It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 108 sells painting

"Wang Xinglou?"

Sun Yu looked at these three big characters, secretly nodded.

This name is really good.

"Gong, please!"

"What is the hope of our star building!"

"What do you need, even though it is mentioned, you are satisfied."

Xiao Yes saw Sun Yizhen's extraordinary, quickly embarrassed, warm and welcome.

what do you need?

It seems that everything needs.

The problem is that I have no Lingshi!

If a dream seems to have.

As long as you open, if you want to take it out.

However, the accommodation is like a dream of the money, and now I have to buy things, I can't open this mouth.

Soft meal is still less eating.

A big man, with a woman, eat a woman, or a woman is protecting.

Now, is there any face to buy something?

"We don't buy things, just casually!" Sun Hao said.

"The son, then you will be free, I will not accompany you!"

When I heard this, Sun Hao was slight.

I don't worry about myself.

The big place is different, the quality is really high.

"If you dream, let's go in!"

Sun Hao took the Hall with the Hall.

In front of Sun Hao, a huge plaque.

Everything in the world!

Below below, there is a line of words: the most fair price, the most satisfied service!



Entering the hall, it is incorporated in front of him, it is a crowd, just like a big hospital in the past.

"Fast, I am here!"

At this time, an excused sound.

" ..."

Everyone is eyeing, staring at the second floor.

Sun Hao looks at the eyes, not from the eyes.

I saw it, on the second floor, a man who took the fan, dressed in white, smiles.

There is an inflame between Yuxuan, between the eyebrows.

Talk about the degree, the style is .

At first, it is a very cultivated person.

This kind of person may say that you will like to draw.

Send a pair to him.

No, sell a pair to him, don't know if he will buy it.

It is not everything in the world, my painting, in the eyes of the people who like to draw, it is also worthless!

So thinking, Sun Hao nodded.

"The son, he is the highest strength!" The Phoenix is ​​coming.

When I heard this, Sun Yanyu was concentrated.

"What ?! Wang Xinglou is the main exhibition Tianpeng is here!"

"It is him! No wonder is so handsome! I have been seeing the Tiandeng, I don't have this trip today!"

"So young, don't know if there is a certain?"

A group of women repaired, looked at the show Tian Peng, a face hot.

Zhou Peng Danzi is charged, smiling and holding boxing.

"Thank you for your love, exhibition to the Western region, is to find God's fascinating people, if you have news, please tell me two, show your gratitude!" Said Tian Peng said.

This is an out, and everyone will face each other.

Looking for a godmia?

We also want to find a fascinating!

This big can, can you want to find it?

At a time, everyone did not speak.

Shi Tian Peng smiled and continued to open.

"This is just one, another thing, exhibition, is a collection of various treasures!"

"From today, the treasures of Wangxing Building, the price is increased in the original basis, only three days!"

This is out.

It is quietly quiet around.

Many people have smashed their ears, but they can't believe it.

Wang Xinglou, collecting treasures, is already the most fair price.

90% of the modes of cultivators have got treasures, they will sell it to Wang Xinglou.

It can be said that the entire Tiango continent, traders related to cultivation, and Jiucheng is monk the star building.

Wang Xinglou so much money, naturally, forces, hit him.

However, the power to expect the star building is quietly disappeared.

One hundred years ago.

The ancient family of the Sino-Shengdi is not surnamed evil, and the family is in danger, and the star building is looking for.

That battle, they did victory, won countless to treasure.

However, they are happy not to day.

On the third day, everyone did not have someone else, and disappeared.

No one knows how they disappeared, and no one knows where they went.

On the third day, Wang Xinglou was turned on again.

The four families of the Holy Land became three major families.

Since then, no one will dare to expect the idea of ​​the star building.

"Exhibit, this is true?" Some people face, showing a touch.

"Oh, I am talking about Tiande, is it going to pay for it?" Shi Tian Peng was angry.

"Exhibition, you misunderstand, just this, it is a bit scary, it is difficult to believe it!"

"Everyone wants to sell things, start now, go to the counter!"

"Only three days, it is too good!"

"Any treasure can be brought, I hope to buy it!"

"If you feel too expensive, you can come to the eighth floor to find me!"

After saying, the Tianpeng fan was smiled and went upstairs.

After the people reacted, they had a constant call.

"Great, I just have a few things to sell!"

"Don't squeeze, row your team, one!"

"Reassured, three days, everyone is not urgent!"

The lobby quickly resumed order under the maintenance of the staff.

Among them, there is no one to go upstairs.

Sun Hao looked up to the eighth floor, smiled slightly. "This show Tian Peng wants to find God, then I have to do a good relationship with him!"

"When I arrived, I saw that God will be more easy!"

"Should he like to call and call? Try!"

For this reason, Sun Hao looks back to the phoenix, "If you dream, we go upstairs!"

"it is good!"

On the way, no one stopped, Sun Hao came to the eighth floor.

However, the Tiandongmen mouth, the Long Dragon is found.

"so many people?"

Sun Hao faces, showing a short.

The most annoying, it is queued.

Crossing, or to queue.


Huangru saw the eye and Sun Hao, walking straight to the most in front of the immortal, took out ten top-bearing stone, "this location, I want it."

"What, Shangtue Lingshi?"

The cultivar is in the eyes of the immortal, next to the Lingshi, "Fairy, please!"

After that, he quickly retracted quickly, and ranked to the end.

"Gong, please!"

"Dream, this ..."

Sun Hao showed an embarrassed color.

Also want a woman to pay, this soft rice is eaten - really fragrant!

Sun Hao went to the first place, Huang Ru Meng accompanied him.

"You can't afford to have money. Even the queue is also bought!"

"Is it very sour? It's really a lot of money, and you can do it!"

"Hey, a mortal is so many Lingshi, be careful!"

A group of cultivars whispering whisper, sour sour, not stopped.

The Phoenix is ​​a cold eye, and the atmosphere is put.


As with tsunami, it is pressed to a cultivator.

At this moment, the cultivar behind the immortals changed, cold sweat DC.

Is this mortal?

This is clearly an incomparable terrorist!

very scary!

They are low, the air is not dare.



Zhan Peng shook the fan from the house.

After him, follow the two old people.

These two people are unneaked in the strength of Shi Tianpeng.

Zhou Peng looked at Sun Hao and Huang as a dream, browbing crumples.


Both are all people?


The breath just distributed, is very horrible.

So, the first two people, I can't see it.

Can't be good!

Although I look at the star building is not afraid, I am afraid!

This kind of character, killing himself, is also white.

Even if it is a revenge, what is it?

Look two, what is the purpose?

I think so, I show Tian Peng Wang to Sun Hao.

According to years of experience, this male and one woman is obviously the master of men.

Zhou Peng's mouth is rising, showing eight teeth smiles.

"This son, I don't know what to find me, what is the so-called?"


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