It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 128th chapter of the Avenue Buddha, degree of drought

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A fried.

The Golden Buddha burst into golden light, swallowed by the darkness, disappeared.


"Even the masters of understanding are not opponents?"

"This is not more than, it is terrible!"

"The war of the ancient evil spirits will be so powerful!"

A few people in Luo will looked at this scene, and they were afraid.


Suddenly, in the darkness, the two blood lights were directly stared at Luo Liu and other people.

This stare, like death.

The five-year-old leather fry, and the roots of the roots were standing.

The whole person is like Shenji, and it is not controlled vigorous trembling.

The drought is angry, so that they don't have a little war, and the root fingers are extremely difficult.

This is the existence of can't deal with it.

How to do?

"Boom! Boom ..."

Drought, step, step by step, a few people.

Every step, there is shocking ground dust fracture, and the impact wave is lined up, and a row is hit on everyone.

" ..."

Their body, hitting hit into the crumbs, very miserable.

If you are very flying, it has been shocked by the waves.

despite this.

At this moment they are also injured, falling on the ground, vomiting blood.


Sky trembled.

The drought stretches out the sky and the sky is explored from the sky.

Under the big hand, the pressure is like the Galaxy pour, to destroy the trend of death, fall from the sky.

The ground seems to be can't stand this kind of power, and collapsed quickly.

Seeing, the big hand must press five people.

At this time.

"Suitable violently, it is a big curse. It is a big curse, it is a curse ..."

A verse, rapid flying.

In the top of the Luosi smoke, quickly agglomerate, forming a hundred meters high gold Buddha.

The Golden Buddha is in the hands of ten, and there is a word in your mouth.

With Ningming's mind, the golden Buddha is also growing quickly.

Between the blink of an eye, it will become a golden Buddha of up to two hundred meters.


The Golden Buddha, the verses, surrounded by his rapid flying.


A golden handset is condensed into shape, and the arhe thoughts will cover the sky.


A loud noise.

The drought body returned, and a butt was on the ground.


The mountain river shakes, dust blows.

Luo Cow and other people, from the sky.

Finally, it also graves the ground.

Falling, dizziness, eye-catching Venus.


The drought struggle stood up, emit a roaring, eyes staring at the golden Buddha, roaring.

"The damn baldness!"

After the end of this, the ridges picked up the iron chain, and the golden Buddha was tied.

" ..."

Air is fry, the air waves are boundless.

The sky is like being cracked, and the explosion is constantly.

Before the Golden Buddha, they once again set out a golden hand and blocked in front.

" ..."

The giant black iron chain, wearing a golden hand directly, pumping on the golden Buddha.

The Golden Buddha is half a body, and it is scattered by life.

Countless scriptures, evaporate directly.

Leaves half of the verses, fly, and then condense into a 100-meter high gold Buddha.

"The damn baldness!"

The drought turned around, two eyes, directly on Ning Ming's intelligence.

this moment.

Ning Ming's body is imprisoned, and it is extremely difficult to move.

Even the concept, the speed is too slow.

"End ... finished!"

I feel that the drought step is coming to myself, and I am desperate in my eyes.

A few kilometers away.

Ink looked at this scene, his mouth is dry.

"God attaches people?"

"What is everything?"

"Means Tongtian? Is it possible?"

"I bother!"

"In my opinion, the godmiser is a garbage!"


Ink, I looked at this scene, on my face, revealing a touch of cruelty.


Ink looked at this scene, secretly shook his head.

"God's migrant people are so weak? I know how to use the drought, I will be better by me!"

"Hey, such a weak body, don't go, destroy him, drought!" Ink muttered.

This start.

The drought look change.

Extending the sky and big hands, and put it on Ning Ming.

For the back Golden Buddha attack, completely ignore.

Seeing that the drought should die by Ning Mingzhi.

At this time.

"Slelei, color is not empty, empty is not alone ..."

The Avenue Buddha sounded from the empty.

There are countless verses, flying in the sky, and wrapped Ning Ming wisdom.

at the same time.

The drought, just on the Ning Ming's


Amazing loudly.

The drought body is returning, and a butt is sitting on the ground and blocks the river.

After getting up, a heart-shaped lake is formed, and the river is filled.


Void flying verses, quickly drilling into the golden Buddha statue.

Golden Buddha grows rapidly.

Less than a moment, it will grow to two kilometers.

Top of the earth, shining.

It looks like a good God.

"The damn baldness!"

Drought saw this scene and roared.

Holding a chain, hinding the golden Buddha.

"call out……"

Broken sound exploded.

The iron chain is fast, and it hits the Golden Buddha in an instant.


Metal call.

Golden Buddha two fingers lightly pinch the chain.

"The damn baldness!"

The drought is angry, and the dry arm is suddenly burned.

Explosive muscles, long arm.

He pulled hard, and the iron chain was tight, and it seems to be collapsed.

However, he uses all efforts and still can't take back the chain.

"You are with Buddha, accept it!"

The goldfore face does not change color, and the mouth spit with Buddha.

Subsequently, the second finger gently kneaded.


A fried.

The iron chain collapse into a powder, disappeared.


Another buttock is sitting in the ground, stir sinking a piece of dirt.

Waiting him to struggle, and another lake.

"The dead bald ..."

The words are not falling.

"The story is like a curse, the name of the curse: unveiled ..."

The Golden Buddha opened, a sentence verse, flying, and shrouded the drought.


The drought fell to the ground and kept struggling.

Black gas, dissipating quickly.

These verses are also flying to the ink soul and ink.


The ink is on the ground, screaming.

"The dead god, dead, stop, stop!"

The black gas is in the mouth, visible at the naked eye, disappears at the speed.

"Zi ..."

A star meat sounded.

The ink is rapidly melting and turns into a black mud.

A white smoke, inclusions, spurred from him, spread around him.

Between the blink, the ink is left with a skeleton, quietly standing there.

After the wind blows, the skeleton should be split, burst into a powder.

From birth to death, it is between the chance.


More far, the soul of the ink is also on the ground, and it is not crackled.

Black gas, disappears quickly.

When the black gas is exhausted, it is the body melting and tragic.

"God's fascia, this time you win!"

"Let's meet again, fix you to die!"

After saying, the ink soul is in the unbeatable gods, takes out a black gynesson.

Gently knead.


Black flame flames in the paper.

A long appearance, changing.

The scriptures are flying in the ink, all of which are joined.


Ink soul, slowly disappearing the original.