It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 118, there is no demon, purple gas

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"Snow, are you at home?"

"I miss you, snow!"

"I know that you won't go from me, you are saying something!"

Qin Yu is standing outside the hospital, shouting loudly.

"I said the lady is not there, and I dare to call, be careful, I am!"

"Snow, I know that you are not such a person!"

"Give me!"


"Snow, I know that you are kind."

"Snow, I will not give up you!"


In the courtyard, a woman heard these words, the eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and the face was impatient.

"A waste, do you really think that I can see you in Vatican?"

"Now, you are not the first sequence, and have a face to find me?"


Van Sah is dark.

In the case of really can't stand, Vatican has a big step, go out of the institution, and looked at Qin Yu.


Qin Yu nose is swollen, and the pig's face is on the face, and it is a shot.

"Don't call me snow!"

"What happened to Snow?"

"what happened?"

Bravo, the face is clear, "You really thought that the Miss really looks like you? Hehe ..."

"Don't remove the urine photo, you don't know what you are like, you don't know what it is."

"Now, I have been engaged with Qin Dongjun, you roll, don't bother me!"

The sound is cold, there is no feeling of feelings.

Qin Yu heard these, but he couldn't believe it.

The gentle Van Sah was not seen before.

It turns out that she is true, but is it ugly?

"Haha ..."

Qin Yu stood up and laughed.

In the sound, hence the endless despair.

Then, he opened his footsteps and going quickly.

That night.

Qin Dong Jun served as the first sequence celebration, countless guests, swarming.

The whole Qin family, the lights are clear, and the cup will change, a lively scene.

The wine has passed three patrols.


Suddenly, a surprise sounded.

Then, the black sky, suddenly lit up.

Over time, the sky is getting brighter.

There are countless purple clouds, and the West is reflected in the West.

West House is skydock, fast rotation, like a purple gyro, flock to a pub.

West House Xiancheng, a cultivator standing in the same place, staying in the sky, but can't believe it.

"This ... this is a purple gas!"

"What? Zi Yong East? How will this vision?"

"The legend, the refining, there is no such thing," can produce this vision. "

"But this is so strong, I am afraid that it is the best in there is no medicine!"

"What? There is such a refining teacher in this world?"

Excluding, constantly ringing.

Every person is watching as the purple gas is moving.

"Yes, the purple gas is full of Tianfu Inn!"

"There is such alchemy master to stay in Tianfu Inn, you must have to visit!"

"Go, go!"

Qin family, instantaneous disintegration.

All cultivators flew to Tianfu Inn.

Even if Qin Dongjun, it is also rapidly.

"In this life, there is still this master of alchemy, if you can become his apprentice, will be no cause!"

Qin Dongjun clenched his fist, accelerated quickly.

On the other hand, Van Wan looks at the direction of Tianfu Inn, and it is also a fist. "If you can follow this master, this life has no regret!"

Tianfu Inn is surrounded by denseness, surrounded by people.

Everyone stands in the same place, the atmosphere does not dare, I am afraid to provoke the master of alchemy.

"Fast, the purple gas is not in the inn."

"This means, shocking, weeping ghosts, it is terrible!"

"This is completely alchemist!"

"Will he come in that place?"

"That is also used, Tian Luo mainland, why have he had this major alchemy master!"

Many monograms have low discussion,


A sound.

A layer of waves, in the inn, spread around.

The sound is not large, but it is shocking everyone.

Every face is shocked.

"Let's let!"

At this time, a group of guards were in front.

Qin family is coming to the Fan family.

A group of cultivators immediately squeeze and let the open avenue.

"What? Qin family is alarmed with Van family? This is still there?"

"That is also said, such alchemist, Qin Ban, will Qin Van will miss?"

They looked at these two teams, in their eyes, they were envy.

"Qin family Qin has seen the master!"

"Fanjia Vanlo saw the master!"

The two people are neat, respectfully.

"Gure ..."

A sound.

Window opens.

A face mask, is in black man standing on the window, he calmly glances, faintly open, " , what?"

The sound is old, the earth is in the ear, but it is a roar.

Qin Zheng and Vanlo face micro-change, hurry to hold the boxing ceremony, "Seniors, you refine the surgery, and we will admire the extreme, come to see!"

"Is this true?" Blackman said.

