It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 116, the son is the strongest fairy

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Drunk moon building.


Seeing Sun Hao, Qin Yu quickly rushed to come, a smile.

The face is aware of awe.

"Qin Gongzi, I have been waiting!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, you can come, wait for a long time, I will be willing!"

"Gong, please!"

The three came to the top box and sat down.

"Bonology, this is the best tea in drunkard - drunk cactus!"

"This tea is fresh and refreshing, extremely rare!"

After that, Qin Yu gave Sun Hao two, and poured a cup.

Drunk cactus?

This name is very good, I don't know how to taste it?

I think so, Sun Hao picked up the cup and smelled a little.

Suddenly, an extreme discomfort is coming.

It's hard!

This is also a fresh and refreshing?

What joke is open?

Compared with your big red robe, it is a few grades.

Look, this world of spirit tea is never your big red robes.

"What's it? Bon."

Seeing Sun Hao put down the cup, Qin Yu face, is worried.

"This tea is not in touch with my appetite, or drinks I brought it!"

After that, Sun Hao gave the phoenix.

Huangru dreams, take all kinds of tea sets.

Grapping a big red robes, Sun Hao began to cook tea.

Qin Yu sat next to him, the look, the change is uncertain.

This pot of tea, but spending dozens of pointed stone, extremely precious.

This is a year!

Today, the first sequence position is lost, and I want to have a lot of spiritual stone, there is no ten years of eight years, and I can't do it.

In order to ban a gong, he himself has a blood.

Unexpectedly, the son did not even see the most expensive drunk cactus?


How is this better?

", son this is?"

"Boil tea? This action is too good?"

"What kind of tea is, I haven't seen it."

Because I can't practice, Qin Yu naturally can't see the big red robe.

Shortly after.

"Qin Gongzi, still drink my tea, can it be good?"

Sun Hao voice, wakes Qin Yu.

"Good!" Qin Yu's consciousness opened.

"Qin Gongzi, please!"

Sun Hao poured a tea to him and presented.

"Thank you gong!"

Qin Yu picked up the cup and Xiao Yi.


Qin Yu is in the same place.

Xiangru Lan Zhi, tastes like Ganlin.

Hot tea entrance, revealing a cold, poured into the throat, penetrating into the meridians, and then gathered in the mind.


Like the egg shell, the sound is in the mind.

Qin Yu's brain, some kind of ban should sound.

The soul is at this moment, quickly enhanced.

"This ... this is aura?"

"Can I feel aura?"

Qin Yu has a stormy waves.

According to the family's skills, he began to absorb the surrounding aura.


A sound.

Just a few breathing, Qin Yu reached the peak of the gas.

However, this did not stop.

Promise the praise tea, more than strengthening the strength of the soul, there is more spiritual power.

These spiritual power, rapid convergence in his Dantian, rapidly transformation.

I can't take a moment.


It is a sound that sounds, endless Dantian sea, fast formation.

"This is there is no Shang Dantian! I ... what am I made?"

"Little small tea, there is such a power?"

"Is the son give me a drink, is a proudly tea?"

"It's impossible! Just, the son is clearly caught in dozens of tea, how can I know the tea, what do I think? That kind of unparalleled treasure, can be my wait for some people to drink!"

Thinking of this, Qin Yu shake his head and slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at the tea leaves before the sun, could not be bombed by the scalp.

Wu Dao Tea!

Absolutely Wu Kao Tea!

The son actually has so many Wu Dao Tea,

Legend has it that place, there is a great forces to master a proud tea tree, and a leaf will be knotted for 3,000 years.

Is the son that is that place?

And he is still the great ancestor?

This is the case, or else to come to Wukong tea?

The old ancestors, but the most powerful fairy - clock ion!

This exists, just sit in front of me?

So much.


Qin Yu took a few mouthfuls of cold.

It is a lot of life that can be repaired in order to change this.

Heaven, you finally open your eyes.

The humiliation of these years is finally washed!

Qin Yu is heart, and it has been crushed by the excitement.

It is difficult to recover between a time.

"Qin Gongzi, is it not in your appetite?"

A reminder of Qin Yu.

"Gong, no ... no!"

"You are too good to drink this big red robe! The aftertaste is endless!"

"That don't be stunned, you will not drink cold!"

"Yes, the son!"

Qin Yu is a tea cup and continue to drink.

", Fuyuan +1."

", Fuyuan +1."


Such a tone is constantly sounding.

I heard these sounds, Sun Hao was slightly.

This guy is not mortal.

Hidden is deep enough.

In this case, I will send him a little gift.

"I will send a pair to him!"

Sun Hao made a decision.

Shortly after.

" ..."

Outside the door, there is a knock on the door.

"Several guest officers, are you started now?"

This sound, wakes Qin Yu.


I didn't wait for the opening of Qin Yu, Sun Hao replied first.

Since tea is so difficult to drink, the dish is also delicious.

Still do it yourself.

"Bonology, this ..."

On the face of Qin Yu, it is embarrassed to show a little bit.

Please ask the son to eat, the son is not eaten, the son actually gives yourself to drink tea.

How do you have to go?

"Qin Gongzi, if you don't mind, I will do it, you will try, how?"

"Gong, how can this?"

"You don't have to give up."

Can get a franchise value, do a meal, what is it.

Next, the Phoenix dreams all kinds of kitchenware, Sun Hao began to move.

At Qin Yu's eyes, a fine tackle presented in front of him.

Crystal clear, like a piece of art.

Unique, fragrant, come.

The belly does not help but ring, the index finger is driving.

"Qin Gongzi, come, don't welcome!"

"Yes, the son!"

"Qin Gongzi, I heard that your Qin family is mainly relying on alchemy?" Sun Hao asked.

"Good, son!"

"Then you know a lot of alchemy?"

"Did you dare, in front of the son, what is nothing at all? I have a few questions here, I want to ask the son, please give a son to each other."

"I don't dare, but if I know, I naturally know all!"

The food has endless aftertaste, and the son talks about Confucian.

Every sentence, direct hit the soul, Qin Yu has a feeling of Mouton.

He himself, a straight road, straight through the peak of Dan Road.

"It turns out that this is the real Dan Road!"

Qin Yu is shocked, looking at Sun Yao, full of worship.

He listens to his ear, not dare to let Sun Wei every word.

Don't feel, you have passed a few hours.

Qin Yu stood up and squatted.

"The son, no tooth unforgettable!"

"You don't have to be polite! First, I will send you a little gift."

"Mon, how is this?"

"Nothing, accept it!"