It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 124 He is God's fascinating!

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There are dozens of kilometers from Sun Hao residence, and the two black shadows are hidden in the void.

One of them is that the corpse is long - ink.

He is with him, it is the old age - ink.


A dull voice, came from the distance, echoing in the heavens and the earth, long time.

A shock wave stroke, blow it on your body, a hurt.

On the face of the two, it reveals a shock.

"The family is long, this attack contains the flame avenue, look like it is a strong attack!" Said Mo Wei.

"Yes, this kid, a half of the fairy, can burst out three steps and half fairy, it is really strong!" Ink soul nodded.

"The family is long, there is no powerful breath, we have to ..." Mo said.

The ink soul is slightly frowned, thinking about it, a waving, "Come with me!"

Under the leadership of the ink, the two are rapidly flying down, standing in the ground.

Then, the two were transparent to two transparent shadows, and they rushed in the jungle.

I went to the Mountain Peak of Sun Yuxi.

They slow down and be careful in front of it.



Sun Hao rested at the foot of the West Side.

Amounted house.

Ning Ming hopes to look at the hot pot of hot, and the eyes are light.

"Good and good!"

"The donor, you will go with peace!"

Then, Ning Mingzhi took the chopsticks and picked up a piece and swallowed into the belly.

These days, the son is not there, can't listen to the heads.

I think I want the son.

Looking for the fourth monster.

So, only three apprentices, search for it.

These days are looking for a lot of big demon.

However, these big demon strength is too weak, being killed by a small monkey, and it is helpless.

Dead big demon, directly discarding, it is a pity.

I would like to tell the son to tell the meat.

In order to kill some soul, I can only use it.

"Master, you see, the monkey will kill the monsters again, when can we go to Xi?"

A man who said a big abdomen said.

This person is the pork demon.

" ..."

Next to it, a man with a thundergate, the pair of pig demon is a boring, scared that he hid behind Ningming.

"Okay, death is dead!"

"The son said that the alcohol is smashed, and the Buddha is staying!"

"As long as the monkey is good, then it is enough!"

"Eat it!"

Ningming said.

"It's delicious, hoot ..."

The corner of the pigs, the stillet is overflowing.

"Hey, you only die, you will know if you eat, usually don't work!" Said the monkey demon.

"Monkey brother, this is not you! Let's say that this is so big, you can't eat it? Come ... Come, eat together!"

"The wine is smashed, the Buddha is not there?"

"Really delicious!"

The pig demon finished, let go.


The monkey demon snorted and also opened.

Ning Mingzhi looked at the white man in front of him, saying: "Do you still have to eat?"

"Master, I am born, there is no way!"

This white man is the horse demon.

"That line, you are watching it next!"

"Yes, Master!"

Several people let go of the big food, see the Maimi to swallow the mouth.

Several people eat positive.

At this time.


A loud sound, came from the top of the mountain.

The whole room is not shaking, it seems to solve it at any time.

That hot pot, directly on the ground.

"what happened?"

"Master, see someone is attacking the son!"

"What? Is it a evil? Don't you live?"

"Master, what should I do now?"

Ning Ming smartly frowned, touched the picture of the body, and his face was revealed.

"The apprentices, as the teacher to suppress the evil magic!" Ning Ming said.

"Yes, Master!"

After that, a few people mentioned a stick knife fork and went outside.

The other side is in the jungle.

Two phenomenal shadows slowly agglomerated.

They are ink souls and ink.

After stopping, the eyes are starking on Ning Ming.

One mortal?

Without any spiritual fluctuation?

There are three big demon around you?

Isn't he a bald?

"He is God's fascinating!"

The two are in the same way, they are looking at it, and the face is full.

It's really going to break the iron shoes, you have to come to the effort!

Heaven help me too!

"Long, I am going!" Mo Tun voice.


The ink is secretly nodded.


The shape of the ink, rapid changes.

If you don't take a moment, you will change into a man, run quickly.

"Master, wait!" Yugu shouted.

Ning Mingyi listened, full of confusion, look back, see, a man.

On the three demon faces, the color of the alert.

"What?" Ningming said.

"Master, you don't install it, I know you are a high!"

"You are now learning red dust with mortal, in fact, you are very powerful! I am right?"

After the two sentences, I took a few steps after the ink, and I pretended to be Ning Ming.

This news is also in listening.

As long as you point to the gods, then he will definitely be hurt.

At that time, killing him like a slaughter chicken.

I saw it.


Ningming is stupid to stand there, on the head, take a pile of question marks.

He is three big demon around him, and it is also in the original place.

"How? Nothing change?"

"I didn't take my heart?"

"How can it be!"

"Sure enough, the rumor is fake! Since this, die!"

After saying, the ink is shaped, and the moment appeared in front of Ning Ming. It was a palm of his chest.


A loud noise.

Ning Mingzhi just thought that he was targeting the son, the body is like a broken kite, flying out.

Hit into the tamah house.

" ..."

The tamahoff is blown.

Ning Ming is buried in it, and he is unknown.

"Is it so weak? Sure enough, is it a mortal? The baldness is coming to fun?"

On the face of ink, it is a clear.

" ..."

The monkey monster, the stick has rushed up.


However, where he is ink rival, he will be blocked.


A loud sound, the monkey demon is photographed.

The dust is flushed, and the trace is not visible.

The pigs that were originally rushed to see this scene, not from the body.

Subsequently, he turned around and waved his big knife toward another direction. "Kill!"

"Pig brother, anti!"

The horse demon saw, even shook his head, and rushed over, "dare to hurt Master, I will fight with you!"

"Do not self-power!"

This is finished, but I see the Ma Shi as a broken kite, fly.

The whole body hits the ground.

All circumstances, everything is calm.

Ink, I looked at this, I couldn't shook her head.

"I was blown into the god of the god, it turned out so unbearable!"

Ink is a smile.

Just this is just right.

"Hey ..."

A burst of bone friction sounded.

The monkey demon falls in the direction, two red, shooting in the smoke dust.

The huge figure, if the hidden is, run fast.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Every step, it shook the ground.

Between the blink, a giant, reach out of the sky, and smashed the ink.

See this scene, the ink pupil is more shrinkage, and quickly retreat.

Just, where is it.


A loud noise.

The ground layer is torn.

The dust is usually opened as the quilt.

The whole scene is like the end of the day.

The ink body is hit, and it is heavy into the ground.

I haven't waited for him to struggle, but I saw two fists, falling from the sky, and gotting to his chest, squatting.

"Boom! Boom!"

It is two loud noises.