It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 106, the son, all the big

Sun Hao resident, in the front yard.

The five people in Luo wisdom respectfully stood in front of it, holding a fist.

"I have seen the seniors!"

The sound is neat, respectful attitude.

"It's also polite!"

It is fluorless and turned into an old man.

Red is full of face, breath.

Horror, slightly released, so that Luo willow smoke is not breathing, and the face is ugly.

"Since the son is waiting for the reason, there must be its truth, you can know, why do the son let you live here?" Said the blossoms.

"Back to the predecessors, because there is a evil family to attack here! Try to test the master strength!" Luo Cow said.

"What? Attack here? Anti-right!"

Fluorless breath, sharp expansion, prestige, such as tsunami is generally swept.

The five people of Luo willus, and it is pressed to move the whole body.

The heart seems to stop beating, and the face is white.

Seeing, a few people have to be flooled to die on the spot.

At this time.


A sound.

We will disappear.

A woman, wearing a tutiple, heading hat, step by step from the lotus gods.

Fantastic body, clever, beauty is suffocating.

The fairy is lingering, and the smart is elegant.

Looking at it, it will be lost.

"It's blossy, people who look at the owners, do you want to use them?" The lotus demon opened.

"Qinglian respect, I am embarrassed, just too angry, did not control!" On the blossom face, show an embarrassment of an embarrassment.

"You, or the temper, small evil people come to attack, the owner will not know?"

The lotus demon is wrong, it should be said that Qinglian's respect is more embarrassed, she said.

"Which owner wants to leave this kill?" It is not a solution on the blunt face.

"Back to the Seniors!"

Luo Liu smashed cold sweat DC, holding a gift, saying: "The son has long been calculated, do not want the evil family to test the strength, so this will be left!"

"Let me wait for the attention here, I will definitely give us a test!" Luo Cow said.

I heard this, flourishing with Qinglian respect nodded.

"In this case, then it will be given here!" Qinglian said.

"Two predecessors, evil families testic attacks, people's strength, I am afraid that we don't want to stay!"

"Please ask two predecessors to help us!" Luo Liu smashed the boxing ceremony.


Qinglian's respects snort, "Since it is the owner to test you, I will wait!"

"Yes, so I will not shoot!" Said it.

"And us!"

At this time, the two crisp sounds sounded.

"... ..."

Two cherry blossom trees, technicular dances, rapid changes, and turn into two little loli.

The face is red, the powder carving jade is very cute.

The five people in Luo will looked at two little loli, between the time, and it was in place.

Two tree demon, it is also a demon!

Two, too much like it? It looks like a pair of twins.

"Do you look at us?" A little Loli hands on the hand, and his face is angry.

"Just, the owner is not so staring at us!"

Another raised the fist, the threat is full.

The five people of Luo Liu smashed were fried, and quickly recovered.

"Two seniors, I am sorry, just now we are too ..."

I didn't wait for Luo Culi to say, one of the little Loli handshed, angry, "What is your predecessor?"

"Just, we are only 100,000 years old, so young, you actually called our seniors!"

"I think it should teach them!"

"It makes sense!"

This is finished here.

Five people, inexplicably fly into half-air.

"! ..."

The buttocks suddenly came back.

"Hey! Hill? It is too fun!"

"The owner is here, I don't dare to form, it is too interesting now!"

"Let you call us the predecessors, let's know if it is wrong?"



The Qinglian respects, the two little Loli stopped immediately.

"Yes, Qinglian sister!"

Little Loli left one right and held the arm of the Qinglian.

" ..."

The five people dropped in the ground and exposed a serious color.

Just, I almost smoke it.

It hurts to doubt life.

After landing, there is no injury.

They looked at two little Loli, and they were not tied.

"Two sisters, just called wrong, please understand!" Luo Cow hugged a fist.

"This is still almost!"

The two hands have a hands and arrogant.

"My name is Xiaofen, you have to call me Xiaofen sister!"

"My name is Xiao Fang, you have to call me Xiaofang sister!"

"Don't make a mistake, be careful to get your ass!"

Seeing these two little Loli's bad eyes, five people ass, could not be treated.

Subsequently, it is full of bitterness.

How do two people look like it, how can I distinguish?

In this way, the will be assigned every day, how is this good?

The son residence is all big.

It's too horrible!

"it is good!"

Luo koh helpless nod.

"I will not help you!"

"There is also a old man, and only stand by!"

"The son test is your own business, I have nothing to do with the present!"

"You are dead, this seat will not intervene!"

Such a sound is not stopped.

Every sound is shocked, and it is a roaring.

The five people in Luo willus, I can't calm for a long time.

The shock is full of horror, and it is surprised in fear.

The heart seems to be ourselves.

"Okay, I have returned to their respective positions, so as not to discover the evil family!"

The Qinglian Zun said.

"Yes, Qinglian respects!"

Follow it.

The flush is a nine color golden chicken, and it is lazy to lying on the ground.

Xiaofen is a small fragrant to two cherry tree and continue to bloom.

The Qinglian Zun once returned to Wanchao.

Everything is calm.

It seems that I have just listened, as illusted.

"Okay ... I am terrible!"

Su Yiwei wiped his cold sweat, his mouth was opened into an O shape, and the sound trembled.

"Don't say, I am now shaking!"

On the stone face, a face panicked.

After living so long, I saw such a shocking scene for the first time.

I have always seen my son as a unpopular.

It seems that it is not enough.

Mono information, each is unpoiled.

They, they are only just a slaves of the son.

Say it, can you believe?

It's really scared.

Be son identity, how horror is it?



Wen people have pumped a few breaths, and the body is not shaking.

Other four, compared with him, it also varies much.

For a long time, a few people are slightly calm.

"Dear, I will wait for the primary task, or first test!"

"No matter what the strength is, even if it is dead, you can't let them destroy the son, ok?"

Luo Liu smashed everyone looked at everyone.

"it is good!"