It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 119 Since the ancient times, is there a strong person to eat dragon?

One night.

The name of Qin Yu, spread throughout the West Fairy City.

Sincere, it will soon discover, Qin Yu and Sun Yai gatherings.

Moreover, Qin Yuzui Zhongmin, don't think, it is Sun Wei.

It is necessary to be him, it will like this to Qin Yu.

One day, I became a genius, I can refine the unlucky Dan!

This is completely a surprised legend!

A tea building.

"I didn't expect that this West House Xiancheng has come to a peerless fairy!"

"Yeah! I heard that many people have seen the peerless cactors in Wang Xinglou, but he appeared to be mortal, no spiritual fluctuation!"

"This is normal, this is the person, you can make you see strength! Hey, I really regret it, if you go to the boat selling store, how good!"

"Get it, you will not be a ridicule!"

"Yes! I am a special king. I like to raise the bar. If I encounter the peerless people, I am afraid that the person will be upset, and I will call yourself!"

Such discussion sounds in many places in West House.

At a time, the atmosphere of the West Fairy City had a subtle change.

Original temper violent and cultivated fairy, significantly converges a lot, for strangers or mortals, they are trivial.

Many cultivators have hate and resolve and become friends.

For these, Sun Hao will not know.

At this moment, he is talking to the phoenix to control the flying boat, hit the world, and it is very good.

After flying a few hours, Sun Hao recovered awareness and turned on the automatic flight mode.

"Dream, this purple electricity is really powerful, you can fly automatically!" Sun Hao said.

Heard this,

The Phoenix is ​​a smile, "Yes, the son!"

This is a powerful power, it is clear that the son is powerful.

The boat has been born.

Although it has just been born, it is like a five-year-old child. It can completely induct the owner.

"If you dream, you say how long does it take?" Sun Hao asked.

"Bonology, this is similar to me, it takes two days!" Huangru dreams.

"So fast?"

Sun Hao is in the eyes of the eyes.

In general, the speed of the boat is far from flying with the immortal flight.

The difference is that the boating is used for a long time, and the fairy is flying to consume spirit, usually only for short distance flight.

If the dream can now be the strongest person throughout the Western region, it is not the same as her speed, isn't it to say, the whole western region, no one chases yourself?

In the future, it is afraid of a hair.

One person is outside, you can also run the boat to escape.

Thinking of this, Sun Hao smiled nod.

"I sent so many paintings yesterday, should I get a lot of blessing values?"

So thinking, Sun Hao opens the franchise panel.


Sun Hao looked at the above number, the whole person stupid.

Send so much thing, is it such a good value?

It seems to have only increased by 300 points.

Lying in the trough, send six pairs of words, only increase the 300 points?

What is going on here?

Sun Yizhen frightened, detailed thinking.

"It's hard, it is really the reason?"

Sun Hao thought the franchise value obtained from Xuanyuan poetry not long ago.

It is also to send a pair of paintings, outside the blood-Physical necklace, only 50 blessings, at home, but there are 500 blessings.

As soon as this, get the franchise value is related to the home?

Lying in the trough, is this not telling me: wretched, don't wave!

"As a dream, I saw Tian Peng and the two old ages, and asked Sun Wei.

"The son, a four-step flying, the other two, three steps flying!" Huangru dreams.

"Flying misery? It seems that the Xuanyuan poems are different!"

"If so, don't you say that the franchise value outside is just one tenth of the home?"

"I rub, it's better to go back, wait for the Qi Fu edge value to come out again!"

"Try first."

So thinking, Sun Yan looked at the phoenix, saying: "If you dream, we go home!"

"Okay, son!"

Phoenix is ​​nodded.

"call out……"

The purple electric boat, turned into a Changhong, soon, it disappeared in the sky.



Sino-Domain, Xuanyuan family in a secret room.

Xuanyuan poems stand in front of Xuanyuan, slowly takes out a jar.

This tank is applied, it is yellow meat.


The jar opens, a different incense, flourishing the nasal cavity.

At this moment, Xuan as the dust seal for many years, the taste buds, did it actively, saliva is like a small stream, running out.

He looked at the jar of crystal clear dragonfly, and he did not move.

The seductive shiny, like it is said: "Come and eat me!"

" ..."

The belly hung is like thunder.

Xuan as a smile, "Little Poem, what is this?"

"Father, you didn't see it?" Xuanyuan asked.

"What is the secret of God, what is it?" Xuan asked.

"Father, you will take a deep breath first, calm down!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"As for? Little people food, can you still scare me?" Xuan as a full face.

"okay then!"

Xuanyuan poetry took chopsticks and put the faucet of the cans up and put it in front of Xuanyuan.


Like nine days, the thunder is in Xuanyi's mind.

Xuan as a whole body, the body trembled, on the forehead, sweating.

He highlighted his eye, and he looked at the faucet, and the whole person paved on the stool.

"This ... this is Huang Long Dan, I ... my old grandfather!"

Xuan as a deep breath, strive to be peaceful, this is good.

For a long time, he hopes Xuanyuan poetry, "Do you do?"

"What I do?" Xuanyuan asked.

"Huanglong is you killing?" Xuanyi asked.

"Father, do you think the daughter has this thing? Huang Long is naturally a son!" Xuanyuan poem said.


It is also a thunder, in the Xuanyuan Sea.

He in the heart, the chest is dramatic.

Dare to eat Huanglong! That is the guilty of the ancient dragon!

What is the mother of the son? It's so horrible!

Even the ancient dragon is not in the eyes!

"Is this a son to give you?" Xuan asked.

"of course not!"

Speaking here, Xuanyuan poems showed a lot of proud, "I see the son to pour it into the pond, and you are going to the son."


It is another sound.

Xuanyuan is extremely ugly, pointed at Xuanyuan poem, loudly: "Little poem, how do you dull!"

"Father, why do you say this?" Xuanyuan poetry did not understand.

"Do you know what the background of Huanglong?" Xuanyi said.

"Isn't it the ancient dragon? Compared with the son, the fart is not enough!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"Stupid! What is the ancient dragon? What is the punk?"

"You don't know before the ancient, is the dragon rule the world? At that time, the livestock is usually taken!"

"Even if the ancient dragon is now not falling, it is not anyone who can provoke!"

"Since the ancient times, you have heard that one of the strong people eat dragon meat?"

This discontinuation, directly put Xuanyuan poetry.