It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 132, borrow "Xuan Tianzi" 1

Tiango Continental, East Fairy City.

Here is the largest Xiancheng in the eastern region, and it is also the center of the entire East.

Changhong is like a rain, the boat is woven.

In the East Diva, the pedestrian shoulders, the street is endless.

A bustling scenery.

In the north of Xiancheng, there is a magnificent house, it looks like the palace.

On the south gate, two big words are written: the equipment.

Great, domineering side leakage.

this day.

Around the Pavilion, the red lantern hangs high.

A vigorous "life" word, hanging on the gate.

The number will not be cleared into the immortal fish, and it will go to the future.

Outside the door, it is surrounded by a group of lively cultivars.

"Master Master is a thousand births, people really, I want to go in and see!"

"Get it? If you, can you go?"

"That is! If you want to meet Mr. Master, you can count, you can't count! Enter the equipment Pavilion, which is not a big man?"

The people who are watching, look at the door, and the color is envious.

The main hall of the Pavilion.

"Gui Zong Zong Zong Zhan Lu Xuan brings a disciple to come to the birthday, presenting a gift: a piece of Xianjing, 20 pieces of Sulfonium ..."

"What is the owner of Zifang House, there is no hate, come to the birthday, presenting a gift ..."

As the welcome disciple shouted, a group of cultivators walked into the hall.

Everyone has been repaired, and the whole east field is a strong person who has served.

The main position of the main hall.

A man dressed in a Purple robe is sitting above, in which there is a majestic atmosphere that can't be close.

He is today Shouxing - Mo Hao, at the same time, is also the main owner!

His strength is not strong, but the talent, no one can.

But the flying boat he refining is at all, there is no market.

Usually cultivating the fairy, squeezing the head, and it is impossible to seek one.

In his side, he is finished with a group of top power for it.

This is in the eastern region, he is an existence of a three-earthquake as long as a shake feet.

Mohashi is indifferent to the audience, and there is no half expression on his face.


"Wang Xinglou is the main exhibition Tianpeng leads people to the birthday!"

The welcome disciple suddenly pulled the sound.

This start.

Originally sitting in Mohashi stood up, his eyes were like an eagle, staring at the door.

"Haha ..."

A smile sounded.

Then, a handsome youth, with two old people, come in quickly.

He is the Lord of Wang Xinglou - Zhibu Peng.

His appearance has made a lot of exclamation.

"What? Wang Xinglou is coming? It is a master, the face is really big!"

"Jun, Wang Xinglou, but the boat that must be refined to be refined, 50% of the boat, is sold by Wang Xinglou!"

"No wonder can't buy the boat,

It turned out that Wang Xinglou grabbed half! "

"The price is high, I can buy it, or if you have this price!"

For these discussion, Shi Peng did not care.

He walked straight to Mo Hao, slightly hugged, "Master Master, I wish you Shou Fu Qi Tian! Little, please accept it!"

Zhu Peng's eyes, an old man took 1000 pieces from the space ring, which was present.

The blue gloss, instantly attracting people's attention.

Every person is watching, all of which are above the thousands of fairy, the color of greed, without any concealment.

"It is the first chamber of the world, and it is a thousand pieces of Xianjing, too rich!"

"This ... so much, I am afraid that I can't make it in my life!"

Many cultivars whispering whispering, eyesight on the Xianjing.

Even Mohashi, this is also slightly.

I have the first Master of the mainland in the mainland, plus the first gemmaster.

The fairy crystals added now, only 500 pieces.

This can be a hundred years of savings!

Don't feel moving, it is fake!

However, why do he want to send yourself 1000 pieces of Xianjing?

I am afraid that it is not good!

So thinking, Mohashi recovered in a light expression, saying: "Excellent, you are here, it is already a good husband, the gift is not necessarily!"


Do not charge?

This is a thousand pieces of fairyland!

Many people have a shock on the face.

"Master's birthday, can you come to open, please ask Master to accept it! If you feel not enough, I will take one thousand pieces!" Said Tian Peng.


Like the mine, in the mind.

Everyone is shocked by the face, and the inner is hit by heavy.

It is a thousand pieces of fairy crystals.

Who can do it all in the world?


Many people pumped a breath and looked at this scene.


Exhibition Tianpeng's face is slightly changed, frowning thinking.

After him, an old man leaned over and issued an emotion: "Leight, this is not dragging, let the son wait for too long, I am afraid that it is not appropriate!"

"Leight, afraid of a fart! The quick knife is burst, directly grasped him, forced him to hand over!" Said another old man.

I heard these, and Tian Peng nodded.

This old guy is not good to deal with, there is no way, only single knife is straight.

"Since Mr. Mo does not accept, it is not so stronger!"

Zhou Peng smiled slightly, and waved the Xianjing.

"Give a small gift!" Mo Hao said.


Zhen Tian Peng hooks, saying: "Today, it comes to present, and I will find Mr. I wish you a lot of privileges."

I heard this, Mohao Shi's eyebrows were picked.

Sure enough, you have no good things, but fortunately you have confiscated!

Look, the birthday is fake, is that thing is true? !

"Women are all polite, what is the command, even though!" Mo Hao said.

"Master Master, here is not talking, please also find a place, we talk about it!" Said Tian Peng said.



Take a few strengths, make yourself in minutes, when you are a knife, I am fish meat!

Can you believe in you!

"Exhibition, okay, all the old husbands are familiar, there is something, you can say it here!"

This is one out, and it is surrounded.

Many cultural fairy faces, showing the color of the touched.

"No ... I didn't expect that Master actually took me to be an acquaintance! Too touched!"

"Master Master actually let me listen to secrets! Mr. Master, you can rest assured, kill me, will not transfer today!"

The cultivators clenched their fists and their eyes bloom.

Zhen Peng looked around, his mouth was soaring.

This old guy, the mind is extremely embarrassed, really difficult to deal with.

However, what is it? It is really that I look at the Star Building.

In front of the son, you don't count!

Thinking of this, Shi Tian Peng took a step forward, said: "Master is not a big thing, just want to borrow" Xuan Tianzi "on your body!"

This is finished here.

One surrounded by a dead.

Everyone is staring on the Tiandeng, but I can't believe it.

On the entire field, you can take a needle.