It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 123, Wu Zu's feathers, burn hostel

"this is?"

Chen Xu Ming stared at the red feathers in the hands of the hands, and the eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and it was cautious.

The way is exhausted, and the red feathers cannot be perceived, and it seems that there is no difference with ordinary bird feathers.

"Give me a bird feather?"

Chen Xiu's mouth rose, picking up the firewood, and he will rush.


The heavens and the earth are shining.

The sky is dark, it is wrong, and it should be white and all the light is pressed.

The glare is not able to open your eyes.

"Knife shape?"

It is a jealous thing to look at the sky.


He put the feathers in his hand and shrewd it, and he blocked in front of him.


A tremor.

Bai Mang hit on the red feathers and launched a vibrato.

It is clear that the sound is not big, but the people are roaring.

When the white mang is dissipated, the red feathers have come to a faint red light, just like a burning match.

"No, it is Wu Zu's feather!"

Wen people exclaimed.


Wusu's feather?

Isn't it the emperor of Jinwu?

In the legend, when Jinwu's ancestors, I was repaired in a lifetime, refined into a feathers, and I called Wu Zu's feathers.

Wusu's feather, can burn the mountain, horror.

Moreover, only posterior generations can be protected.

As soon as this man is Wu Zu's generation?

At this time, a few people in Luo willow smoked.

This is troublesome!


A few people nodded and did not dare to pay attention.


Mu Ice took the sword and sent a swirl.

A layer of waves, shocking.

This sword came out, and instantly attracted attention.

"Is this unliked? No, this is a fairy!"

"She actually has a fairy?"

The face is shocked.

Next second, it is even more stupid.

I saw it, I also took out a fairy sword.

Su Yi Ling and Luo Liu smashed each of them with a pair of scrolls, and after the spread, the rhyme whistling.

Terrorist and pressure, squeezing is difficult to move.

His lips, the sound tremble, pointed to a few people, "you ... you, do you have a fairy?"

"Ha ha!"

Wen people have smiled slightly and took the lead.

"call out……"

The fairy sword was separated from him, and he took it straight.

"Hey, even if there is a fairy, what is it?"

"In front of the absolute strength, go to death!"

The stomant is flashing, disappears, picking up the red feathers, and the flying sword, I hit the past.

Ray flashes.


A loud noise, the sword was shocked.

When I appeared in the stone, I was right behind him.

This palm can use 50% of strength!

There is no accident.

" ..."

Wen people the stone flew, and he hit the ground and exploded a dust.

I haven't been happy yet.


A pair of scrolls have been flew to the sky.

Infinitely cold ice rhyme, such as the nine-day silver river sprinkles, instantly cover the mustacle.

At this moment, he was extremely difficult to finish the fingers, and the root finger was extremely difficult.

"Han Ice Avenue?"

"If you have this strength, I want to trap me?"

"I am also a road!"

The furious anger, suddenly shouted the red flame, instantly scattered the ice trip.


At his side, a sword, suddenly a shock, hit it on him.


His body was back and retired, and he used a lot of strength to steadily.

He just stood up.

"call out……"

After him, a knife is rapid.


A loud noise.

If the shell is like the shell, fell on the ground, blowing a dust.

Dust rushed to the sky and shrouded.

Waiting for dust dissipation.

Struggle, stand up,

He rushed to the sky, looking at the four people of Luo Liu, a cautious.

Five flying monstrual bodys played themselves, just killing one person.

They cooperated to make themselves not hurt.

Moreover, there is still one person and not shot.

How can this be?

"Hey, good pain!"

At this time, a sound.

I heard the scorpion, I couldn't help it from the scalp.

A low sweep, the pupil shrinks, the face is not believed.

I saw that I wanted out of the top of the ground, and the teeth were grieved.

He fly up, standing in front of his face, pointed to him, "Kid, do you know the old and love the young? Even the old man is also squatting!"


The sharp chest is hysterested, and the dumbs are speechless.

He looked at five people and secretly biting his teeth.

"So, then, come!"


Listed, you will be crazy.

Wu Zu's feathers came, stand in the top of the spirit, and bloom dazzling.

this moment.

The heavens and the earth are bright, such as absorbed by Wusu's feather.


Red-red flames, from Wu Zu's feather crazy, wrap the mustacle group.

His breath, rising sharply.

The horror flames, exudes all the power, sweep the four squares.

Air is distorted, hot waves.

I am afraid that I have been far enough, I can feel that my body is burned.

"Don't be stunned, take your hands!" Luo smoked.

This sound, five people move.


The ice trip rhyme, the next arrival, to resist heat waves.

"call out……"

Two fairy swords, speeding up, blooming sharp light, one after another, tie up.

On the sky,

A man and a woman, flying from the sky.

The two people blurred, can't see the face.

Just standing there, give a feeling that can't be shaken.

Will be the top of the top, a small view of the mountain.

That kind of unsighting, turning into a pressure, such as the waterfall is generally sprinkled.


Digital knife, even.

Each, it is more than ten times more than before.

" ..."

The fierce is not controlled for half.

The whole body is shaking.

The flames are getting more and more prosperous, with the attack around.


The fierce is unwilling.

On him, form a huge red fireball.


The fireball blocks everything, keeps shake, has reached the edge of the crack.

At any time, it will burst open.

"Break me!"




Five people, teeth, teeth, madness mobilize the strength, and confrontation.

at last.

Fireball can't afford, in this blow.


A loud sound, the sky is shaken.

A glare, bright, can't open your eyes.


A shock wave, spreading the quarter.

In an instant, wrap the five people in five willow smoked, with the original place.


Ground, exploded a loud noise.

The whole hill is melted into magma by horror high temperatures, as with candle tears.

I can't take a moment, the hill was cut down.

Shi Tag became the tip of the mountain, and it was a lot of empty, and there was no damage.

"Zi ..."

This magma, encountered Sun Hao residence, all evaporated into flying gray.

There is no damage to the whole residence.

Waiting for everything calm.

Arou is empty, only sharp.

Others have lost traces, as if they were blown into dust.

"Haha ..."

Sir, laugh, look mad.


Next second.

He does not change his face.