It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 130 is the mountain

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Ziyang Star, on a certain island.

Here, the cloud is rising, it looks like a fairyland.

On a mountain, an old man is sitting in the ground, close his eyes.

He is a migrant master - jade scorpion, is also one of the nine fans of the nation.

He is a old monster who lives for tens of thousands of years, and there is much strength, no one knows.

Suddenly, the jade scorpion opened his eyes, and his hands penetrated the sky.

"Master, save me!"

See the words above, the jade scorpion is slightly frowning.

"Someone shot on me?"

The jade scorpion fingers, wrinkles, and faces.

"Don't you come out? There is a layer of mysterious breath! Who is it?"

"Do you have other cactors to born? Put it for me?"

"See it, it's awkward!"

"Hey, I have to look at it, which is dare to shoot for the old man?"

After that, the jade scorpion waved his right hand, and the sky was shocked.

Take your footsteps, drill into the ripple, disappear.

When you appear again, you have come to the continental continent, on a mountain.

This mountain range is named Daxi Mountains, located in the northern area of ​​Tiango.

Here, there is a cave house he stayed.

"Does anyone dare to ban the ban on the outside of my cave? I don't self-power!"

The jade scorpion finger, the ban is instantly crackled.

He walked toward the cave on a step, it looked like a fairy style, and it was extremely super.

He will be disappeared for several dark whistles not far away.

After entering the cave,

After some arrangement, the jade scorpion was sitting in the ground, and he finished calculated.

After a while, he secretly shook his head, "Is it still not going?"

"See it, this is behind you!"

"Whether you don't care, first look at what is the apprentice?"

After finishing, the jade scorpion closed his eyes and fingers.

After a while, he opened his eyes, his face, he was taboo!

"Damn, how did he go to the inside?"



Time is fast, and it is a day.

this day.

Sun Hao rescained the sky, a huge flying boat, shrouded the whole sky.

A few people who looked at this boat and flew directly, surrounded around, alert.

When they saw that Sun Hao and the Phoenix came out, he was relieved.

"See the son!"

Several people flew to Sun Yanyu, holding a fist.

Seeing these five people, Sun Hao smiled nod.

"A few, too polite, go, let's go!"

The Phoenix is ​​a dream with Sun Hao.

The five people of Luo willus are followed.

After landing.

The Phoenix is ​​played in the right hand, and the boat is incorporated in the space ring.

"Chen Xiong, thank you for helping me keep so long!"

Sun Hao looked around everything in good condition, satisfied with nod.

When I heard this, Chen Xu Yumu was ashamed.

If the son shows a shocking means, he will be a drought opponent by himself.

How can these four weeks, how can it be restored?

"The son is polite!" Chen Xu Ming said.

There are several people who are also ashamed.

"Since everyone is, I have a dinner together!" Sun Hao said.


Su Yi Ling did not hesitate, he agreed.

The eyes of the eyes bloom, as seen in a pile of peerless cuisine.

Luo Liu smashed his head, gently sighed, walked forward, "The son, then let's help!"

"I'll go as well!"

Two women follow the phoenix, quickly walked to the kitchen.

Half time.

Seven people landed and opened.

"Bonus, have you have fun this time?" Luo asked.


Sun Yu was reliably sighed.

The five people of Luo willow smoke change.

The son is blaming us!

Look, we still have not realized the meaning of the son.

"We have played well in Xifu City, but there is a thing, it is really trouble!" Sun Hao said.

"Be son, what is it, can you tell us?" Luo Liu asked.

"Of course!" Sun Yizhen nodded, "The Western Youth Qingzong is destroyed, and the dragon is always swallowed!"

"Old reception, but there is no longer left, I heard that there is only one pile of bones!"

"You said that this kind of hurting the genocide, why can there be in this world!"

Sun Hao clenched his fists and full of angry.

If you don't have strength, you will definitely fight with Dragon Wars 300 rounds!

Grab them to eat!

See Sun Yan's model.

Five people face, different.

Luo Liu smoke and Chen Xu Ming looked at it and nodded.

Mu Ice clenched his fist and anger.

I went to the black long, the eyes were straight, I didn't know what I was thinking.

Only Su Yi Ling put a radish, tasting, from time to time.

"The son, the dragon is really evil, but you can rest assured, that dragon ..."

Su Yi Ling did not speak, but he was stared at the body.

At this moment, she was trembled and quickly closed.

"What is the dragon?" Sun Hao asked.

Su Yi Ling's look, after reading a few faces, smiled, showing shallow wine nest, "The son, the dragon has been stewed by a peerless high-end man, you can rest assured!"


Peerless people?

Give the dragon?

How have you have the same person as you think?

This kind of peerless person, there is a chance, must go to visit!

"According to the girl, what is the peerless senior people?" Asked Sun Wei.

"The son, I am sorry, there are some characters, I am waiting for me!"

Su Yi Ling's face is red.

I really don't know much about lying.

However, in order not to break the son, there is no way!


Sun Yi nodded, if thought.

Everyone continued to start eating chat.

after eating.

Mu II looks at Sun Hao, and I want to say.

"Mu Ice girl, there is something wrong, you don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

"Gong, I ... I want to find you to write a pair of couplets!"

After saying this, Mu Ice face is red, and you will have low down.

Write a pair of couplets?

Is there such a good thing?


I still think about how to send something to them.

"Well! Help you will write a pair!" Sun Yi nodded.

Paper chapters, grain ink.

Sun Wei mentioned the pen, looking at Mu Bing, said: "Mu Ice girl, what is it?"

"Bono, you can help the Xuanyuan poetry, can you?" Mu Bing said.

"of course can!"

Sun Yi nod, write a pen to write:

"Xianglong Teng Zige, Xi Feng around Zhu Xuan!"

Longfei Feng dance, all the best.


Sun Hao looked at this couplet and satisfied some heads.

I have improved myself!

After waiting for the ink dry, Sun Hao handed it to Mu Bing.

"Thank you gong!"

Mu Bing owed to the gift, and the body was excited to spike.

With this couplet, Mujia can become a unpleasant place!

By then, the parents will hit the boat in the Mujia status.

Can also be better to be treated!

All this is the son!

I think so, Mu Ice is dark and dark.

He looked at Sun Hao, his eyes were red, grateful to face.

"Mu Ice is polite!" Sun Hao said.

"Mon, I will wave today!"

On the foot of the Luousi, an anxious color is anxious.

After she was a gift, she retreated.