It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 126, I will go immediately

"Xuanyuan has become a holy place?"

Mu Ice looks at the jade information, on the cold face, a smooth wave is flashing.

This Xuanyuan poetry went back to a few days, Xuanyuan family became a holy place!

You don't have to guess, Mu Bing also knows that it is a sonic couplet.

Not long ago, the Yaochi Palace also became a holy place because of the "Qingyu map".

There is no holy place, that is, there is no air transport, can avoid the robbery, never fall, this is extremely important to the sect or family development.

As a family of Mujia, I naturally think about the family.

"Mujia ?!"

Mu Ice fist is gripped, and a fierce light flashes.

She gradually relaxed after Chang Shu.

"No matter what, I am still a Mujia!"

"Now, with the son, you have gotten it!"

"Former things, count!"

Thinking of this, looking at the sky, muttering.

"Bonology, waiting for you to return, I can only see you with your face!"

"However, you can rest assured that after this time, I will send the family to the treasure to give you!"

Mu Ice darkly held his fist, and it was firm.

"This is five days, how is it still there is no evil family?"

Chen Xiu Ming Wipes the firewood knife, and shakes his head. "Will it be what we know?"

"will not!"

Luo Cow smoked slightly, "Since the son will keep you here, then there will be someone!"

This is just right.

"call out……"

A Changhong, rapidly.

Email a man, looking down below.

He is in a red robe, his hair is like blood, it looks like a flame.

He is exactly.

"The Phoenix is ​​like a dream, hurry up, you can't come out, you can't come out, be careful, I will be flat!"

If the sound is like thunder, the shock is in the five people of Luo Cow.


The five people are in the eyes, and they are flying, standing in front of the face.

Chen Xu Ying took a silver hair, smiled and looked, "you are finally here!"

"finally come?"

"I am waiting for me?"

"Oh, what do you think?" Chen Xiu smiled slightly.

I looked at Chen Xiu Ming, in my eyes, showing a hint, "I will rely on you?"

"You are really honey and sauce!"

Chen Kao shook his head, step by step.


"If you rely on a flying doll, I dare to refer to it in front of this seat?"

After saying, the right hand is loud.


A flame, rapid bombardering.

In an instant, I was blown up in Chen Kao.

"call out……"

Chen Xu Ming was like a broken kite, flew it, and he turned down to the ground.


Dust blow, no trace.


This person is half a fairy!

Luousi smashed, a fear of it.

From the flying misery to the cactus, there are two talents.

The first one is a flying.

The second is half a fairy.

Become a half-fairy, there is no avenue, and the power is increased by dozens of times!

It is impossible to fight.

Look at him appearance, it is obviously not ordinary half-fairy, it is likely to be two steps or even three steps!

Although it is not more than the forefront to face, it is not to be underestimated.

"Who are you? Why is it hurt?"

Those who hit the stone, the sound was cold.

"Who isn't of important, important, hurry to let the Phoenix dream come out, otherwise, you have to die!"

If the sound of rushing, rolling out, spread throughout the mountain.

This start.

"Can't stand it!"

A girl sounded a voice.

Below, a cherry tree is very rapidly changed to a little girl.

She is hands on the hand, pointers, "What are you talking about, including us?"

This sound, like Tianlei, fried in the spirits.

Looking at the little girl, the brain sweat is rolling.

This tree demon is found in the real world.

But one thing can be confirmed that the strength is on myself.

What did you encounter?

Just came out, I met this tree demon.

How is this better?

"Ask you what? Dumb?"

The little girl is full of anger, pointed to the spirits, shouting.

"Oh, Xiaofen, you can't do this!"

"The Qinglian Zun said, not allowed!"

At this time, another cherry tree also changed into a little girl.

The two have been exactly the same, and they can't find it.

"I didn't intervene! He said that we want to destroy us, I just asked!"

"As if he is weak, can you destroy us?"

"But what he said, it is really ignorant!"

Two little girls started quarrel.

The mustacle is standing on the sky, full of face.

Behind the cold sweat, rolling down, very fast, wet clothes.

In front of this power, it will advance and retreat.


At this time, a sound.

The smuggling of the peak is that the lottery is slowly blooming, and it has walked out of a beautiful woman.

She opened, two cherry tree demon immediately shut up!


"It is definitely a demon!"

Must muttered, the body is not shaking by autonomy.


Suddenly, the Qinglian respects to sweep.

Horror, parcel, package full body.

At this moment, the embarrassment is unable to move.

He has a feeling in his heart. This lotus demon, just the idea, you can let him lose their bones and don't exist.

Even if you have a teacher, you can't escape.

"I really shouldn't come here!"

"I know that I will listen to that person!"

"Or investigate a good thing!"

"Hey, I am impulsive!"

On the face of the face, there is no repentance.


Next second, he was perfect, and it disappeared.

"You can rest assured, we will not pay you!" Qinglian said.

"Many ... Thank you for your predecessors, I ... I will leave!"

The fierce voice trembled and returned.

Just, he still did not return a step, but found that his body was imprisoned and could not move.

"I want to come, I want to go?"

"Kill them, you can leave!"

A small loboli pointed at Luo Liu, said.

When you hear this, Luo Liu smashed his scalp, on your forehead, overflowing the fine pears.

"Yes Yes!"

Submit a fist, then, the eyes directly stared at the four people of Luo.

"There is no way, in order to live, I can only kill you!"

The face is murderous.

Just when he is ready to rush.


"It hurts!"

A call came from the ground.

I am looking for it, my pupil is contracted, and I don't believe it.

I saw it, and I flew out of the ground.

Despite the gray face, there is no half a scar on the body.

"How can this be?"

Confucius and big eyes, a face does not believe.

A flying kid, can you resist yourself?

Despite this hit, only has a strength, but it is not a flying environment to resist!

What's more, just a five-step flying kid!

Moreover, the kid is not used, and there is no hurt!

I can't stop shocking my head, I don't want to believe in front of you.

Light against the flesh, there is such strength.

That is his flesh?

Thinking of this, in the eyes, it is afraid.

"Today is troubles!"


Chen Kao was rushing to the sky, standing in front of him, the battle Tengsheng.

"Look, you are half fairy!"

"That is a bit mean!"

"Come, hurt each other!"

After that, Chen Xu Ming took out half a firewood.

"Chai knife?"

"Do you want to deal with me?"

Fiery frowned, but did not dare to think about his face.

Before you come here, you have used all kinds of secrets.

Confirm that there is no threat to your own characters, this will appear.

As a result, just appeared, I jumped out of a tree demon that could not be calculated!

There is also the lotus demon, it is a demon!

Also, this guy in front of you, against your own attack, absolutely you can't underestimate!

"Oh, come!"

Finger, take a red feathers.