It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 117, the world is warm, seeing 1 cut

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West Fairy City.

A purple boating slowly lifted.

Sun Hao took a piece of fairy crystal and sent to the energy slot.

"Zi Zi ..."

The ribbon is above, the five-color electricity, keeps jumping, direct into the fairyland.

Xianjing is visible at the naked eye, rapidly melting, and is absorbed by the boat nucleus.

On the sampling, the multicolored electricity flashes, it is very bright.


Away, with the centers of the boat, spread around the spider mesh.


Sound, the boat is slightly vibrating, just a plane that will take off.

"The son, controlling the boat, just integrates the idea!" Huangru dreams.


Sun Yi nodded, sinking, thinking about the boat.


A burst of brains.

At this moment, Sun Yizhen should be integrated with the boat.

This feeling is very wonderful, there is no discomfort.

You can see all the scenes surrounded by countless eyes.

I feel that I am a boating, the boat is myself.


The idea is moving, and the purple electric is slowly empty.

"I feel you can fly!"

Sun Yu looked smaller and smaller the ground building, and his face was shocked.

As an earth man, this is an unable to describe.



A burst of sound explosion, the boat instantly disappeared.

Fast speed is unable to react.

"So fast!"

Sun Hao controlled the boat, and when it was time to rise, it decreased.

The Phoenix is ​​looking at Sun Wei, and I worship.

This boat core, compared with the previous one, I am afraid of 100 times!

Now, the speed of the boat is flying with yourself, it is not the same!


So far, the Phoenix dreams I have heard that there is such a horror rate.

Even if the mother is driving, the speed is only half!

"If you dream, do you want you to try?" Sun Hao recovered awareness and said.

"Okay, son!"



West House Xiancheng, Qin family.

In the hall, the owner is sitting in his position, sitting, full of face.

He is the first refining Dan Master, Xiancheng City.

At the same time, he is also the father of Qin Yu.

Respected by countless people.

However, the son Qin Yu is very unrestrained, and it has been unable to practice.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge, the next product is unfilled.


The old elderly son Qin Dong Jun refined the best Prenatan.

No, Qin Zheng gave Qin Dongjun in the first sequence.

"Master, today, the first serial handover ceremony, what about Qin Yu?"

At this time, the old man stood out.

"I have sent people to find!" Qin Zheng said.


The old man is cold and cold, "the owner, you won't you deliberately delay?"

"Master, I, I have, I understand that Qin Yu is your son, but you are Qin family, you have to think about Qin family, but can't be a selfishness!"

"Qin family develops, it can be relying on the back of the generation, the owner, this is a time, otherwise, I sent people to find it!"

Every one is old, standing out.

Qin Zheng's face is blue, and it is very ugly.

Don't think he doesn't know!

The Qin Dongjun did not refine the best panter.

Everything is a dark box, and yourself thinking about it for the family.

Although Qin Yu can't alder, but alchemy knowledge is no.

In the future, I will contribute to the whole family, will be extremely huge.

However, these elders are actually awkward for a selfishness.

"Then you send people!" Qin Zheng sighed.

"Yes, the owner!"

A long-lost corner is rising, and the face is revealed, and it is cold, ""


At this time, a sound.

Qin Yu is striving in.

He looked at a long and old, and he did not change color.

"I don't know if you are looking for me, what is the so-called?" Qin Yu said.

"Qin Gongzi, today, the first sequence handover ceremony, you are doing for your predecessor, how can you not be on the scene?" A long said.


Qin Yu smiled coldly, "I agree?"

This is one out, surrounded by a dead.

On the face of each person, there is no confident color.

If the owner appointed, you need you to agree?


Long and old smile, "Qin Gongzi, this doesn't need you to agree?"

"Is this true?"

"According to Article 51, sequence handover, it is necessary to refine the Tiangan, and you can not need your predecessor!"

"This article, is it difficult to grow old?"

This is out.

A sterile.

Many people widened their eyes and the expression was strange.

I miss, but I don't dare to laugh.

"Haha ..."

Finally, someone can't hold it.

"Alchemy Talent? This guy actually has a face to say the Dan Talent!"

"I am laughing at me, I am laughing at me, my master is really a good son!"

"Don't laugh, don't you see the family's face?"

Qin Dongjun stood in the population of children, then first, then, it was a smile, "this guy, it is still not dead!"

I heard these laughter, Qin Zheng's face was blue, and the fist was held.


A big drink, immediately let everyone calm down.

"Hold the first sequence handover ceremony!"

Qin Zheng sound is cold, and he is in all his ear.

"Father, I ..."

"Domestic mouth, is it too irresponsible?"

Qin Zheng drunk, immediately let Qin Yu closed his mouth and no longer speech.

On his face, it is exposed to the color of disappointment.

He sighed and retired.

"Yes, the owner, the leader!"

The old man stands out, bent over, and Yu Guang sweeps in Qin Yu, his face is proud.

"The handover ceremony is open!" The old man was buddy.

"Haha ..."

Qin Yutian laughed and smiled.

"You think that I will rare this first series?"

"This location, don't go!"

"From today, my Qin Yu and Qin family have no relationship!"

Qin Yu voice Zhang mad, laughing between heaven and earth.

After he handled the first series token, he worshiped in front of Qin Zheng, "Hey, thank you for your kindness!"

After the three kneels, Qin Yu got up and turned to take a big step, quickly.

That's decorated, see Qin Zheng's look, "Yuer!"

Qin Zheng opened his mouth and was unable to speak.

"The handover ceremony is officially started!"

"Please first prize Qin Dongjun to go Taiwan!"


Qin Jia, who is continuing to give Qin Dongjun to the first sequence ceremony.


Qin Yu has stayed away from Qin family, and a person quickly rushed on the big street.

Soon, he came to a house before.

On the house, write two words: Van Fruit.

"Is this not Qin less? Let's find a lady? Sorry, Miss is not at home!"

"not at home?"

Qin Yu face slightly changed, but it quickly calved it, "Brothers, troubles with Mas Miss."

"Brother? Who is your brother?"

"Rolling, when you are lie? On your kind of waste, I dare to come to my lady!"

Guard pointed to Qin Yu, it is a pain.

Qin Yu looked at the guard, the fist was held, and a group anger, and he was straight to the bottom of the feet.

At any time, you will explode.

On his face, there is a touch of unbelief, secretly : "It is impossible, the snow is not such a person!"

Qin Yu is surrounded by stone wall, accelerates speed, and go to the backyard of the Van Front.