It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 113, Xianjing True

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Looking at the appearance of these people, Sun Hao shook his head.

I just laughed so loudly, just said that it was like it.

Why, now I regret it now?

What is this, why bother?

"You have no sin, why do you want to ask me? You should go to seek the shopkeeper, not me!" Sun Hao said.

This time, a few people turned around, and worship in front of Wang Zhi, began to give money.

Looking at these people, Wang Zhi face is cold, and the fist is grazed.

I have three priests, repeating customers, is God, can't see people with low.

However, some people are in violation.

These people can not be cured.

He waved his right hand, "come, bring them down!"


A group of guards quickly rushed.

If the wolf is like a tiger, a few people will put it.


"The king cabinet, we are wrong!"

The bursts of hobs are not stopped.

"Gong, please come with me!"

Wang Zhi took Sun Wei and walked into the showroom.

Until a few people disappeared, the crowds were recovering.

Many people secretly wipe the cold sweat and reveal the joy of the rest of the rest.

Today, they can ridicule.

Fortunately, the bonus is not counted, otherwise, it will not be detected.

A big person such as sin, the brain is clipped by the door?

See the mortal in the future, I can't get it at will!

Many cultivars leave the crowd and go fast.

Qin Dongjun standing there, but also secretly wiped cold sweat.

Even the king's shopkeeper has to bend the waist, is it a sin?

Fortunately, there is no conflict.

Leave here as soon as possible to avoid accidental end.

Thinking of this, Qin Dongjun looked at Qin Yu, cold and smiled, "The eyes are good, but the big rough legs of the characters, is it a waste that you can embrace?"

Then, Qin Dongjun went quickly.

Now, standing outside the showroom, there is only a few people left.

Qin Yu looked at the door of the eye and secretly sighed.

I am really good.

However, the other party may not take himself seriously.


Pay a friend, really difficult!

Qin Yu is holding a head and walks out.

"Remember to put a table in drunk moon!"

At this time, the voice of Sun Hao came from the showroom.

This is, and Qin Yu is full of face, and it will regain the light.

"Gong, I will go! You must remember!"

"it is good!"

I heard this, Qin Yu is full of strength and going quickly.

The interior is displayed.

"The son, I didn't respect it, I apologize, this violet electricity is given to you!" Said the king of the shop.

"This ... this is not very good?" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, as long as you are not too abandon!"

"Gong, you watch!"

Wang Zhi pointed to the boat, and he began to introduce it.

"The purple electric shipment is made of purple, the defense is extremely strong, with the array of method, can resist the three-step flying hormon, the immortal is full!"

"The most important thing is that it flies at all, which is equivalent to a four-step flying resilience to fly!"

"The living facilities in it are all available, even if you don't come out ten years, there is no problem!"

"The energy consumption is not high, the full power is open, only 10 best Lingshi!"

I heard the treasure cabinet introduction, Sun Hao's eyes, the essence shines.

This boat, it is better to have yourself.

In the future, you don't have to stand in the sword tip every time, let your dreams fly.

With this thing, you can do a lot of things in the flying boat.

What do you think?

Don't want to smoke!

"Wang Shuncai, how much is this price?" Asked Sun Hao.

"Bonology, sell it to others, you need 200 pieces of Xianjing, since the son likes, it is natural to give you!"

"Also thinking about the son to accept!" Wang Zhi said.

Is a penny?

I have to have such a ship?

Is this a few Jiangyang City?

Speaking of this,

"In this case, thank you for your hunchbox!" Sun Hao said.


I heard this, I was secretly tone.

Fortunately, the son is big, if so, the consequences are unimaginable.

"Gong, please, let us see the boat!"

"it is good!"

Under the leadership of the king, Sun Hao and the Phoenix have a dream to the inside of the boat.

It is very large in violet electricity, like a large luxury cruise ship, has nearly a thousand rooms.

Alchemy room, cultivation room, refining room, living room, kitchen, etc.

Shortly after.

Three people came to the Zi Electric Control Center.

The king of the trekkeeper pointed at the middle of the fault, said: "Adults, this is the boat core, which is made by Master!"

"As long as it is integrated here into Lingshi or Xianjing, the boat can start working!"

"Ten pole Lingshi, you can run a day!"


A sentence of the king shop, is very excited.

"If you use Xianjing, how long can you run full?" Sun Hao asked.

"Xian Jing?"

The king shop holder.

Use Xianjing to drive the boat?

That is too extravagant?

"Using Xianjing, even if you have opened the protection, full of flying, conservatively estimated a piece of Xianjing to support three months!" Said the king of the shop.

what? Three months?

I have one thousand fairy crystals.

That's it can continue to open for more than 3,000 months?

Calculate, it is nearly three hundred years!

If you can't practice, I am afraid that I can't live for so long.

It turns out that Xianjing is worth money!

Sun Hao stared at the boat core, and his eyes became gloried.

Suddenly, he frowned slightly, and his face was revealed.

I saw it, the ribbon is on the top, and it is closely numb.

Away, flowing on the ripple, pouring into the big array, flowing to the whole boat.

The ripple on the nucleus is intimate to paint.

It is a newcomer.

Compared with your first engraving, I am afraid that I'm bigger.

It's too much.

Sun Hao shook his head dark.

"Wang Shuncai, what is Mo Master?" Asked Sun Wei.

"Bonology, this Master can be the first Master, the mainland of the mainland. He is the best!"

"The equipment of him is, it is famous for the mainland!"

"Tian Luo mainland, 90% of the boats, all manufactured by the equipment!"

Speaking of this, the king's face, revealing a worship.

"The text above is the Mr. Mr." asked Sun Wei asked.

"Yes!" I nodded.

I saw the king of the trekkeeper, Sun Hao darkly frightened.

Does the Master have to travel in the way?

Will n't it be simple?

If this happens.

Try to try his armbar.

I think so, Sun Hao reached out and grabbed the sound.

This scene is now.

The face of the king cabinet changed, shouting loudly: "Gong Child ..."

Just, where is it.

I just called the word "son", Sun Hao has touched the boat core.

The satery was taken up by him, put it in hand.

I heard the shouts behind him, I looked back at the king cabinet, "What?"

"Nothing, nothing, son, do you grab the boat, is it?"

The king's house is full of laughing, lingering, putting your forehead, fine kid, rolling down.

If this boat is exploding, I am afraid that the entire flying boat will be bombarded.

This horrible power, in the son, can't react at half point?

"Oh, you said this, I will take it out!"

"These ripples are really hard, I am going to try it with you."