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Zhou Peng looked at Sun Wei, showing eight teeth smiles.

In front of men, long handsome, grooming.

Everything in one fell swoop, it is natural, it looks extremely natural, very beautiful.

This kind of person is definitely the family of the family.

Next to him, there is a face of a veil.

Look at your posture, it is a beautiful beauty.

The two do not have any spiritual fluctuations, just like mortals.

Never dare to look like this.

Just in the house, I feel that there is no breathing fluctuation outside.

Zhibian Peng can confirm that in these two people, there is a person who is a peerless person!

No matter who is, it is the existence of oneself.

So thinking, Shi Tianpeng is coming, holding a fist, "this son, I don't know what to find, what is the so-called?"

"Do you not collect all treasures? I have one here, I don't know if you receive it?"

Sun Hao said, picking out a picture from his arms.

After the cultivars saw this scene, they could not be smiled by the cover.

If you are afraid to be a dream, I am afraid to laugh.

Is this guy come to fun?

Take a world-priced painting to sell?

This kid, when you look at it, you will be humiliated when you look at the stars, really don't worry!

A cultivator looked at Sun Hao and smiled and shook his head.

Zhou Peng face, but also reveals a unpleasant.

Take a secular painting to yourself, it is obvious that it is humiliated.

This little child does not place the look at the eyes at all.

Just when I look like a star building?

Today, even if it is dead, it is necessary to put you on your body!

Zhibian Peng is preparing to attack.

The remaining light is swept to the picture, and it is not allowed to be a pupil.

This painting paper, I am afraid not simple!

Zhen Peng looked at the painting, "Mons, can you give me a look?"

"of course can!"

Sun Hao handed the painting to the hand of the show.

This thing has just begun, and Tian Peng head is fried, and the pupil shrinks.

"This painting paper is made! No, it is a fairy wood! And it is not made with ordinary fairy!"

"Who is it painted? It turned out to be a bad baby!"

Shi Tian Peng's heart is so dark, slowly boosing.


Like a thunder, bombard in your mind.

He looked at the paintings in front of him, and his tongue, the words were unable to describe it.

"This is a rhyme, there is no strong road!"

"This" lucky map "is definitely a treasure!"

"This kind of painting, the ordinary cacto is not coming out!"

Zong Tianpeng has been hit by a stormy crazy.

The heart is dramatic, it seems to be jumped out of the eyes.

If you can have this pair of drawings, the strength will be flying!

This picture is completely unpoiled!

Despite the inner shock, it has been practiced from a small sinking shopping mall.

When he opened the moment, he immediately closed and did not let the rhyme were excessive.

His mouth is rare, "Two, please come with me!"

"it is good!"

Sun Hao and the Phoenix were followed by Exhibition Tianpeng and walked into the house.

The gate is close to the mask.

"Gong, you will sit first, I will come!"

After saying, Zhibaopeng took two old people to go quickly.

They came to another secret room.

"The old, the old, how many fairy crystals do you have?"

Two old people, until now come back to God.

The heart is stirring, the face is shocked.

"Less Lord, there is 120 Xianjing on my body!"

"Less Lord, there is 160 Xianjing on my body!"

"Lend me first, count, only 1280 pieces!"

"Hey, this time, I have too little, this time is not enough, I bought the" lucky map "!"

"Be sure to take it, I will use the Lingshi to deduct, it is really no, even if I started the owe, I have to take the" lucky map "!"

After Chang Shu, the Exhibition Tianpeng resumed calm and stood in front of Sun Hao.

"Mon, can you see this?"

After that, the exhibition of Tian Peng put a bag and handed it to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao opened a look, it was a bag of blue sparkling stones.

Very good, can be used to decorate.

I don't know the value of the value.

"Bonology, a total of 1280 items, Xianjing!" The Phoenix is ​​like a dream voice, directly into the ears.

"Xian Jing, this thing value money?" Asked Sun Wei asked.

"Bonology, you can buy ten Jiangyang City!" Huangru dreams.


Ten Jiangyang City?

One painting, can you value ten Jiangyang City?

Is this a dream?

It turns out that you can use it yourself, you can also use it!

Moreover, can you value ten Jiangyang City?

I know, why bother?

However, this will also encounter people who like it! He will buy it!

Otherwise, just a waste paper.

At this son, it was a big family, and there was a mine at home.

Sun Yu wrinkled eyebrows and exposed the color of thinking.

Zhou Peng saw Sun Hao's face change, innervation.

Look, the son thinks this price is too low!


I use this kind of Xianjing, I want to buy this peerless treasure!

It's too greedy.

"Mon, you think, I add 100,000 pieces of the best Lingshi! How?" Zhu Tian Peng said.

Sun Hao did not speak, but looked at the Phoenix.

"Bonus, this is equivalent to 1000 items of the fine!"

When I heard this, Sun Hao shook.

This is equivalent to buying nearly 20 Jiangyang City!

Think about it, it is very excited.

Looking at Sun Hao did not speak, Zuitong took a bit bite, took out a card, "the son, this is the respect of the VIP card, you hold this card, buy anything in my star building, one rate is 50% off!"

"As long as the son can sell this painting, he will count the Tianpeng owe you a person!"

"In the future, as long as the son is open, the Exhibition Tian Peng can do, never postponed!"

Zhou Peng looked at Sun Wei, and the look was extremely nervous.

Heart beating vigorously.

Sun Hao is holding to the respect of the VIP card, up and down.

The heart has been astonished.

Buy more than 50% off? Isn't it lost?

In the future, come to buy things, and the star building will not die!

With this card, wait for yourself to practice the way to cultivate, do not have cultivation resources.

In addition, he said she owe me a person!

I will use this person in the future, let him help find God, it will be much easier.

Think about it, Sun Hao nodded.

"That line, I can sell it!" Sun Hao said.

When I heard this, I would like to say that Tian Peng is not self-ban.

No matter how he suppressed, it cannot be converged.

"Thank you gong!"

Zhou Peng hugged the boxing, collecting the painting in his hand, if it was treasure.

"Bono, if you have such a picture, you can sell it to me! I will receive it!"

Zhou Peng took the chest, a face guarantee.

what? Are you receiving?

Be careful, do you have a good job!

He said this, of course, can not be credited.

Sun Hao shook his head smile, and his face did not believe.

"Bon, do you not believe me?"

On the face of Tian Peng, it is unpleasant.