"The seniors, the word is not fake!" The two nodded.

"Since I have already met, Nell is waiting to go back!" Blackman said.


The two people are hysteresis, between them, standing in the same place, and is difficult.

"Qin Zheng, Vanlo, I am not difficult for you, let's leave!" Black men opened.


Qin Zheng face is ugly, helplessly shook his head, returned to the crowd, standing on the edge, continued to look.

The Van family, Zhang Zhang, helplessly go back.

"Qin Dongjun, what are you here, what is the so-called?" Black men asked.

This time, Qin Dong handsome looks.

The face is surprised and touched.

The predecessor actually know my name?

Is it clear that all the surveys have been clearly investigated, is it to receive me?


Qin Dong Jun is worshiping the land, hoeing, "Seniors, I am coming to worship you as a teacher!"

"Take the teacher? You didn't say anything? Are you willing to be a waste?" Black male.

"Seniors, you just have fun, if you are waste, the Chinese alchemist is a waste!"

"Seniors, I am willing to worship you as a teacher, never regret!"

After that, Qin Dong Junxing three kneel.

The black man did not see Qin Dongjun, but to see the Van Sah.

"Van Sah, what are you here?"

"Seniors, little women are willing to follow you, don't give up!" Samya said.

"Are you engaged with Qin Dongjun? Is it consent?"

This is, and the Vatican is a glimpse.

The predecessor, really clearly, even knows.

This person can be followed by side, and it is unlimited!


Brahm, worship, do not stop, "Seniors, you can rest assured, he will agree!"

"Seniors, I agree, I fully agree!"

After finishing, Qin Dongjun also kept his head.

See this scene.

Black girl is laughing, "Haha ..."

"Good one will not leave!"

"Good one worships me as a teacher!"

"You is really ridiculous!"

The sound is gradually becoming young by the old.

He slowly picks up the mask and exposes its true.


Air is stagnant, time stationary.

All faces are shocking.

"What? Qin Yu? Is he not a waste?"

"How is this possible? Is it all fake? He deliberately played?"

Excluding, non-exploded.

Qin Yu did not speak, not explained.

He is just right hand.

A plant plants, flying, in the sky, in the liquid.

These liquids, rapid fusion, shiny.


Tiandi spent.

Infinite isoids, there is a swirl, gather in the liquid.

A unopened Dan, fast forming.

"This ... this is a way of relying on it, I have never seen it, I am not smelling!"

"It's terrible, actually uses the next product, you can refine the unlucky Dan, when today, who can do?"

Everyone opened his mouth and muttered himself.


Qin Yu right hand, there is no panoramic to the hands of Qin Zheng.

"Qin Zheng, this is a repayment you to raise the kindness!"

"From today, I have no father, no father, no friends, no hate!"

"It is only to repay the son!"

"The life is only for the son of the son!"

"Gong, I am coming!"

After that, Qin Yu is on the sky, floating in half.

Little finger, sky is big, transient a swirl.

He drilled into it, turned into a Changhong, disappearing in the sky.

At the scene, a dead.

Many cultivators opened their mouths, and they did not speak.

That shock, words can't be described.

a long time.

"Scorpio, Qin Yu is actually alchemist! This day, I didn't see it!"

"Waste? Is this a waste? Who dares to say that he is a waste, come out to old, and don't hit you! He means to break the big array, this strength has a few people?"

"If he is a waste? So what about you? Waste is not as good as ?!"

The fried voice continues.

Qin Dongjun stood in place, ashamedless.

It is refining yourself to the best Ling Dan, completely from cheating.

And he waved between, and refining the unlucky Dan.

This is one day, one.

Qin family is such a genius, which is actually forced by himself.

Qin family is on the old face, keeps convulsions, a distinctive look.

"He ... he is Qin Yu?"

"I ... I am a fool, why do you want to say that?"

"My lover, don't go!"

"Qin Yu, I love you! I really love you!"

Falling with no flow, writing on the Fastek Snow.

She fell to the ground, the whole person didn't make God.

the other side.

Qin Zheng took out the medicinal herbs, and the mouth was slightly twitching.

"My child, for your father!"

"If I can stick to it, you must never leave the Qin family!"

"I hope you will be safe in your life!"

Qin Zheng face, old tears.