It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

The 129th chapter of the son saved me again

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"Nothing, no ignore ..."

Thousands of gold Buddha mouths have a word.

The sound is getting faster and faster.

The golden scripture, intended, and wrapped the drought group.


The drought half is hovering, hugging his head, screaming.

He is dark, quickly dissipated.

The scene is like the evil ghost is receiving purification.

As the scripture is getting more and more strong, the drought breath is weaker.

Finally, the darkness is clean.

He fell to the ground, it moved.

However, the scriptures have not stopped, the more, the more you get more.

The scripture forms a strip of wire and drilling into the drought body.

He is dark skin and slowly condenses into golden.

Dry muscles, expand rapidly.

In the eyes of the dead, it is also a golden color.

After a while.

The drought is sitting down, sitting on the ground, hands with the hands, like a devout Buddhist disciple.


Thousands of golden Buddhas extend their fingers, and the arid eyebrow is a finger.


A shock, thousands of thousands of texts, fast flying in the drought eyebrows, forming a Buddhist symbol.

Then, the golden Buddha waved.

The chain of the original cracked powder was coated in his hand.

" ..."

With the Golden Buddha,

The iron chain is visible at the naked eye and changes into a golden bead.

Finally, form a string of beads and hang in the dry neck.

"to make!"

The golden Buddha is right, and the dry body is sharp and narrowed.

Change into a normal person, look, like a diamond.

The golden Buddha looked at Ning Ming, saying: "From today, you will bring him! Three times every day until all purify the evil spirits in his body."

Ning Mingyi listened, both hands closed, "Yes!"

The Golden Buddha turned and looked at Luo Liu smoke.

A point of finger.


Countless golden light, such as the wire is generally pouring.

Parked Luosi smoke and lift it slowly.

Golden light into the body, quickly repair injury, quenching the flesh.

On a few faces, the original painful expression is quickly dissipated.

They have a soothing expression, and the mouth is soaring, and a single cannot describe the comfort, full of whole body.

After completing these, the Golden Buddha looked around the fullness, reach out of the sky, press down.


The golden light is like a silk, such as the waterfall is generally pouring, flowing through the earth, flocking to the peak.

At this moment, like the time inverting, everything surrounded, fast recovery.

In short, the lake disappears, the ground is flat, and the grass is restored.

Sun Hao residence is also fast recovery.

Everything surrounded, restored as early.

It seems that there is no difference from before.

"Cheng ..."

The Golden Buddha looked around, the body exploded, turned into countless scriptures, flies to the void, disappeared.

Arrive around, recover again.

Ning Ming smartly at this scene, it was difficult to calm.


After Chang Shu, he looked at the sky, and he mad, "the son, it is you saved us!"

"This kind of love, I wish you a heart! If you have a chance, it is a reply!"

Received, Ning Ming wishes to look at the drought, and the eyes are shining.

"This should be another demon in the son?"

"Bonology, you can rest assured, wait for me to completely, will wear it!"

"Your business, I will never forget!"

Ning Ming's face is grateful.


The monkey demon struggled to stand up in the dust, and ran.

Then, it is a pig demon and a horse demon.

They stared at the drought, and each face was blew.

Drought is not moving, just stupid standing in place.

Ning Ming said: "From today, he is your four teachers!"

"Master, he ... he is ..." The pig demon hid behind Ningming, and the voice trembled.

"Don't say, you come with me!"

"Yes, Master!"

Drought double-handed 10, and brought the gift.



the other side.

"It's so comfortable!"

Su Yiwei stretched a lazy waist, rising his mouth, showing two shallow wine nests, very sweet.

After standing up, she looked around and blurred.

"I remember seems to be half-dead, how can it be?"

"Is it a dream?" Su Yiling said.

" ..."

A tyrannical knock on Suyi's head.

It is Luo Cow.

"Master, why do you hit me?" Su Yi Ling wronned.

"Annual, is your brain?"

"Just now, it is a son to save us. You actually say a dream, you said, shouldn't you fight?" Luo cigarette said.

"Mon? Is there?" Su Ying was full of confusion.

"Is there? I didn't see it twice the two kilometers of golden Buddha?" Luo cigarette did not say good luck.

"Ah ..., that is the son is sent? The son is too powerful?"

In the big eyes of Su Yi Ling, the worship is worship, I will not overtenide.

"The son means, is it what we can imagine?"

"In the future, don't think of a little means a little means, you should call it, this looks like brain, understand?" Luo Cigarette said.

"Annual understands!" Su Yi Ling nodded.

"Luo Lord, this son is secretly shot, I am afraid that there is a deep meaning!"

Chen Xu Ming walked forward and frowning thoughts.

"Not bad!"

Luo Liu smothered slightly, "The son is implying us that the evil family must be removed as soon as possible!"

"Have it?"

Su Yi Ling grabbed his head and was full of confusion.

"Less nozzle!" Said Luosi smoke.

"Luo Lord, I have not understood how the son hints, please give a point!"

On the stone face, I also showed an embarrassed color.

"Yeah, Luo Lord, is the son really like this?" Mu Bing asked.

Everyone is watching, staring in the Luo Cow.

Luo Culi smile slightly smile, reach out of your right hand, mobilize the fairy force in the body.


A Buddha appeared in his hand.

"Didn't see it?" Luo cigarette asked.

"this is?"

Several pupils contracted, and the face was very shocked.

"This ... this is the printed of Buddhism, Luo Lord, you actually cultivate Buddha Tao?"

"Master, are you too powerful? Can you practice the Buddha's mark!"

Looking at a few people shocked, Luo Cow smiled slightly, "You carefully feel Dantian!"

A few people are full of confusion and start to induce Dantian.


Like God Thunder in a few people.

Every face has a shocking model.

On Dantian Yuan Ying, a piece of gold is all over, together with it.

Start at this moment, they can control the Buddha.

As the strength is enhanced, the flesh, the soul will become stronger and stronger.

I can even inspect the time avenue and see everything.

Think about it, it is excited.

This is similar to that, it is not ancient, anti-day.

All of this, look like, is the bonus.

a long time.


Several people have long been angry, and calm down from the shock.

"Luo Lord, the son gives me the print of the Buddha Dao, this is?" Wen people asked.

"Do you think about it, what role in the printed Buddha?" Luo Liu asked.

"Master, this I know, the Buddha's printed, the natural ruler!" Su Yi Ling said.

"Not bad!"

Luo Cow nodded, "This imprint can be used to degree, or you can ignore evil people!"

"How should we do it?" Chen Xu Ming asked.

"It's very simple, destroying the evil people all the foundations in the mainland!" Luo Cai said.

A few people listened, nodded.

After a while.

They flew to the mountains.

Standing in the air.

"Hey, just as the kid of our battle?"

Chen knife looked at the sky, looking around.

"It looks like to escape!" Luo smoke said.

"Escape? How is this?"

"Nothing, since he escaped, he must be in the master calculation, don't care!" Luo Cai said.

A few people listened, nodded secretly.

For these, I don't know.

At this moment, he is located in a cave in the mainland.

Body bruises, bulld over dry blood clots.

Slightly hard, hurt, cold, cold, cold sweat.

"Damn, damn!"

"I know, I should listen to the guy, don't go to the big Mountain!"

The face is stunned.

As a half, you have three steps and half fairy strength.

It is actually a similar way to five flying territories.

Almost, die there.

"No, it's too heavy, this will be dying!"

"Must seek Master to save me!"

So thinking, fiercely took out the letter jade.

The idea is moved, write under the jade simple: Master, save me!

After this sentence, the fierce fell on the ground and completely fainted.