It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 121st chapter is shocking, there is no holy place

Xuanyiyi listened, his face became a big change, and he waved his hand.

"Old ancestors, no ... No, I don't eat!" Xuanyi said.


Xuanyuan shook his head, picking up the faucet, such as a pig's trotters, put in his mouth, swallowing.

"Too good, too delicious!"

"Hey, it's true!"

"The original dragon meat is delicious!"

"Anyway, I have already eaten, eat more, and how?"

I heard these words, Xuanyuan's scalp hair, full of bitterness.


The belly is like a thunder.

"There is still a little soup, do you want?" Xuanshili asked.

"I ... I want!"

Xuan as usual, pick up the jar, pour the soup into the mouth.

Salty salty ...

Hierarchy is rich.

Various tastes, full of the entire mouth.

Each, it is just right.

It is simply delicious to explode.

Swalling into the belly, like swallowing a strong wine, warmth is full of whole body.

The body has left the dark injury, at this moment, tons for recovery.

Xuanyuan is stood in place, between it, no recovery.


"Eat this delicious, even if it is dead, it is worth it. Do you say it?"

Xuan Yu is satisfied with the belly, a pair of colors.

"The old ancestors, you teach it!" Xuan as said.

"Hey, is this jar?"

Xuan Ji Lie seems to find it wrong, holding a jar, put it in hand.

"This ... this jar seems to be ordinary, I am only afraid that it is strong enough to be strong than the swallowing can!" Xuanyuan said.


Isn't it better than the swallow?

The old ancestors will be joking?

"The old ancestors, what are you talking about?" Xuan asked.


Xuan Tiezhizi nodded and his thoughts seem to return to several hundred thousand years ago.

"I just became a cultivator, I saw that people used the swallowing magic cans, that thing, simply swallowing everything."

"Swallowing the magic can makes out, I see, tens of thousands of big can be swallowed, turned into a blood!"

"And I, because the strength is too weak, the man only took me as an ant, there was no positive eye, so I also hide!"

"This jar, I can only see a little! However, it is never poor than the swallowing cache, even more stronger!" Xuan Ji Lie said.

I heard this, Xuan as two people poured a breath.

Swallowing the magic cans, they naturally heard.

Unexpectedly, the ordinary jars got thereained from the son, even more strong than the swallowing magic can.

This is the treasure, the son actually gave himself?

"The old ancestors, this is said, the son is unable to imagine?" Xuanyi asked.

"Not bad!"

Xuanyuan nodded, "Since the son dares to eat dragons, maybe there may be the horror behind the dragon!"

"We have bind them on a boat with the son, then, I will do my best to do things for the son!" Xuanyuan said.

"Yes, the old ancestors!"

The two have a long time, showing a brilliance.

"Little girl, I heard that the son will send you a pair of couplets, take it to me!" Xuanyuan turned to Xuanyuan poetry and said.

"Yes, the old ancestors!"

After that, Xuanyuan poem took it out.


"Xianglong Teng Zige, Xi Feng around Zhu Xuan!"

Longfei Feng dance, the artistic conception.

Terrorist road rhyme, running out.

Follow it.


A dragon, the earthquake is swallous.


Xianglong two characters, sprinkled, floating in front of the two.

Then, these two words change quickly and become a golden dragon.

On the golden dragon, it is very beautiful, and it is very peaceful.


Jinlong Yizhen.

For the link, "Teng Zige" three words, flying.

Around the golden dragon, burst open.


On the Jinlong, Suddenly the Seven Colorful Glory, it looks endless, no marginal.

Jinlong straight track.

It has a sharp increase in the body, turned into a prestigious Jinlong.

Colorful Xiangguang, rushing from it, did not enter each corner of Xuanyuan.

this moment.

Bathing in the colorful people, whether it is a child, or a servant, it is stupid to stand.

The corner of the mouth, raising a smile.

That kind of comfort, full of every person.

In addition to people, Xuanyuan's family has a quiet change at this moment.

Waiting for the colorful light, Jinlong rushed into the ancestral hem, disappeared.


A phoenix.

The phoenix is ​​two words, and it is golden phoenix, and it is flying.

Then, "Around Zhu Xuan" three words, fly out.

Turn into nine-color light, surrounded by Jinfeng's non-stop.

Finally, in the same means, the nine-color light, sprinkle Xuanyuan family every corner.

At this moment, everyone stood in the same place again and moved.

Unable to describe, full of whole body.

At this moment, everyone is growing rapidly.

If the last time is a flesh, this time, it is the soul enhancement.

In this way, there is a long time for a long time.

Then, Jinfeng also drilled into the ancestral hem, disappearing.

The whole Xuanyuan family, a dead.

Everyone is stood in place, such as being seal.

Even if Xuan Jingie, this is also open, muttered for a long time, did not say a word.




Do not believe!


Various emotions, flourishing the Xuanyuan's chest.

"This this……"

Xuanyuan lip lips.

Have you lived so long, why have you seen this means?

Renovate a paradise!

Sum down on Xianglong and Xi Feng!

This is incredibly, can't imagine.

What existence is God's fascinating?

With your own strength, I am afraid that there is no qualification to know!

One thought here.


Xuan Yan Lie took a breath.

"Old ... old ancestors, this ... this ..."

Xuan as a voice.

Xuanyuan poetry is like a wood carving, stupid standing in the same place, moving.

"Little guy, sent, send it!"

"My Xuanyuan sent!"

"From now on, my Xuanyuan is unpoiled, no one is better!" Xuanyuan said.

"The old ancestors, now we don't have to be afraid of the dragon family?" Xuan asked.


Xuan Yu's face, scratiful, "Xiao Xiao Dragon, in front of God, don't count!"

"Even if the god is not shot, light is lighted now, no fear of the dragon!"

"From today, family everyone must look forward to the first of the gods, can't understand, listen to it?" Xuan Ji Lie's face, showed domineering.

"Yes, the old ancestors!"

Xuan Yuyi and Xuanyuan poetry together, respectfully.

"The god attacked our family, then we must give the god fascia people to have some gifts!" Xuanyuan said.

"The old ancestors, there is no one can send it!" Xuanyuan poem said.

"No, can you find it?" Xuan Yanzi snorted.

"Look for? Where to find?"

"God seems to look, nature is not the customs, or, we go to Longcheng to find it!" Xuanyuan said.

When I heard this, a few people had a big change, "the old ancestors, there is life for the banquet!"

"It's not the ban on the restricted area, what else can let the son can see?"

"How can you express your sincerity without life?"

"Little guy, you need to hone, just go to Longcheng with your husband!"

Xuanyuan pointed to Xuanyuan poetry and said.

"What? I ..."