It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 114, I am the master of the law

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The king of the trekker looked at Sun Hao and his face changed.

Dating and grabbed the boat core made by Mo Master. In addition to the immortal, it is a son.

The son is relaxed, it is not ordinary immortals!

Less Lord, you really have no mistakes, the son is indeed a peerless fairy!

The king's cabinet is secretly nod, looking at Sun Yizhi, full of worship.

I saw it.

Sun Hao looked at the phoenix, saying: "If a dream, take a piece of wood to me."

"Okay, son!"

The phoenix has taken out a rosewood fairy and handed it to Sun Hao.

This thing came out, the king's cabinet is the whole stupid place.

"This ... this is a unparalleled wood? No ... is wrong, this is a fairy, I can't see the fairy!"

"Look, this wood is in the eyewy eye, I am afraid that it is ordinary wood!"

The treasure cabinet muttered, the heart was shocked, and it was difficult to calm.

Suddenly, the king of the trekkeeper was picking up.

Look at Sun Hao, full face, "Bonology is this?"

I saw it.

Before Sun Hao, it is full of various engraved knives.

After he stared at the eye of the eye, he returned to the rose sandalwood.

Then, he took out various engraves and started engraving.

It is not a solution, a round wooden ball is formed.

Its size is the same as the boat core.

Sun Haozhao started to engage the boat core.

Half time.


A shock, countless naked eye can't detect the aura, the bee came, did not enter the wooden ball.

The wooden ball is on the top of the road, like living, the flow of light is shining, shining.

It looks like a treasure, strongly stimulating the eye of the king's handker.


The king's cabinet opened his mouth, muttered himself, and there was no closure for a long time.

"The son is actually a magist!"

"When you move, you can figure out a such boat core! This strength is too terrible!"

"This ... this boat, I can't see the order!"

"This is said that the master is more powerful than Mo Mo?"


The king of the treasure cabinet pumped a few breaths, and the chest was dramatic.

Worship, awesome, keep going down.

Sun Hao took a good boat core and compared with the purple electricity.

Obviously, you should look more than ten times more.

Each texture is nature, there is a smooth way.

"The king's cabinet, you can look at this?" Sun Hao asked.

"When ... Of course you can!" I nodded mechanically.


Sun Yi nodded and put his own boat into the center of the Frenchan.

At this time.


A sound.

A layer of air waves, rapid spread.

"! ..."

The protection boat is not able to withstand the boat core, fast explosion.

The entire flying boat is slightly vibrillat.

"What is going on?" Sun Wei frowned.

"Public ... Bono, I am sorry, your carvings are too strong, the boat is unbearable!"

"Now, this flying boat can't open the shield, can only be used to fly." The king of the hand said.

It's too strong to engrave it.

So, don't you say that you are more powerful than that of the Master?

It turned out that I am a master? !

Sun Hao mysterish, full of eyes are fine.

The engraving technique of system teaching, it is a method!

Become a magist, even if there is no strength, it will be admired by no legal.

This way, you can ...

The more you think, Sun Hao is excited.

The face is high, shining.

"Take me to see." Sun Hao said.

"Yes, the son."

The king of the treasure cabinet with Sun Hao, walked to the explosion position.

On the way, it is seen, it is a coke black.

Some places, even the ship's body created by the purple crystal is melted.

Purple, is a very spirit of iron,

The king of the trekker looked at these and shocked.

This is a purple crystal that can melt messenger, can't afford the power of the son to engrave the sounds of the queue, which is melted.

Moreover, the four weeks are all abrasive.

"Gong, you are really too powerful!"

"You wait for the peerless cactus, I can stand around you, this is only a blessing that can be repaired for a few people?"

The king of the treasurer muttered, and the essence flashed.

Sun Hao looked at this scene and was shocked.

This power is so horrible.

I almost ruined the purple electricity.

Now, there is no line, you can't figure it out.

It's really hard to have a problem with mock.

"The king cabinet, these positions are you still remember?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, this ..."

The trekkeeper reveals a bitterness and shook his head.

"Then you have a boat big array map?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, array maps, all in the hands of the Master of the Method, except for the apprentice and relatives, never pass!"

"However, if the son wants, I will find a way." The king of the trekker said.

"So, thank you for your wadows!" Sun Hao nodded.

With a mapping map, I also calculated a master master.

In the future, I will slowly sensationalize the entire cultivation.

At that time, come to visitors, and the stream is endless.

I will give them some small things per person, and I will pay a blessing value.

If you want to hear yourself, you are likely to find yourself, charge yourself!

The more you think, in the eyes of Sun, the essence is getting stronger.

"Bonology, since the boating is damaged, then we will pay you again!" Said the king of the world.

"That is not! Although there is no protection of the boat, you can fly at least!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, how do this? I am not awkward ..." said the king of the world.

"I am fine!"

Sun Hao put his hand, took out a picture of a picture from his arms, and he handed to the front of the kingcloth.

"The king cabinet, thank you for your boat!"

"This small gift, please accept it!" Sun Hao said.

This is out.

The king's body is trembled, his eyes are straight, stare on the panel.

The panel material in the son is never simple, even you can't see it.

Is it a fairy?

This is the treasure, do you dare to charge at will?

"Gong, how can this?"

"How? Are you dislike? In this case, I don't want this purple electricity!"

Sun Hao is angry, go outside.

"Gong, I received, I will receive!"

Next, Sun Yizhao, open it.


Tao Yun Ru Tao, running out.

When the king's house is suddenly scared, rolled up.

Such a horrible road rhyme, this is really ahead.

The son means, it is simply incredible, can't imagine!

"Thank you gong!"

The treasure cabinet is taking 90 degrees, giving Sun Hao.

"You are Welcome!"

Sun Hao hook his hand and smiled.

"It is not early today. Because I have a contract with Qin Gongzi, I don't bother the king of the trekkin. I will say this today!"

Sun Hao finished, he will go outside the boat.

Three people came to the boat, and the Phoenix is ​​played in the right hand, and the boat received the spirit space.

"The son is slow!"