It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 107 1 must become a godmother

Time flies, the eye is two days.

Western region, West House Xiancheng sky, the boat is woven, Changhong is like a rain, countless cultivators come and go.

Whether it is a flying boat or flight, come to West Hall Xiancheng, will land to the city gate, and enter the city.

After two days flight, Sun Hao, finally successfully entered the West Fairy City.

Entering the city, the crowds are surging, and they can't see the margin.

These people are all cultivators.

Occasionally, there are only a few mortal doping.

Sun Yu looked at the streets in front of him, and he was excited to have the body.

I have sent it, I really sent it!

As long as you send yourself all the things, you will have to pay the franchise value.

However, it is not possible to give a minor and weak.

Since it is coming, it is natural.

Waiting for the hotel, after setting it, do it again.

"If you dream, let's go to the inn!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a face towel and holds the Sun Hao arm.

Soon, the two walked into the Word Stack.

"Do you know? The people have no big energy!"

Just entering the inn, I heard several cultivars in bragging.

This sentence, instantly attracted Sun Hao's attention.

Is there no big?

Is it difficult to be a cacto?

If you send a pair of paintings to the immortal, will you get a few thousand or even 10,000 points?

For this reason, Sun Hao listens to listen, find a position, sit down.

The Phoenix is ​​naturally sitting next to Sun Hao.


Who doesn't know! Not a godmor! "

"You know, don't be here, Zhang brother, continue to say, I want to hear!"


The man is a small tea and continue to open.

"This god is not an ordinary immortal, that means, people admire the extreme!"

"Do you know that a few months ago?"

When I heard this, Sun Hao was trembled.

Jiangyang City, he has been there, scared half.

"Know, the evil devil is invaded, and the blood is awesome, it is so terrible!"

what? Demon group?

Isn't there a evil family?

How can I mix it with the Mozu?

Is there a blood sea?

Listening to this name, it is scary.

"Yes, the whole city, whether it is mortal, or the immortal, is in the endless despair!"

"At this critical moment, God's fascia people appeared, he gently, and the blood sea was broken!"

"Those evil monsters, all died!"

"God is boundless, the man is boundless, no one can do it!"

Sun Hao heard these, his eyes were full.

The color of worship is written on the face.

Human family, there is still such a big energy!

After you can practice, you must try to see this great!

It is best to be his apprentice!

So thinking, Sun Hao clenched the fist.

"In fact, Jiang Yangcheng is not countless, and later, the evil family invaded the Yaochi Palace, what do you know?"

The evil family invades the Yaochi Palace?

Isn't it the land of Liuyan girl?

How do they cope?

Sun Hao's heart is a heart, all hanging, violently beating.

"I have heard, but how is the situation?"

"That battle, it is a shocking place, and there is no light in the sun and the moon!

"The Yaochi Palace was played without the power of the horn. At this critical moment, the gods sent a slave, and one recruited and killed four war!"

A slave, actually able to recruit the murderer four war?

This gods, great!

The family is in such a person, there is something that is fear!

Sun Hao is excited to hold his fist and continue to listen.

"In fact, what is the battle of the Yaochi Palace, it is not what is the most shocking, it is the battle of the blood, the blood nest!"

Bloody nest?

I have been to my dreams.

It seems that there is no danger.

However, I was very popular in my heart, playing a song, this is calm.

"That battle, but the Ten Wars of the Poland, plus two major marshal, and there is an old man!"

"Especially the old man, that is, five steps and half fairy, strength is very powerful!"

"That battle, enter the cultivator of the blood collection, is not an opponent at all!"

"Just when they desperate, God's fascinates, just relying on a vain, and kill the law on the spot!"

"Moreover, the blood-Phoenix soul is also killed by God!"

"You can know that this blood collection is even in an ancient cactus - the cold punishment can't kill!"

This is said, sitting next to the cultivator, one cold gas pour.

"What? God is so powerful ?!"

"Scary, it is terrible! Fortunately, it is not letting blood phoena. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for the whole world!"

"That is, God's horses are really just right, not name, don't benefit, this is the strong, I think it should be trimmed to come to the film!"

"It's not bad, but, it is not seen in your own eyes, so many big characters don't believe it!"

I heard these, Sun Hao, has been astonished.

This is simply the presence of God.

Too strong!

This gods, must go to meet!

It is best, you can worship him as a teacher!

By then, there is such a strong teacher to honor, I can't stand it in the world?

Thinking of this, Sun Hao is now difficult, and you can't hate it now.

"Tell you, there will be a big event in the Western region!"

"What big thing?"

"Qing Zongzong is destroyed, everyone has declined to be a bone, according to the Shang Cangyuan survey, this is the ancient dragon!"

"The ancient dragon? They actually shot the seven-class zone? Damn! Their really people are bullied?"

"You are right, I'm acting in the ancient dragon, I didn't dare to manage the Cangyuan! Even if the cactus, I have to squat!"

"The death, the world has to be chaotic, I really hope that God can manage!"

I heard these sounds.

Sun Hao fist was holding him.

A seven-class zone, but there are hundreds of disciples.

It was actually swallowed by a dragon, and there is this!

In this life, in addition to the evil magic group, there are other races that can also be degrailed!

This world is too dangerous!

I have to try to practice and ask for self-protection!

After Chang Shu, Sun Yizheng stood up and heard a big suite with the Pho.

"If you dream, are you familiar with this West House?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, I am not very familiar! I don't know what the son wants to know?" Huangru dreams.

"Dream, I want to know, where is the most powerful immortal in West Fairy!" Sun Hao asked.

"Gong, you are waiting!"

Then, the Phoenix is ​​like a dream, sweeping the entire West Fairy City.

With her current soul, even if the realm is high, no one can detect.

It is not white to drink with Sun Hao for such a long-awaited tea and fairy tea.

Talent and soul have reached an extremely horrible realm.

Also, add the largest Xiancheng in the Western region, don't worry about what.

After a while.

The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, and the face is revealed.

"The son, according to my observation, the strength is the strongest, now in a downstairs of the West House!" Huangru dreams.

"Central building?"

"If you dream, you can grasp these people, can you grasp?" Sun Hao asked.

"Light and easy!" The Phoenix said faintly.

At this time, Sun Hao is relieved.

This gift is naturally going to start with the strongest people in strength.

Otherwise, send an ordinary cultivator, earn a blessing value, but also to send a pair of people to the strongest person, earn thousands of blessings.

"If you dream, then take me in the past!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​in front of the road, and Sun Hao followed.

Soon after.

The two stops to a high-rise building.

This building covers an area of ​​thousands of square meters.

In this West House, Xiancheng, exceptionally conspicuous.

On the building, the three golden light flashes, attracting Sun Yuri.


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