It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 127, drought, horror

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Somewhere in the Western region of the Tiango.

A boating, rapid.

In the boat, Sun Hao and the Phoenix are playing the piano.

Qinshen and Ming, pleasing to hear.

After a song.

Sun Yu looked at the phoenix, like a monster.

This gimmicks are elastic, progress is huge.

This is only a few months, it reaches this realm?

I want to learn this kind of month for half a month, I have reached this realm.

You must know that you are unpredictable by the system.

The only lack of regret, can not practice!

Otherwise, in this world, it is definitely unparalleled!

Put your face, board the peak of the world, not under the words.

"Bonology, come back?" Huang asked.

"it is good!"

Sun Yi nodded.

"Mon, what song we play this time?" Asked the Phoenix.


Sun Wei frowned.

When you are ready to open, the chest is coming.

A inexplicable panic is full of whole body.

what happened?

The heart began to jump again?

What is wrong with myself?


As a doctor, I can clearly know that there is no disease.

" ..."

It is also a dramatic jump in both.

This time, it is more intense, the heart seems to be jumped from the eyes of the throat, and it is extremely difficult.

"Mon, what's it?" The Phoenix is ​​open.

"If a dream, help me give me the heart, I want to read it!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

The Phoenix is ​​very fast, and the "Heart" is taken out and handed it to Sun Hao.

Sun Hao did not hesitate, he would begin.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not alone ..."

A scripture unable to be aware of the flying in his mouth.

After he turned around, he fell out of the boat.

Finally, I didn't get into the void and disappeared.



Sun Hao residence, on the sky.

Fighting with Mu Bing, very fierce.


Metal gonathe, constantly sound.

Layer gas waves, shocking.


Sirred and angry, all kinds of moving are endless.

Every trick, it seems to ruin the earth, but will be blocked by Mu Bing.

The more it is, the more wrogging.

As a half fairy, it was actually played by a flying.

Now, he has no fear of the face, he wants, only life!


A loud noise.

The fierce is flying, and it hits the ground.


After struggling, even spoked a few bloods.


He just came up, but he saw that the Changjian has pointed to his throat.

As long as he dares to move, we will pay the first family.

"Let's talk, why? Why is this?" Mu Bing sounds cold.

"I ... I am a strong, the big demon monster - the son of Trinkan Jinwu!"

"Huangru dreams my father, I want her to die!"

If the martyrdom is crazy, he loudly.

"Come on, kill me!"

"If I am blushing, I am not a Han!"

"In this case, if you are willing!"

Mu Ice finished, picked up the sword, is preparing to tie up.

At this time.


A roaring, from the bottom of the mountain.

The sound is rolling, and it is swayed.

This sound, like the earth, let five people hysterescent.


Then, a row of rows came.

The dust is dust, starting with the sky, covering the entire valley.

Even if they stand on the sky, they are far enough, and they can also induce the sky without stopping, and it seems to be broken.

"what happened?"

They looked at the valley, and they were afraid.

"Black gas, evil people!"

Chen Xu Ming pointed to the front, screaming.

This sounds, let other four pupils shrink, and the face is slightly changed.

They looked at the direction of the valley, and the eyes were moving.

"Sure enough, the evil family, the son is really no missed!" Luo Liu smashed his eyes and killed.

"Since the evil family is coming, the first task is to resist the evil family, first let them kill them!"

In the eyes of Chen Xiu, it blooms so much, and the battle Tengsheng.

"That is the place where Master lives, let's take a look!"

"Well, let's go together!"

After finishing, five people quickly flew down.

After a few people stay away, they are relieved.

Subsequently, he held a boxing for the scholarships and others.

"Seniors, small speeches!"

Seeing Qinglian's respects did not speak, he turned into a Changhong, rapidly.



"Qinglian sister, it seems to be a drought resurrection! Do we really don't shoot?"

"It's not a long-term drought! New Year's strength is not available, resurrected, but he has a rotten meat, it is not worth our hand!" Qinglianzun shook his head.

"However, Qinglian sister, five, no way to deal with it!"

"That is no way, since it is the master gives them test, I want to be the owner to arrange, I will wait!" Qinglian said.



Under the mountain.


The darkness is over, and the layer is stacked, and the four are spread.

The five people in Luo will fly, standing in the distance, looking up to the darkness, not from the eyes, the head is numb.

I saw it, and the dark giants were slowly standing.

The giant is carrying a huge iron chain.

This is a body, up to a thousand meters, like a giant peak is generally in front of them.

Looking at it, it makes life no one to resist the heart.

"This ... this is a drought!" Wen Xia Shi shouted the voice.

"What? Drought?"

Several faces are frightened.

This name, they naturally heard.

That is a general of the ancient evil spirits!

It is said that it has the ability to destroy the earth.

One finger, you can shoot the crush star.

One breath, can swallow the star river.

For the ancient evil gods, heroes.

Isn't he died early?

How would it appear here?

I didn't expect that he actually resurrected?

These characters, who can be their opponents?

What can I do?

"No, he is not strong, just a half!"

"It's the flesh, after countless years, I have already decaded, now he should be resurrected by the evil family!"

"If so, he is not what we can fight, what should I do?"

Everyone looked up and looked at the drought, his face was taboo.

"Stlelet, color is not empty ..."

In the darkness, the golden light is blooming from time to time.

A gold Buddha, both hands together, the mouth commences.

Endless golden light, scattered from him, with four white air confrontation.

"Zi ..."

Jin Guang passes through the black fog, drilling into the dry skin, burning the black smoke.


The drought emits a roar.

He reached out the sky and kneaded it from the sky.

Terror, the pressure, even.

Press the Golden Buddha's radiance.


A sound.

Thanks to the golden Buddha of tens of meters, they were held in the palm of the drought, and they were kneaded.

"Nasty baldness, death!"

After that, the drought right hand and gently grang.