It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

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As a businessman, integrity is the first.

Tang Zhenwei Lord is the Lord, will you lose your words! Can you get lost?

Zhou Peng looked at Sun Hao and his chest.

"Not a letter, but can't believe!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, why?" Said Tian Peng said.

"Because I will let you get a home!" Sun Hao said.


What is it?

Mons, are you coming to fun?

It's hard, do you have any number of baby?

How can this be!

This kind of treasure, can get one, is already a surprise.

It is no longer possible.

"Bonology, you are looking down on the financial resources of my star building!" Said Tian Peng said.

"It's really not looking for you!" Sun Hao helpless.

I said the truth, I actually made him angry.

Of course, I can't sell himself.

Otherwise, Wang Xinglou is not easy.

After the back of the star building, will you let yourself?

"Bono, if you have, even though I took out, I received it!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Oh, ok!"

Sun Hao helplessly, took a pair of drawings from the arms, showing the front of the show.

After the scroll is spread, Zhan Pengbei is jumping.

Dao Yun!

Endless road!

It is also a fairy paper!

This kind of work is not bad, it is not bad!

This is a treasure, and it is necessary to win!

However, he hasn't waited for him to react.

Sun Hao took a pair again.

Another painless painting!

In the case of Tian Peng's eyes, I took out a deputy shadow and spread it.

A total of five!

Every pair is not better than the Zhibaopei.

This shocks, strongly stimulating the Tiandong nerve.

He opened his mouth, up and down, and did not close in half.

Two olders behind him, at this moment have been completely frightened.

This kind of , there are so many!

It's too unimaginable.

It's hard to do, these works are all doing this kon?


If you can draw this kind of work, it is never an ordinary immortal!

It seems that mortal son is a son of mortal people.

Will you believe?

Look, this son, it is a kind of creation to get a lot of fairy.

These six fairy should be all the baby on him.

For this reason, Zhibao is secretly nodded.

There are five fairyings, fix it!

"Bonology, you are five departments, I am willing to buy it all, you have a price!" Said Tian Peng said.

Sun Hao smiled slightly, did not answer.

Instead, I hope to Huang as a dream, say: "If you dream, take 20 points!"

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​in the right hand, 20 pairs of paintings on the desk.

This horror scene has strongly stimulating the eye of the show.

That kind of shock!

Don't believe it!

That kind!

The words cannot be described.

At this moment, the time is like stagnant.

Take a few people, set at that moment.

a long time.


Pour the cold air sound, which is coming.

They looked at Sun Hao, just like a monster.

That kind of emotions, full of whole body.

Despite this idea, no one dare to move.

Since I dare to make it out, I have absolute grasp.

It is difficult to paint without these paintings, but painted by the son.

Think about it, Shi Peng's body trembled.

"Mon, who is this?" Asked Tian Peng asked.

"When I'm foolish, let the exhibitions laugh!" Sun Hao said.


A thunder, slamming the sky.

The heart is like a hit, suddenly hop.

It's really painting, this way, the son is a peerless cactus!


Zhou Peng once again pumped a few colds.

I have always thought that I have practiced a unspeakable mentality.

In fact, it is fake.

That's because I didn't see peerless treasures.

Today, I saw the son and the shock did not stop.

"The son learns the heart with the body of the mortal, it is unable to break, otherwise, I will kill you!"

An sound, in the exhibition Tianpeng and the other two old ears.

Three people are looking at each other, nodding.

"The son, just now I am talking! Please forgive you!"

"I just said what I just said!"

Zhou Peng was against Sun Hao, holding his punch.

"Little things, small things!"

Sun Hao swayed, smiled slightly, leaving three paintings, and handed other people to the phoenix, "If the dream, let these all get together!"

"Yes, the son!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream right hand, these paintings are all collapsed.

"Southern like, these three parallel paintings, when I send you!"

Sun Hao gave three different drawings and gave three people in Exhibition.

This is an out, three people are stupid.

The hand of the painting is slightly shaking slightly.

"Thank you gong!"

"Thank you gong!"

That excitement, almost kneel.

"You don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.


Seeing that Sun Hao is going to go, Zhou Peng wants to say.

"There is something to say." Sun Hao said.

"Mon, where are you living, I will come to visit you!"

After saying this, Zhibaopei is low.

The son is a peerless cactus, this is a big machine, you can not grasp!

Missed this time, it will not be next time.

Even if the immortal is killed, it is worth it.

"I live in the south side of the Demon Mountain, you have nothing to do, you can sit, drink together, chat!" Sun Hao said.


Come on sitting?

Drink chat?

Can I have a chat with a peerless fairy?

It's really a bigification!

Zhou Peng clenched the fist, excited to be slightly trembled.

"Thank you, I will come often!" Zhu Tian Peng said.

"Okay, I am waiting for you!"

After Sun Hao finished, he went out of the room.

Smile, write on the face.

This line, big earning!

"Out, come out!"

"I didn't have them? How could it be!"

"This is aslerable to look at the star building, how do you not treat them?"

"Will n't it? Is it difficult to save?"

A group of cultivars looked at the two people and doubts.

The phoenix is ​​swept away, and these cultivars come down and not dare to face.

For these sounds, Sun Hao completely ignored.

He gave a Xianjing bag to the Phoenix dream, "Dream, these fairy, you will take it!"

"Okay, son!" The Phoenix is ​​a dream.

Sun Yu's mouth rose, and the mood is good.

From now on, you are not eating soft rice!

There are so many fairy crystals, you can buy a lot of things.

Yes, what is better?

Sun Yu wrinkled eyebrows and exposed a thinking color.

Suddenly, his brow is yang, "If the dream is so hard, then buy a boat!"

"Where to go later, it must be much convenient!"

"Yes, just do it!"

So thinking, Sun Hao nodded.

Since there is a treasure of the star building, there is natural foot boat to sell.

"If you dream, let's buy something!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" The Phoenix is ​​nodded, followed by Sun Wei.