It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 112, he is a 3-year-old person

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"What? Want to see the purple electricity?"

"A mortal wants to see the violet electricity? There is no qualification to see!"

"It is, the purple electricity in this Western region, but the treasure of the axis, the average person, which is eligible to watch!"

"That is not necessarily, as long as you can take a hundred piece of fairy crystal, there is also qualifications to see!"

"Oh, one hundred pieces of Xianjing? How can the mortal can get it?"

"Take him, let's take a look at the joke!"

Many cultivators refer to their points behind them, and they are talking.

Although the sound is small, it can be clear to Sun Hao ear.


The king of the mouth and the leap, which world has.

This world seems to be more.

Like this kind of person, it is generally lived in the bottom, and life is not intentionally, and it is crowded and pressed.

Therefore, in order to lower others, raise yourself, get fun from it.

Although I don't think about their face, but the strength is not allowed!

At the hands of the guest, I will take out, this face will fight.


Don't want high-profile.

Sun Hao shakes his head, followed by Qin Yu, and go quickly.

After a while, the two came to a closed display room.


A guard pointed to three people and loudly.

The Qin Yu's mouth rose, and smiles go forward.

This escort is very iron with himself, it is the relationship between the buddies.

Let him open the door, with the son to see the violet electricity, there should be no problem.

"Ge's brother, this son is going to see the purple electricity, the trouble is convenient!" Qin Yu said.

"Brother? Do you dare to make old brothers? Waste, go away!"

"Don't think that you are the son of Qin Master, I am afraid of you? Tell you, old, the people of Wang Xinglou!"

Guard pointed to Qin Yu, it is a drink.

Qin Yu stood in the same place, stunned.

Yesterday, I also called my big brother. Today, I will turn my face and don't recognize people.

In addition to Qin Yu in the original place, the watchmaker behind him is still a stupid place.

"What situation? Is this Ge Qing not doing with Qin Yu Tao?"

"Don't understand, don't understand!"

When everyone is confused.


A group of people surrounded by a young and coming.

"Respecting Qin Shao became the first sequence, the place of home, not you are!"

"Qin is very powerful, actually refining the best panacea, Qin Master is directly in the spot, immediately seal you as the first sequence!"

"Congratulations on the future of the Qin master!"

The voice of the horse is not unfair.

The middle of the crowd is the Qin family genius - Qin Dongjun.

His head is slightly, and it is satisfied with his face.

"Where, where, everyone has a prize!"

"Now talking about homeowners, but also fashion, Qin family genius, how much as burd, I am just one of them!" Qin Dongjun said.

"Qin Shao, you are really modest!"

"It's, Qin Shao doesn't look at the first day of the Dan, this modest, I am waiting for dust!"

Onlookers, the immortals heard these discussions and could not be widened.

"No wonder Ge Qing doesn't pay attention to him. It turns out that the first sequence position gave Qin Dong Jun!"

"This is said, and after Qin Yu is a real waste!"

Everyone secretly nodded and showed it.

I saw it.

Ge Qing five steps and two steps, quickly ran to Qin Dong Jun, respect the ceremony, "Qin Shao, you are coming, what do you need to help?"

Qin Dong Jun Weimei, Yu Guang swept the eyes of Qin Yu, the color, the flash, "I am ready to buy a boating!"

"Flying boat, Qin Shao, this, there is a great boating - Zi power, please come with me, I will take you to see!"

Ge Qing dotted, quickly went to the door, opened the door.

Qin Yu's face is blue, and the fist is holding a sound.

Hemuling and anger, full of whole body.

Finally, it is not a hard work.

Qin Dongjun swept the eyes of Qin Yu,

See this scene, Sun Hao sighed.

This situation is more.

This is a regular routine in the novel.

Unexpectedly, in this world, it is really common.

According to reason, Qin Yu should appear an old grandfather, or a golden finger, and then go back to face.

However, the novel has been a novel, here, it is impossible.

"In this case, let me have to revenge you!"

Sun Haotian smiled slightly, reached out to hold the respect of the VIP card.

It is preparing to take out.


A hurry sounded.

Follow it.


A light drink, everyone's look, footsteps.

Turned and looked back, all of them got it.

I saw that a thin middle-aged man came with a group of people.

Middle-aged men's forehead, overflowing finely sweat.

The color of fear, write on the face.

Seeing this person, everyone is shocked.

" ?"

"How to even be alarmed?"

"Is this still used? Declamed that Qin Dongjun became the first sequence, the king of the shopkeeper learned about this, and rushed over and congratulations!"

"Yeah, the Qin family is the first supplier of Wangxinglou Dan medicine, without them, Wang Xinglou will only have a pot!"

"That is!"

Qin Dongjun heard these words, his eyes were flashed.

The heart is dramatically jumped, and the look is nervous.

Unexpectedly, I became the first sequence, and I would also let the king's handset will come to welcome.

This is vanity, supreme.

Too touched!

Qin Dongjun is running with the trot of the world, and he has been enthusiastic. "The king cabinet, you are really very polite!"


Qin Dong Jun is standing there.

The king's cabinet is completely ignored by him.

The track is straight through him, and quickly rush to Sun Yizhen.

Then, the body became a greece, "I saw the son!"


very quiet.

Death is often silent.

Everyone stayed at this scene, could not help but knead his eyes, but he couldn't believe it.

That kind of shock, words can't be described.

It turned out that the king's cabinet didn't come to Qin Dongjun, but to see the mortal?

That mortal, what is the identity, so that he is so respectful?

When did I see the trip to others?

Even if he faces the Lord of Wang Xinglou, is it respectful?

Is this mortal identity?

One thought here.


Pour the cool sound and constantly ring.

They looked at Sun Hao, face, and the fear and puzzle, and intimae revealed worship.

"You are?" Sun Hao is also full of confusion.

I don't know this person.

Why do you have this gift?

"The son, my name is Wang Zhi, which is the shopkeeper of the West House Xiancheng."

"Your business, the Lord has already told, you are doing our respect for the guest, the guest is not recruited, please understand!"

After that, Wang Zhi once again respectfully.

This is out.


The cold air pumping sounds.

"What? To respect to VIP?"

"The whole western region, didn't you hear who is to the respect?"

"This is said, isn't it the mortal from Zhongzhou Holy Land?"

"It is very likely that he is the three major people!"

Fried voices, constantly sound.

Qin Yu looked at Sun Hao, his eyes blinking.

Sure enough, there is no mistake.

The son is actually from the holy place!

Do you want to be the three most people?

"The king cabinet is polite!"

"Fortunately, there is this Qin brother with me, otherwise, I am afraid that no one cares me!"

This is out.


A thunderstorm.

Many guy's brain roar.

Guard Ge Qing was in the first time.

The face is frightened.

"Plop! Plop ..."

A sound of worship is constantly ringing.

A man is worshiping before Sun Hao, keeping a hoe.

"Bonology, I am waiting for the best!"

"Mon, please give us a living road ?!"

"The son, you have a lot, let us!"