It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 120th chapter has alarmed the ancestor, from God's source

"The strong people since ancient times do not eat dragons, do not mean they can't kill the dragon!"

"But I don't dare to have the horror behind the Guilong!"

If Xuanyi is like a thunderstorm, Xuanyuan poems moisturize the original.

She is stupid to stand there, there is no movement for a long time.

Look at the father's appearance, the terrorist existence of the ancient dragon is, it is certainly invincible.

I am afraid that the son is not an opponent.

Now, dragon meat has been eaten.

How is this better?

"Father, what should I do now? We quickly told the son?" Xuanyuan poem said.


Xuan as a hand, "Since the son is in the Qing Dynasty, the rush tells, I am afraid to break through him."

"Since we know this is Huanglong meat, then you can't eat!" Xuanyi said.


Xuanyuan poem nodded, "Father, then I am going to fall?"

"Stand! This is Huanglong meat you dare to fall? Before you know, you will let me wait, you must be a ancestor usually given!"

"Walk, go to the ancestors!"

"Yes, my father!"

Soon, the two came to the Ancestral Hall.

"Dear ancestors are on, Sun Jer is not filial, and today has received the dragon, there is no already, out of this policy, please don't see it!"

After the three kneels, Xuan as a jar next to the jar.

After that, I will do three kneels.

Xuanyuanyi took Xuanyuan poetry and walked out of the ancestral hem.

Let him don't know, the jar is fragrant, full of full ancestors.

" ..."

One of the plates,


Xuan as two people returned to the family

There is not long after sitting down.


The Ancestral Hall came over, there was a shock.

"What is going on?" Xuan Yan frowned and showed an uneasy.

"It seems that it is coming over there, will there be a dragon family to find a door?" Xuanyuan's face is not comfortable.

"Not so fast, let's take a look!"

Then, the two rushed out of the house, rushing to the ancestral hem ...

The depth of the Xuanyuan family.

A piece of a glass of glasses is lying on a white hair.

His face is full of gully, it looks like a dead.

this moment.

The old man smells smell, and his eyes suddenly opened.

"Good fragrance, too fragrant, what is it to give old husband?"

"Too hungry, I want to eat!"

"No, I am sleeping, I can't leave God Yuan!"

"Once you leave God source, you can only live for ten years. Ten years later, there are people who are unfavorable to me, I am afraid ..."

"Do so how do you do it? The children and grandchildren have children, Sun Fu, and manage themselves!"

"This thing is not going to eat, I am afraid that I will regret life!"


After a struggle.

The old face is revealing a good look.

Then, the old man began to struggle.


Shenyuan vibrates, driving the entire Xuanyuan family, shakes.

" ..."

A fried.

God source cracked.


The power of Shenyuan is in the body of the old man.

In his eyes, he turned a little angry.

"Hey, spiritual power is exhausted to this level, I can only live for five years!"

"For five years, it is five years, and it will always be comfortable than you have been."

After that, the old man flashed and disappeared.

When it appears again, it has come to the ancestral.

"Good incense, too fragrant!"

If you don't say it, the old man picks up the jars on the altar, reach out to grab.

Grab a piece of yellow tong meat and stop in the entrance.

"Let's ..."

A slave of chewing.

The old man closed his eyes and quietly feeled every tasty.

"Too delicious, it's so delicious!"

"The fragrance is delicious, chewing is full, sweet and spicy, every taste cooperation, it is just right! One point is not much, a lot!"

"This is really the world!"

While caught the meat in the jar, the old man swallowed into his mouth.

Unconsciously, Huanglong meat has been eaten by him.

At this time.


Two figure, rapid.

These two are exactly Xuan as Xuanyuan poems.

They looked at the old people, the whole person stupid, and did not believe.

When the old ancestors are generally dedicated, they are eaten so.

Who is he?

For a while, the three people were very eye-catching, no one was moving.

"Who are you? Dare to ?"

Xuan is not right, it is wrong, it should be said to be a middle-aged man.

At this moment, it has been fully changed.

Even him, did not find it.


Middle-aged men smiled slightly, "the old man is Xuan Yun!"

"Let's go, dare to blame the old ancestor name, find dead!"

Then, Xuanyi pounced and watched with Xuanjie.

However, Ren Xuanyi's way is exhausted, and it is also unable to hurt Xuan Jie.

Xuan Tielie is just gently, anything will be unable to be absent.

Plus in the ancestral hem, Xuanyuan does not dare to open the fire.


Xuan Yanlie drunk, shocking Xuanyi, "The old man is really Xuan Jing!"

"Less! The old ancestor portrait I have never seen it, how do you see it like Shouyuan?

Xuanyuan's face, showing a taboo.

For this powerful, completely, can only be explained!

"Unlike the people who burn out? How is this possible?"

Xuanyuan touched his face, and his hand was returned.

Then, he will move, feel the vitality in the body, not hurt the original.

"My ancestors! I am angry in my body, I will not be a problem for more than 10,000 years!"

"Is it the reason for eating this jar?"

Then, Xuanyuan looked at the bottom of the jar, could not be fried by the scalp.

I saw it, a faucet is there!

This faucet has strongly stimulating his nerves.

It turned out that he had eaten, it is a dragon meat!

Old days!

I am a big disaster!

Xuanyuan is over, the family is over!

How is this better?

Xuanyuan is more ugly than bitter gourd.

Do not move your head.

The loss of the soul, the words can't be described.

Suddenly, Xuanyuan Thinking is a pick, it seems to think of what.

No, a few pieces of meat, how can I have such a rich and vitality.

Don't say that it has justified dragons, even if you are Xianlong, it is impossible to have such a strong vitality!

This, there is a sticker!

Xuanyuan took a jar and was smelled before the nose sniffed, and suddenly the eyes were light.

"This is there, there is a taste of unsatisfactory medicine!"

"Old ... The old man actually swallowed the medicine?"

Xuanyuan muttered, I feel that this is like dreaming.

Do not die, every plant is the best in the medicine!

Only the great forces of that place will have it.

Moreover, the great force can have a plant, it is very good.

Generally, rewards give no enchanting, or when the family is dangerous, the old ancestors use to restore power.

It is impossible to be like this, directly as food!


Thinking of this, Xuanyuan is calm.

With a lot of time, he calmed down.

Finally, his eyes are staring on the two people in Xuanyuan poems.

"I am really Xuan Jing!"

After saying, Xuan Tielie demonstrates his signboard.

Subsequently, he looked at the two and asked.

"Just eat this jar of meat, it turns this!"

"You talk to me, where is this jar of meat?" Xuanyuan said.

"The ancestors, things are like this ..."

Then, Xuanyi's meaning of Xuanyuan poems to the blood nest, said it.

Xuanyuan listened to these, could not help but frown.

"In this life, there is still this odd?"

"Don't say anything else, the order is these vitality, it is not ordinary means!"

"There is still one, the little guy do you want?"

Xuanyuan looked at the leader in the eye, and asked.