It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 126, I will go immediately

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The fierce body is loose, and freedom is recovering in the disability.

"More ... Thank you!"

Hug in fist, grateful.

Then, he hopes five people, and the face is exposed.

Is it really necessary to use it?

Fiery frowned, keep thinking.

Finally, a bit bite and exposed a squat.

"In this case, fight with you!"

After that, I took the Yuzu's feathers and screamed.

"Old ancestors, come!"

The blood is in the blood, and the rapid floods into the Yuzu's feather.


Wu Zu's feat is bright and red.

A fire red bird, slowly imposing in the sky, increasingly condensed.

The wings are shocked, covering the sky.

On the body, it is even more exclusted to make people's strength, and people don't resist their emotions.

It is the feather of Wu Zu's feather, there is Wu Zu's residual soul.


The five people of Luo looked at this scene and the dark road was not good.

Their five nodded each other and showed a vision of the expression.

"Who is bullying the future generation?"

Fire red big bird mouth spit, watching four sweep.

Next second, his scalp was fried, and the whole body is like Shen Yan, sweating DC.

"That ... Is that Qinglian Zun ?! That is a flourish!"

"The sky is the space Dragon Zu ?!"

"They two ... one actually is Shu Sheng!"

"Inside the house,

There are also hundreds of breath that I am taboo! "

This ... What is this place?

How can you ran into this place?

Your brain is kicked? Still being stupid by the pig?

Do you want to die, don't fall in the old man!

This ... how is this?

Wu Zu's soul is slightly trembled, and his face is exposed.

The body has shrunk and changes into a red robe old.

"The ancestors, is ..."

Strong words are not falling.


A sound.

Wu Zu looked up his hand and slap, pumping on his face.

Finger, a pair, "the old ancestors, you ..."

"The old ancestors are fart, the old man doesn't matter with you!"

After that, Wu Zu is far away from the martial arts and keeps the distance.

Subsequently, Wu Zu was kneeling.

"Dear predecessors, I will know the wrong, please give a chance, I will go!"

Wu Zuzu heavy heavy hoes, every sound, hit the spatial shock of ripple.


Qinglian demon sound came.

Wu Zu is like a big amnesty, once again, "Thank you for your predecessors, thank you for your predecessors!"

After finishing, Wufute is rolling, and the wolf is escaping.

In the blink of an eye, it disappeared in the horizon and did not see trace.

In this way, it strongly stimulated the stunning nerves.

He opened his mouth and stayed in place, and did not respond for a long time.

These big energy in front of you, I thought it was just an ordinary cactus.

The old ancestors should be able to deal with.

Unexpectedly, after the ancestors appeared, I drove myself and fled.

Wu Zu, who used to be famous, actually wolf?

This is not to see it with your own, will you believe?

Until now, there is no reaction to the fierce.

All this is too incredible.


Pour the number of cold, and the fierce cannot suppress the body.

Today, finish!

However, even if you die, you have to stand!

come on!

After saying, the fierce waves, and you will flutter.



Under the mountain.

"Boom! Boom ..."

Loud noise.

Mo Hao was played by the giant bleeding blood and was never injured.

"Damn, damn!"

"It was actually bullied by a small monster to this extent, you died enough to laugh in the world!"

After that, the ink will make a move, and the strength is adjusted.


Endless black, parcel.

Form a black shield to resist the giant attack.

"Monkey head, wake up!"

Ink, the right hand, one finger, one touch, did not enter the giant eyebrow.

The giant giant is hysteresis and the movements are slow.

In his eyes, he took the black gas.

Like a puppet, stand in front of the ink.

Mozi smiled looked at the giant, the corner of his mouth.

"Great, wait until this time, practice it into a shackle, must not be weak in the four war!"

The ink is dark, and it is ready to go back.


A fried sound.

Ning Mingzhi came out of dust, bite his teeth.

He stared at the ink, killing.

"You ... you dare to make my painting a wrinkle ?!"

"You don't know, is this a public - child sent me?"

"Don't forgive, can't forgive!"

"Little evil family, dare to let go here, die!"

Ning Ming is angry, and spreads the picture.

Then, he sat on the ground and started to read.

"Slelei, empty color, color is not good ..."

A scripture, sprayed from his mouth, poured into the picture.

Then, then fly from the painting, form a golden scripture, flying in the sky.

Looking far away, just like countless flying dams, look good.

These verses quickly stacked, and they formed a golden Buddha with a height of several tens of meters.

Big Buddha followed Ning Ming, and he started to read the scriptures.

A sentence of mysterious sound, form a scripture, flying towards the giant bonus and ink.

After hearing the giant, the dark eyes were exhausted.

The body is rapidly reduced, and it has a small monkey, sitting on the ground, start listening.


Mo Hugged his head and screamed.

That looks like it is extremely painful.

The scripture is flying, rapidly.

He is dark, there is no evaporation.

Over time, his strength is getting weaker.

He smashed in the ground and appeared.

Hold your head, scream, "the dead baldness, his mouth! Live your mouth!"

"Don't read it, please don't read it!"

"Let me ruthless me!"

The ink is angry.


Ning Ming wisdom did not stop at all.

Instead, the more you think is.

The heavens, rapid flying, and wrapped in the ink group.

"This is your forced me, this is your forced me!"

"Let's die, the damn baldness!"

"Not staying well in the world, dare to come here to mess!"

The ink is angry, and it is crazy.

His teeth are bite, supporting themselves not falling.

Then, he took out a black paper paper and ignited.

"Go out, the drought, the destruction,"

"Dinning this bald!"

On the face of the ink, it is revealed a disabled smile.


A black transfer swirl appeared in front of him.

The ink bite the teeth and makes various means, crazy violent retreat.

After him fleeted from 100 meters.


A roaring, like a prison ghost, quite awkward people.

Then, a black giant hand of up to 100 meters, self-transmitted swirls explore.

Drop from the sky, take a look at the ground.


A loud sound, dust is rushing.

The ground is inoculating.

This giant hand is caught on the ground.

"Boom! Boom ..."

The entire ground, the loud noise, it seems to be cracked.

This scene saw Ning Ming's eyes, not from the scalp, the whole body was cold.

"Not good, finished!"