm going to go!"

The old man gently finishes, and the fierce feels that the sky is turning, and instantly disappears.

When you appear again,

He looked at the West, the fist was gripped, the joint was fried.

"Father, you can rest assured, I will revenge you!"

"This time, no matter who he is, I will try to smoke his soul, and I will not be super life forever!"

He is preparing to move.

"You can't go!"

A sound.

This sound is very awkward, and the fierce is in the direction.

The sound is like a four-sided eight parties.

"Who? Put the ghost, gave me out!"

, at the same time, the right hand is played, and the flame is promoted.

With him, the spherical flame, spread around.

The ground, burning, trees, a root, turning into a white gray.

It looks like hell, it is extremely horrible.

Between the blink, the square is round, and the ash is made.

"Haha ..."

A laughter sounded, "I don't have a rigory of Jinyi and the fertilization of the blue, this strength is really good!"

"However, this seat advises you not to go to the big demon mountain, otherwise there will be no return!"

The sound is secluded and keeps in the ear.

"The mouse that hides the tail, there is a kind of species, and the tang is just a battle!"

"Oh! This is not to fight with you, but come to tell you something!"

"Your father is killed by the demon ancestors, she is now in the south side of the Demen!"

"It is by her, there is a unparalleled immortal!"

"If you go, there is no egg stone, you will die!"

"Listening to this seat, I will come back, I have come again!"

The sound is long, and it will pass in the ears.

"Hey, do you think I will believe in you?"

"What is your purpose? There is a kind!"

The sound is cold, and the eyes are four sweep. However, let him use the way, and it is impossible to find anything.

"I am half a fairy, even if he is not aware! How is this possible?"

Must muttered, a little joy, fleeting.

"Letter don't believe you, this is the end of this, this warning!"

"If you really want to send it, this is blocked for a while, can't stop it!"

After these two times, I was surrounded by a dead.

Ren, how to stimulate, no one responds to him.

"There is a cacto? The Phoenix is ​​a dream? Is it true?"

"No matter true and false, go there to know it!"

"There is a teacher, you can protect my worries!"

"The south side of the Demon Mountain is? Then I turn to see, what do you do?"

After finishing, the fierce is a Changhong, and it disappears in the sky.

Half time.


Two black shadows slowly agglomerated.

One of them is the long-ink of the corpse.

"The family is long, since you want him to try to explore the strength of God, why not let him not go?" Black shadow asked.

"Oh, that is because this person is very tempered, it is very stubborn, only this stimulus, the party can succeed!" Said ink.

"The family is growing, next, what should we do?" Asked the black shadow.

"That is naturally followed, it is too strong, if God is too strong, I will wait at any time!"

"Yes, the family is long!"

The black shadow nodded, "the family is long, there is an incident, I don't know if I ask."

"You said!" Said ink.

"The family is long, I heard that the big priest can not calculate everything of the god, is this true?"


"This is said, this god is too strong, we have to be careful."

"That is of course! However, it is said that the gods will experience the body of mortal, I just need to break him is not mortal, he will be impaired!"

"The family is long, this is not true? This kind of saying, never heard!"

"No matter true, I will know!"