It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 111, the best of the boat - Zi Power

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There is a huge flying boat selling outside West.

This sale is expected to look at all the stars.

This day, a high-quality teenager came in.

He is called Qin Yu, the son of the Qin family of Wuxi, Xiancheng.

"It is him, the first sequence of Qin family, the future master heirs!"

"Oh, he? Can you get a master?"

"That is, how can a waste, how can become the first sequence of Qin?"

"The first refining Dan teacher - Qin master actually gave birth to a waste son! Unfortunately!"

"Master Qin can crack his heart for him, and Dan medicine has used countless, or a waste that cannot be cultivated!"

See Qin Yu in, many of the cultivars gave the head to the ear, and the low discussion.

That's a contempt, writing over everyone's face.

For these, Qin Yu is ignored.

He walked into the exhibition building, and the look did not change.

"Qin Shao, you are coming!"

"This time, what kind of flying boat do you have to buy?"

At this time, a guy is coming, smiling.

"I look at it first!" Qin Yu said.

"Take a look?"

The guy listened, looks hard, and the face is ugly.

"This kind of waste, how can I afford it!"

"At that time, there were only wastewood soldiers, and I will go!"

Not far away, many people finger points, but the buddy face is ugly.

However, soon, it will recover, smile, "Qin Sha, come, please come with me!"

"it is good!"

Qin Yu is led by his guys and walks into the showroom.

"Walk, follow!"

"Is there a good look? Just, can you buy a boat?"

"It's because I can't afford it, I will see it!"

Many people follow up, far away.

"Qin Shao, this is a kind of flying boat, speed can reach the Miaotian Xianxian's full flying!"

"10 items of the goods can be flying all day!"

"The boas can carry 500 people, a total of 50 rooms!"

"The price is not expensive, just 10 best Lingshi!"

A sentence of a sentence introduced, from time to time, it wanted to Qin Yu from time to time.

After the Qin Yu looks, after sweeping the aviation boat that heights up to eight meters, he went to another.

"Qin Shao, there is a vision! This is, but China's flying boat, named" "The fastest speed can be more energetic to fly!"

"The flying boat can carry a thousand people, the energy consumption is also low, 10 Chinese Lingshi can fly a day!"

"I only need 100 Best Lingshi, you can take it home!"

The guy said that half a day, Qin Yu face, still there is no half-point change, "Is there more better?"

"better one?"

The buddy face is not happy, "Qin Shao, that's of course, but this price, not cheap! A shipping boat, at least 5 pieces of Xianjing!"

I heard this, Qin Yu face slightly changed, "Can you make a discount?"

"Discount? Of course, you need a VIP card!"

When I heard this, Qin Yu face ugly, sighed.

Subsequently, turned to go back.

"Haha, really just come to see!"

"I thought he was big! Is there more good? I am! Obviously a poor!"

"As the first sequence of Qin family, it is exhausted, it is completely wasteful!"

Yin and Yang strange sounds continue to ring.

For these, Qin Yutu can not hear.

Or, he has already heard more, has formed immunity.

His fist is secretly clenched, accelerates speed, and go out.


I accidentally, hit it on a man, hit the steak.

"Are you OK?"

A sound sounded.

Looking up, I only see a temperament, standing in front of himself.

He Wen Wenya, the smile is like a spring breeze.

After men, follow the woman with a face towel.

That kind of temperament, look at it, so that Qin Yu has a self-defeating feel.

I have already read the poetry, and I also calculate a reading person.

But compared with the son in front of him, it is about 100,000 miles.

High people, he is a high person!

Qin Yu struggled to stand up, respectfully hug, "Sorry, the son!"

"It doesn't matter!" Sun Hao said smiling.

"The son, under the bottom of Qin Yu, just rude, please ask the son to go to the drunk moon building, with this, thank you!" Qin Yu said.

"No!" Sun Hao hooks.

"Mon, if you don't go, I am unafe!"

"There are also poetry, there are many questions that need to be teach to the son, but also hope that the son will not enlighten!" Qin Yu said.


That is the mortal.

The scrolls naturally can't give him!

However, he asked himself, this is not bad.

"Yes, but now I still have something to do, say later!" Sun Hao said.

"Bono, are you going to buy a boat?" Qin Yutao asked.

"Well!" Sun Yizhen is head.

"Can I have you with you?"

"of course can!"

"Bonology, please, I am cooked here, you come with me!"

"it is good!"

Some people have a road, that is the best.

Under Qin Yu, Sun Hao went into the Exhibition Hall.

One of the four majors looked at this scene, from time to time finger point.

"Cut, this Qin family waste is really happy with the mortal!"

"The waste is with the waste, then you can find a sense, what do you know?"

Scorn, directly sweeping a few people.

Even the buddy of the original Qin Yu, after looked at the eyes, it was cold and cold, but didn't take serious things.

Other guys are also invisible, and they have not seen Sun Hao at all.

"Bonology, what do you want to buy?" Qin Yu asked.

"What look?" Sun Hao frowned, "What is the price?"

"Bonology, next to the boat, 10 Best Lingshi."

"China products, probably 100 blocks."

"As for the top, then the price is different, the price is above the fairy!"

I heard these, Sun Hao nodded.

"Take me to see the boat!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, please!"

Qin Yu took Sun Hao to a boat that up to 20 meters.

The flying boat is black, exudes a thick metal gloss.

On top of the boat, write the word "ghost".

"The son, this boat is called the ghost, belongs to the above-mentioned flying boat, the speed can be the fastest to the robbery" full-time master! "

"Open the shield, you can resist the priority of the priority" "

"You can take two thousand people at the same time, open the shield and full-speed flight, only 10 pieces of Lingshi!"

"It is quite low!"

I heard these, Sun Hao nodded.

"Is there anything better?"

"The son, of course, I heard that there is a great boating - Purple electricity! No one is bought." Qin Yu said.

" ?"

Sun Yu nodded slightly.

This name sounds good, I want to be very fast.

I don't know if the price is not expensive.

If more than 1000 fairy crystals, it will be a bit reluctant.

However, I asked first.

"What is the price of this purple electric?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, I don't know if I don't know, but I will have to be around 100 fairyland!" Qin Yu said.

"100 pieces? Trouble you take me!"

"Okay, son!"