It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 125, you also match? Just send you back

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Sun Hao accommodated.

"Half of the fairy is a must-have to pass over the gully, it is not the challenge!"

"Even if you have a fairy, what is it?"

Sliced ​​muttered, looking at the gradually extinguished magma, the mouth of the mouth.



A sword.

A fairy sword, from the sky.

Then, the people are drilled in the magma, quietly standing in front of the face.

The hair is black, and it is miserable.

Body, it is a lot of scars.

Despite this, this scene saw the eyes, but it is a cold.

Just one hit.

It is equivalent to three-step half-fairy full blow.

He actually intact?

How can this be?

Dream, you must do a dream.

Must murmured, don't want to believe in front of you.

And one second.

He is more like a ice well, chills.

"It hurts!"

Su Yi Ling stood up from the magma.

In her whisper, a pair of drawings.

Most of the injuries, all as much as possible.

Only the finger was burn a little, red.

She kept blowing his finger, "Hey, it hurts, how can you play this!"

"You hurt me,

I am welcome! Su Yi Ling hated hateful and said.

The fierce has not recovered from the rest.

At this time.

"call out……"

The other three are in turn.

Five people, completely surrounded by migratory.

The five people were only slightly injured, and they were not enough to do.

"I have a good feeling, I feel a little bit!"

Chen Xiu's mouth rose, and the battle is tendon.

He stared at him, just like a prey.

"Since following the son, I have forgotten what is called hurt!"

"I didn't expect, I finally had someone to let me know what is hurt!"

"This battle, I will come first!"

After that, Chen Xiu Yue took out the firewood and fill the power.

Because the strength is increasing, now he can settle the firewood to have a power!

Moreover, can use ten times!

This is a growth.


The firewood shocks ripples, and it is a whistling to the unspeakable.

"Hey, this, who is afraid!"

The fierce snorted, the flames were litter, formed a flame giant hand, aligned with the knife, and grabbed the past.

The knife gas and the flame giant hand, collided with the moment.


A sound.

Flame giant hand, instantly burst.

"This ... this is completely integrated in the knife in the knife?"

"How can a flying border, how can be so horrible?"

The head of the head is numb, and he quickly summoned Wu Zu's feather, and blocked in front of him.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The knife hit it in the Yuzu's feather and made a burst.

The knife seems to penetrate the feather of Wu Zu, hit it on the body.


The face has changed, and it sounds.

He crazy extracted his body, release the flame avenue, integrating the Yuzu's feather.

It took a lot of time to abrasive this knife.

He gasped and looked at Chen Xiu, and he was afraid.

Chen Xiu looked at it, and he was surprised to flash.

The strongest trick, I was also blocked by him?

Sure enough, half of the fairy is really powerful!

Although it can also cut out the nine-way knife, but no knife field, he can easily abrasive.

Chen Xu Ying took a silver hair, putting the firewood on shoulders, smiled slightly, "I have a trick enough, so as not to come again, I will kill you!"

"Next, I will go to me!"

Su Yi Li smiled slightly, his mouth exposed two shallow light wine nests, very sweet.

"Hey, a yellow hair that is not in the world, I am afraid that you are not?"

The face is disdainful.

"haha, really?"

Su Yi Ling picked up the scroll, slowly spread, then the mouth opened: "The snow is pine, and the Qingsong is straight!"


On the sky, I suddenly won the clouds.

Surrounding temperature, rapid decrease.

Flying snow, slowly falling.

Inside the drawing, there is no cold, such as the silk, and the top of the Southern.

At this moment, she is like a pine, quietly standing there.

Around the ice and snow, surrounded by Su Yi Ling, and finally, didn't get into her eyebrows and disappeared.

In her eyebrow, leave a snowprint.

She is like ice and snow, and she has a freezing effect.

"This ... this is impossible!"

"He actually mobilizes such a horrible ice and snow, fake, must be fake!"

I shake my head, I don't want to believe in front of it.

"Ha ha……"

Su Yiti smiled slightly, and the eyebrows on the ice and snow printing brightly.


One giant, flying quickly.

See this gum, frying.

Hurry to take your body's strength and squeeze in Wusu's feather.


It is also Wu Zu's feather and white martial arts.

This time, I used a good interest in the foot, and I was abrasive.

The body is exhausted.

He picnic, looking at five monsters in front of you, and his face is exposed.

How to do?

This is here, it is here.

He took out a medicinal medicine in the god of abdomen, swallowed.

"Now, my turn!"

At this time, Mu Ice stationed.

Looking at Mu Ice, there is no war in the glory.

In front of these monsters, the flesh is strong.

I can't kill themselves!

It will be dinked to it again.

Today, flee!

I think so, the fierce is taking out, "I want to deal with me, you are still gone!"

After finishing, he waved quickly.


Surrounded by spiritual power, hurry, follow him, quickly distorted.

In not, a vortex is formed.

Without any hesitation, fiercely jumped into the transfer swirl in the first time.

"Goodbye, you!"

Leave it, only this sentence.

Seeing this scene, the five people in Luo will not move his head, and there is no way to move.

After a while.


A transfer swirl is presented in front of five people.

A figure, walking out from.

This person is being fierce.

He saw five people in Luo, and the head is numb.

I rub it back?

Originally transfer?

What is going on here?

He is watching four sweeps, seeing the Qinglian Demun, but seeing them standing there, not moving.

Subsequently, he looked up to the sky, not from the scalp.

I saw it, and there was a dragon vain on the sky.

"Space Dragon Zu!"

Stri screaming.

It turned out to be a prolapse of the space avenue!

In front of this ancestral dragon, want to escape?

Two words: dream!

I am afraid that there is a teacher who sent the fairy, it can't escape!

If you die, if you die, look at the sky space, say: "Seniors, did not sin, why do you want to deal with me?"

"Ha ha……"

The space is slightly smile, the breath is like a tsunami.

I don't think I can't do it when I don't talk about it.

He felt that he had to blow it in his next second, and he died on the spot.

"This is deal with you? You are too high."

"If you also have this seat to do? This seat is just sending you back!"