It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 115, the son needs Xuan Tianzi

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Wang Xinglou and the top floor.

Zhibian Peng and two old people, looking at the four pairs of paintings on the table, and the face was exposed.


Infinity, rhyme, from the painting, full of overseas houses.

Even if I stand here, I feel that my heart grows rapidly.

Strength is rapidly upgraded!

This is really no bigification!

"Less Lord, our truth is really sent!"

"Yeah, the little master, this is the extension of the immortal, the hardships, did not expect, the son, actually sent us three pairs, this is really shocking!"

"You are not bad!"

Zhibao Peng smiled nodded. "Since the son is given to us, then each person takes a pair! Good life!"

This is out.

The two old people have changed the face, "Leight, I am just a slave, I dare to accept this treasure!"

"Leight, this is waiting for you!"

Zhen Tian Peng looked at two old people, look serious, "Zheng Bo, Fang Bo, this is the creation of the son to send you, I will swallow!"

"You have been told me so long, I have already paid two kinds of loved ones, you are holding, good cultivation, can better protect me, isn't it?" Said Tian Peng said.

In the eyes of the two old people, tears are brewed.

"Less Lord, thank you!"

The two are worship, and there is no hoe.

at the same time.

Outside the door, there is a hurry.

"Less Lord, is there?"

It is the voice of the king of the trekkeeper.

"come in!"

The door opened, the king of the treasurer came in, and the exhibition Tian Peng is a kneeling.

"Leight, I ..."

"What's the matter, get up!"

"Yes, less master!"

Then, the trekkeeper said everything I have sold in the Safe Sale, said it.

Zhou Peng was seriously heard, and the look on his face kept changing.

When he heard Sun Yur's tribute to the queue, even if he did not fill it in the order, he did not respond for a long time.

"The son is actually a magist!"

"The son, what is your identity?"

Exhibition Tian Peng muttered, his eyes, we worship.

"what did you say?"

"You said the son to draw the boat core, causing the boat in the purple electricity to explode? Even the ship is mixed?" Astro Peng asked.

"Yes, the Lord!" I nodded.

He just turned out.


The three sounds pour the cold air sound.

Zhou Peng and two old faces were shocked.

They have a good breath and have gradually calm.

"The son is more than the strength, but there is still no Master?"

"This is the peerless cactus, I am so capable, I have a fortune!"

A few faces of the face are touched.

"The king of the treasurer, continue to say!" Said Tian Peng.

"Okay, son!"

The king will continue to open.

When the king of the trekker said Sun Hao needs a mailing map.

Exhibition Tian Peng's eyebrows are rising, and it is full of face.

"I can finally help the son do something!"

Exhibition Tian Peng shamefully, secretly clenched the fist.

"Leight, this is the painting of the son to you!"

The championship gives Sun Hao to his painting in front of Zhibao.

Zhou Peng smiled slightly, "Wang Shun cabinet, ok! The son is given to you, then you are your creation, accept it!"


The king of the treasurer is wide and the eyes are not believed.

I can do this location in the shopkeeper, except for the dedication, that is, I have never taken each other.

This allows the exhibition to himself, giving this position of the West House Fairy City.

"Less Lord, how can this?" The king's handset continued to show the paintings in front of Zhibao.

"The king's cabinet, you are doing these years, I will naturally know! Don't say this is a son to send you, even if you don't send it, I am also ready to send you!" Shi Tian Peng said.

When I heard this, the king of the trekkeeper was grateful and excited.

Always hoe, keep gratitude.

"Lear, from today, you are the owner of Wang Zhi, go to the soup fire, do not say good!"

"Less Lord, you are also the owner of my Zheng Huai!"

"Less Lord, you are also the owner of our way!"

Two old people, they also worshiped, starting hoe.

"Okay, get up!"

"You are not right,"

"Since the creation is the son, you should thank the son! Do you understand?" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Leight, I will wait for it!" Three people got up.

"Again, the son is in the mortal, this is not acoustic, can you understand?"

"Yes, less master!"

"The son needs a mapping map, then I have to find ways to get a way, gain for the son!" Said Tian Peng.

"Less Lord, I will go to Baolu now! Send it to the son!"

After the king's hand, I went out.

"Stand!" Zhu Peng's big drink, called the king of the world.

"Little Lord?"


Zhou Peng pointed to the king of the world, "I didn't understand such a shopkeeper, even if this is the most basic truth?"

"The son is waiting for some people, can you see those array maps?" Said Tian Peng said.


The king's cabinet is a glimpse, then sighed, "Leight, just confused, I was wrong!"

"Leight, what should we do now?" Asked an old man.

"The son is waiting for the peerless cactus, it needs, naturally not ordinary array maps, must, it is a fairy array map!"

"We must try to find a law, help the son getting a fairy array map!" Said Tian Peng said.

A few people listened, nodded at the same time.

"The king's cabinet, you as a shopkeeper for so many years, have you heard this news?" Astro Peng asked.

The knockkike wrinkled frown and began to think.

After a while.

Wang Shuncher's eyebrows, looks at the show Tianpeng, "Leight, I know there is a person, he may have a fairy array!"

"Who?" Shi Tianpeng bares.

"Mohao Stone!" Said the king of the hand.

"What? Is him!"

Shi Tian Peng watched.

Mo Hao Shi is a Master of the Top-level Array in the mainland, and there are countless people.

In his side, he has followed a group of powerful cultivars.

I want to win a fairy array from him, I am afraid it is not easy.

"Legendary Lord, Legend of Three hundred years ago, Mohashi received a" Xuan Tianzi ", this is above, more than a pattern, and a rune!"

"Mohashi can become the most stronger Master, the reason is this" Xuan Tianzi "!"

"If you want to" Xuan Tianzi "is not simple, it is likely to be a fairy array map!"

Listening to the Wangbian cabinet, Zuitian Peng frowns.

Subsequently, he clenched his fist and failed.

"Look, the son needs" Xuan Tianzhu ", in this case, this" Xuan Tianzhu "does not hesitate to get every price, you must get your hand!"

"Yes, the little master!" Three people hugged.

"Less Lord, when will we start?" Asked the king.

"This is of course, the sooner the better, otherwise, let the son wait too long, will not be happy!"

"Zheng Bo, Fang Bo, two of you today will go to the eastern region!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Yes, less master!"