It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor

Chapter 133 wants to lie to the old man, dream!


Is Zhen Peng actually borrowed "Xuan Tianzi"?

This is a guy who is eating, can he do it?

A group of cultivators directly stared at Tianpeng, showing a bad point.

"When is the Wang Xinglou, when is it so eye-catching?"

"If he dares to shoot, he is not fighting with him!"

"Just, dare to fight Master's idea, you can't go with me, you can let him go!"

Many cultivars deliberately increase the sound.

For these sounds, Shi Tian Peng completely ignored, he just looked at Mohao stone and see him to respond.

Mo Hao's face is slightly changed, soon recovering.

"Haha ..."

Mohashi made a big laugh, "Excellent, are you coming to win" Xuan Tianzi "?"

Shi Tian Peng is sigh, and the breath is all.


Half fairy breath, like tsunami, sweeping the quarter.

Everyone is in the same way, and the action is difficult.

Every cultivar face is a shock.

"He ... he actually reached a half-fairyland? When is it?"

"It's terrible, fast ... Stast, I have to breathe!"

"It is the first day of the dashboard, 50 years old, actually become half of the fairy, it is terrible!"

Even in Mohashi, it is also a finish change.

However, it quickly recovered.

He stood in the same place, and he was decentralized.

"Exhibition, even if you kill me, I will think about" Xuan Tianzi "!" Mo Hao said.

"Hey, toast does not eat fine wine!"

Shi Tian Peng, an old man flashed, and appeared in Mohao Stone.

The right hand is like an eagle claw, and the dead is buckled in Mohao Stone.

It is only necessary to force his throat.

"I will take out" Xuan Tianzi "soon, otherwise you will die!" Said the old man.

"Oh, then you kill me!"

"Kill the old man," Xuan Tianzhu "can only be hidden in the old man's soul, no one wants to get!"

Mohashi exposed a pair of expressions that were not afraid of boiling water.


The old chest is hysterested, "The old man will first abolish your arm!"


Zhu Tian Peng opened, the old man immediately stopped and returned to the side of the show.

Zhibian Peng recovered the percentage, a cultivator, instantly recovered freedom.

Many cultivators on the face, the sweat rolled down, and the entire clothes wet.

They looked at the three people who saw Tiantong, like three monsters.

"He ... they are three, I am afraid that it is not ordinary semi-fairy. This strength can be said with some big forces, it is terrible!"

"I have equal strength, give them the tooth stitches are not enough, how is this?"

"Wang Xinglou is heavy, it will not let this incident, I am afraid I will kill me!"

The more,

The more scared it.

"Master Master, I have had more sins just now, please forgive me!" Shi Tianpeng hugged.

"Hey, less! If you want to" Xuan Tianzhu ", then there are two options, kill me, or where to go!" Mohashi said.

"Master Master, this" Xuan Tianzhu "is actually not what I want, but a peerless cactus wants, he wants to take a look, after reading, naturally will give you!"

"Of course, the seniors came up with disdain, otherwise, crashing your soul space, afraid that it is not difficult?" Zhu Tian Peng said.

Peerless cactus?

Want to see my "Xuan Tianzi"?

This kid, the truth will find an excuse.

"Oh, then you will let the peerless cactus, anyway, I will not give you!" Mo Hao's face did not believe.

"Master Master, I know that you don't believe me!"

"However, you think, I am not a master, what is the use of" Xuan Tianzhu "?"

"Also, I am going to break through now, don't you analyze a little reason?"

"Also, they have two times with me, have always been three-step flying, never breaking, why is it half a fairy?"


Zhou Pengyi, heard the ears of everyone, did not help but show the expression.

So, how do their strength breakthrough so fast?

Among them, there is a problem with no machine.

Also, Tian Peng is looking for a cactus to get a chance.

Doesn't he really realize? Found the cactus?

How can this be?

If this is not the case, then their strength broke through so fast?

That is, they have encountered a cactus!

"He said it is reasonable!"

"As a small master of Wang Xinglou, it will naturally not make this mistake, smash your signboard! However, do something for the immortal, you can do it!"

"Yes, if I encounter a cactus, the fairy makes me do something, go to the fire, don't speak!"

Such a sound is from time to time to Mohao's ear.

His face is slightly changed.

All of this, it's true!

This "Xuan Tianzhu" is very common in his hand, and it doesn't understand it.

Even if I can turn it on the third page, I can see it in the fog.

It can only be grained with a gourd and scoop to achieve it now.

This thing, you can see more important than life.

Can you take others away.

Even if the cactus, what is it?

Want to grab my "Xuan Tianzi"? dream!

"Even if you are saying it is true? What is it? I can't give you" Xuan Tianzi "!" Mo Hao said.


Two old people have a chest, and they are almost rushed away.

Zhou Tian Peng smiled slightly, said: "If I say this peerless cactor is there?"


Like nine God, I bombarded to Mohashi Myine.

No Master of Master, that is, you want to see it!

However, what kind of people are you want to see?

This kid, it is lying.

I want to lie to the old man, dream!

See Mo Hao Shi, Zhibao Peng smiled slightly, said: "Mr. Master, I know that you don't believe, I have no evidence now."

"However, you will fight a bet, how?" Said Tian Peng said.


Mo Hao is slightly frowned, "How to bet?"

"It's very simple, there is no Master of Master!"

"If you win, what is the condition, however, if you lose, it is embarrassed, take" Xuan Tianzi "to the peerless cactus, how?" Said Tian Peng said.

I heard this, Mo Hao was smilling.

This gambling, it seems to be good for yourself.

I really have a mailing master, how is "Xuan Tianzi"?

However, how can I know that the other party is a matrist?

"You can bet with you!"

Mo Hao's mouth is soaring, "But how do you know that is a maternity master?"

"It's very simple, I will take you to visit his work!" Shi Tian Peng said.

"Ha ha……"

Mo Hao smiled slightly, "I know you will say this! Who knows that you will take some treasures, saying is the person!"

"Want to lie to my" Xuan Tianzhu "? Oh, die this heart!"

"This world, there is no such thing as what you said!"

"To kill and kill, don't you!"

After that, Mohashi stands there, and it is a clear face.