It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 131, West House, Xiancheng has a big event

After three hours.

An Yaochi Palace in a secret room.

The five people of Luowu are standing in front of the five scrolls, and the look is different.

"You see, this" sunset ", sunset, is this does not mean Western words?"

"This" The Temple Map ", is it not a government?"

"This" Burdown Monument "is in the middle, the fairy is fluttering, is it not a fairy?"

"These three paintings, the son tells us: West House Xiancheng!"

"You look at" Shenlong Teng Yun Map ", its eyes, no harmonious, people, this means that Dragon is going to shoot?"

"If we don't stop, the West Fairy City will be wreck in the wreckage, and become a" smoke map "this way!"

Luo willow smoke pointed to five pair of pictures and said.

Every sentence, like hitting in Chen Xiu Ming chest, he secretly shook his head, shame.

"Yeah! The son pointed out, I can't realize it, it is really awkward!" Chen knife sighed.

"Today, if it is not a son, I can think of it!"

Luo Liu smoke is wilting, looking at the four people in front of you, "as a grandek, the understanding is too low, it is difficult to compete in this position! This is the master of the owner, I should let!"

"Luo Lord, must not!"

Chen Xu Yumu also opened at the same time. "In our, you will be your awareness. If you are not queried, who will lead you to the evil people?"

"Now, the master gives us the task, it is extremely arduous, you don't have to retreat on this festival!"

"It's good, Luo Lord, you see this, wait for the realism than you are still too high, you will be back!"

"When today, the evil family is awkward, the dragon is ready to move, the Moz is borrowed by the opportunity, the whole person, is in the hot heat!"


After everyone persuaded.

Luo Cow nodded, "In this case, the place of the Allies I temporarily, I have a suitable candidate, I will return now!"

"it is good!"

Everyone nodded.

"This time, what do you think?" Luo smoke.

"The dragon is not benevolent, people who are cultivated as food, the son can't see it, eat two postmenities, to punish the discipline!"

"I want to take the dragon personality, I will not converge! They will take the opportunity to launch, then we will press the Cangyuan!"

"It seems that they will be in West Fairy City!"

"West House Xiancheng, but there are more than 2 million modes!"

"I am afraid that when I arrived, my spirit is tied!"

Chen Xu Ming's opening analysis, everyone gone nodded.

Although Su Yuling is unclear, it is still in the head.

"It's just that the dragon is born is a robbery master, just a robbery once, will be dragon!"

"After the dragon, you have the top flying strength, and they are the most powerful, light of all the races, and there is no ovary!" Wen people stone.

"Let's suppress Buddha, can't you do it?" Su Yiwei asked.

"It's absolutely not!"

Rosi smoke is refused,

"Dragon, this is the Buddha Tao Tianheng,"

"It's good!"

Chen Xu Yumu nodded, "Next, we need to work hard to improve the strength!"

"How do we upgrade the dragon?" Wen people asked.

"This one!"

Chen Xu Ming took three bags of tea.

"I think I think, now I understand that the son gives us tea, but there is also this point, the son is let me wait for the dragon!" Chen Xu Ming said.

A few people listened, nodded slightly, and no one opposed.

"The dragon offensive West House, I will do some preparations, not so fast!"

"I have to grow to the strongest strength in the shortest time, it is best to be half of the fairy!"

"It's really no, put the meat to the realm of the Dragon!"

"This, can be good?" Chen Xu Ming said.

"Yes, how much time do we need to spend?" Wen people asked.

"Five Days! For these five days, everyone stay here, drink tea refining, which is not going!" Chen Kao said.

"it is good!"

Several people start making tea.



Ziyang Star in front of a stone chart.


Jumite friction sound.

A high reached a hundred meters, slowly lifted.

On the front of the stone wall, standing several men who dressed in the armor, respectfully standing there.

"Haha ..."

A cool smile came out from.

Then, a man in a golden robe has been out, standing in front of everyone.

"Congratulations to Jin Shuai!"

Everyone squatted, respectfully.

"Dear brothers, please come up soon!" Said the golden robe man.

"Xie Jin Shuai!"

Everyone stood up, and he looked at the golden robe man, and his eyes sparkled.

"Jinsheng, you broke through?" Asked a man.

"Not bad!"

The goldpass is nodded, "I started today, I am a real Xianlong!"

This time, everyone will kneel again and respect the ceremony.

"Get up, you are all brothers who have been born, when there is no other person, don't have a gift!" The golden robe said.

"Jinsheng, the etiquette can't waste! And said, you become Xianlong, gratifying!"

"Yes, Jin Shuai! The whole Ziyang Star except the Lord of Dragon, I am afraid that no one is your opponent!"

A man, started to make a hit.

The golden robe man is holding hands, smiles, "Hey, there are days outside, there are people outside, it is completely big!"

Suddenly, the golden robe man seems to have seen it.

He stared at a silk man, asked: "Chi Rong, why do you feel happy, do you have a heart?"

Listening to it later, revealing a smile than crying, "Nothing, Jin Shuai!"

"Still tell me? Your brother for so many years, this can not see it? Hurry up, Otherwise, I am angry!" The goldpastic man said.


Likers, don't stop, tears, tears.

"Golden Shuai, you have to revenge for me!"

"My son is killed by the people!"

Speaking of this, late and crying.

"What? What is your son being killed?"

"There is still this, do you have a priest?"

The goldpass man inhibits the chest angry and asked.

"Golden Shuai, I found it, he ... he can't count whom!"

"However, he can confirm that I have been eaten by the family!" Said Chi Rong.


A riots.

Bombarded the brain of the goldpack.


Since ancient times, Dragon is a unparalleled race, never heard of, which race dare to eat dragons!

Don't say, this is still a race that is like an ants.

Has always, is the people who don't take the dragon as a totem?

Eat them a zone, it is their pleasure!

Now, someone still eats Dragon?

Do you have this!

Don't forgive, can't forgive!

This enemy must be reported!

"Where is your son going?" Golden robe asked.

"Jinsheng, he rushed to the mainland western region!" Said later.

"Western region?"

Golden robe frown and start thinking.

After a while.

"Chi Rong, this revenge, by you!"

"First, the West House is tuned, give them a lesson!"

"Then, go to the Cangyuan, let them hand over the murderer, if you dare not pay, I will teach the army, and the whole Tian Luo mainland!"